NAGEL FOLDNAK 8 folding machine

Year: 2000

Max. paper length 45 cm
Min. paper length  cm
Speed (sheets per hour)
Max. paper width 32 cm
Min. paper width  cm

Aster 220 SA Gang stitcher

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 42 cm
Max. paper width 39 cm

CP Bourg AGR - PA - BME Gang stitcher

Year: 2014

Max. paper length 60 cm
Min. paper length 18 cm
Max. paper width 37 cm
Min. paper width 11.9 cm

Muller martini 1999 Gang stitcher

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 40.5 cm
Max. paper width 38 cm

Used Duplo DBM120 Gang stitcher Good value

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 32 cm
Min. paper length 10 cm
Speed (sheets per hour) 2400
Max. paper width 45 cm
Min. paper width 15 cm

Freccia F150L-4D Automatic book sewing machine

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 56 cm
Min. paper length 13.5 cm
Speed (sheets per hour) 9000
Max. paper width 32 cm
Min. paper width 8 cm

Meccanotechnica Universe Sewing Gang stitcher

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 42 cm
Max. paper width 64 cm

Muller Martini Stiching Heads

Year: 2000

Muller Martini Stiching Heads very good condition inspection possible video available

HOHNER HSB 8000 Gang stitcher Low working hours

Year: 2010

Max. paper length 36.5 cm
Max. paper width 35 cm


Year: 2000

Max. paper length 32 cm
Max. paper width 48 cm

Duplo DBM-400 Gang stitcher

Year: 2001

Max. paper length 50 cm
Min. paper length 12 cm
Max. paper width 35 cm
Min. paper width 14 cm

Muller Martini Ventura 3215 Gang stitcher

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 32 cm
Min. paper length 8 cm
Speed (sheets per hour) 12000
Max. paper width 51 cm
Min. paper width 12 cm

Brehmer 881/2 - 12 D (spare parts))

Year: 1983

Brehmer 881/2 - 12 D sheet feeder (spare parts) Brehmer 881/2 - 12 D spare parts. Styli, grips, tape, bulbs, buttons, relays from the electrical box, adjustment mechanisms and other mechanisms. The machine was disassembled and all small spare parts were saved, happy owners of which you can become. Located in St. Petersburg.

Solar Calendar 55A

Year: 2005

Binding width: 50 - 570 mm / 5 loops Diameter to bind: 3/16 - 3/4 Mech Speed: 1300 cycles/hour Weight: 345kg

BIZZOZERO 108E stapler

Year: 1990

BIZZOZERO 108E stapler good working condition Location Italy

Introma ZD-2D Gang stitcher


Speed (sheets per hour) 10800

FTP 25 - NC Gang stitcher


Wire Stitching Machine Brand : Ftp Condition : Excellent Location: Italy this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The FTP 25 - NC Gang stitcher is a highly efficient and versatile printing machine designed to meet the demands of high-volume stitching applications. Manufactured by a reputable printing equipment company, this model …

NAGHEL TRIMER FK Gang stitcher

Year: 2000

Manual booklet stapling machine

Used Renz RSB 360 Gang stitcher

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 100 cm
Min. paper length 20 cm
Speed (sheets per hour) 1400
Max. paper width 360 cm
Min. paper width 60 cm