Used gluing machines 14

Italpresse 130 Gluing machine

Year: 2000

Nbr of rollers 2
Working width 1300 mm
Rollers Ø 165 mm
Working height 690 mm

Nordson DuraPail 729340 Gluing machine

Year: 2007

Glue unit Nordson DuraPail 729340 Year: 2007 PUR premelter

Meler PUR Gluing machine

Year: 2014

Glue unit Meler PUR Year: 2014 Suitable for connection with, Kolbus KM 473 PUR spine glue unit Premelter for spine glue unit

Kolbus PUR Gluing machine

Year: 2011

Glue unit Kolbus PUR Year: 2011 Suitable for connection with: KM 600 - PUR spine glue unit - Premelter for PUR spine glue unit: Nordson DuraPail (Kolbus XNO 991.l) Only for replacing an existing unit – no control system for electrical cabinet KM 600

Makor STP 2 Embossing machine

Year: 1996

Rollers Ø 200 mm
Working height 76.2 mm
Working width 203.2 mm
Engine power 3.5 kW

SCM CONTURA Gluing machine


Nbr of rollers 3
Engine power 4 kW
Rollers Ø 600 mm

Hymmen 2000 Gluing machine

Year: 1994

Nbr of rollers 4
Working width 2000 mm
Rollers Ø 230 mm
Working height 900 mm

OTT Pacific V6-F Gluing machine

Year: 2002

I am selling an OTT Pacific V6-F gluing machine, the machine is currently in use, so it is possible to see it running. I plan to sell by the end of 2020. Loading of the machine in our complex is included in the price.

Brandt KDN 100 Gluing machine

Year: 2009

small workshop banding machine for max. part thickness 50mm, ABS 0? 4-2mm, top feed belt, edge magazine, hot melt application on the edge, tapping, milling top + bottom, machine length 1800mm, weight 450kg

Nowa MH 6213 Gluing machine


Rollers Ø 200 mm
Working width 1300 mm