Discover the ideal woodworking solution with our range of high-quality used Wood Presses at Exapro. Priced between €13,000 to €33,000, our machines provide outstanding value for money, combining reliability and performance with affordability. From veneering to laminating tasks, our machines are versatile and equipped to handle your specific operational needs. They come from industry-leading manufacturers and have been meticulously maintained to meet rigorous quality standards. Despite their used status, they offer reliable service, precision, and durability akin to newer models. By investing in our wood presses, you're not just acquiring a machine; you're investing in your business's future growth and success. Take into account factors like operational needs, production volume, space, budget, machine condition, brand reputation, availability of spare parts, energy efficiency, safety features, and after-sales service to choose the right machine for your business. Boost your productivity and enhance your woodworking operations with Exapro today.


Polystyrene press with mold (stone, wood, brick) Low working hours

Year: 2020

Plates lenght 500 mm
Hot Yes
Total pressure 3.2 T
Plates width 2000 mm
Cold No
Specific pressure kg/cm2 3200 kg/cm²


Year: 2010

Plates lenght 3 mm
Specific pressure kg/cm2 8599 kg/cm²
Cold Yes


Year: 2019

Plates lenght 1300 mm
Total pressure 500 T
Plates width 2500 mm

Wemhöner Wood Press

Year: 2012

Plates lenght 2500 mm
Plates width 1200 mm

Italpresse Fast/130 13-85 Press

Year: 2006

Plates lenght 8000 mm
Total pressure 200 T
Plates width 45 mm
Specific pressure kg/cm2 7 kg/cm²

Beck 241012 Press

Year: 2004

Plates lenght 3000 mm
Hot Yes
Plates width 1000 mm
Cold No

Hot plate press CORTAZAR

Year: 1995

Plates lenght 2700 mm
Hot Yes
Plates width 1400 mm
Specific pressure kg/cm2 12 kg/cm²

BAUERRICHTER SL1 1350X3500 Press

Year: 1990

Plates lenght 4000 mm
Plates width 1400 mm

Sormec T.150 Throughfeed Press

Year: 2007

Plates lenght 3500 mm
Total pressure 150 T
Plates width 1500 mm
Specific pressure kg/cm2 4 kg/cm²

Weinig Dimter Profipress 4500-2 Press

Year: 2002

Press for furniture board Weinig Dimter Profipress 4500-2 fully prepared for sale Connected

Continuous veneering press ORMA - 5100 x 1400 mm

Year: 1995

Plates lenght 5100 mm
Hot Yes
Total pressure 190 T
Plates width 1400 mm
Cold Yes
Specific pressure kg/cm2 2.5 kg/cm²

Used weinig splitting machine

Year: 2002

Used weinig splitting machine Year 2002 Mod. - j23 double shaft

Italpresse DS 130 Press

Year: 1998

Plates lenght 3500 mm
Hot Yes
Total pressure 110 T
Plates width 1300 mm
Cold No
Specific pressure kg/cm2 2.4 kg/cm²

Ormamacchine Spa Npc 6/95 Press


Plates lenght 3000 mm
Hot Yes
Specific pressure kg/cm2 3.3 kg/cm²
Plates width 1300 mm
Total pressure 90 T

MANNI PMC 90/36 Press


Plates lenght 3000 mm
Hot Yes
Total pressure 90 T
Plates width 1300 mm
Cold Yes
Specific pressure kg/cm2 2.3 kg/cm²

Famad HSKG 6,5 Press

Year: 2008

The HSKG device is used for gluing under high pressure of hydraulic cylinders wooden parts cut from thickness. The range of achievable crushing forces per cylinder is 5-11kN (horizontal) and 25-55kN (vertical). The gluing of elements is carried out in a stack with the dimensions of the loading field. Stack forming is carried out by hydraulic compression between the sliding …

Burkle Membrane Press


Burkle Membrane Press Machine has 3 tables Machine has been serviced recently Machine is in good working condition

ORMA Veneeing press Press


Plates lenght 4000 mm
Plates width 1300 mm

Vario Press QL-3000Z Press

Year: 2022

Designed for cladding with PVC, ABC, PP films, natural veneer, foil, fabric, natural and artificial leather, etc. blanks from MDF, solid wood, aluminum, steel, plastics, etc. Working area size, mm 2980 x 1250 x 40 Number of work tables, pcs. 2 Press pressure, bar up to 5 Max. part height, mm 50 Vacuum pump capacity, m3/hour 100 Power of table …

CMB PFR 0556 17 Press

Year: 2017

Plates lenght 5500 mm
Cold Yes
Plates width 1600 mm
Total pressure 160 T

Invest in Quality with Wood Presses: Affordable Pricing at Exapro

At Exapro, we recognise that, for every woodworking enterprise, the right machinery is paramount to efficient operation. In our relentless pursuit to meet your equipment needs, today we put the spotlight on a key asset in any woodworking setup - the Wood Press.

The Wood Press, an essential workhorse within the woodworking industry, is a machine tool designed to veneer, laminate, or join work pieces together. With its wide range of applications, it delivers top-notch results for small to large-scale operations, making it an invaluable investment.

Benefits of Wood Presses

Versatility: Whether you need to apply veneers, create complex laminations or simply join wood pieces together, wood presses offer a versatile solution. With adjustable pressure settings, they can handle a variety of woods and sheet materials, offering an outstanding flexibility that tailors to your exact needs.

Efficiency and Productivity: Wood presses can significantly increase your output, reduce labour and material costs, and boost your bottom line. As a largely automated machine, they operate with minimal human intervention, saving valuable time and resources.

Quality and Precision: Our used wood presses are well maintained and in excellent condition, delivering reliable performance and precise output, ensuring each piece is perfectly crafted, down to the smallest detail.


Types of Wood Presses

Veneer Press: Perfect for those seeking to apply thin layers of veneer to wood panels, offering a seamless finish every time.

Membrane Press: Ideal for creating intricate laminations, the membrane press offers the capability to mould and bond materials into complex shapes and profiles.

Cold Press and Hot Press: Depending on your needs, you can choose between cold presses, typically used for bonding flat veneer surfaces, or hot presses, which are great for working with thermoplastic adhesives and compressing particleboards or plywood.


Wood presses find their applications across a wide range of areas within the woodworking industry due to their versatility and ability to produce high-quality output. Here are some key areas of use for these machines:

Furniture Manufacturing: Wood presses are extensively used in the furniture industry. They are utilised to bond layers of wood together, create veneer finishes, and laminate surfaces. They help in manufacturing various furniture pieces like tables, chairs, cabinets, and other furnishings.

Plywood and Particle Board Production: Wood presses play a significant role in the manufacture of plywood and particle boards. The high pressure and heat from the presses are used to bond layers of wood and wood particles together to form these composite materials.

Construction Industry: In the construction sector, wood presses are used for producing construction-grade timber, floorboards, and structural panels. They also come in handy for making wooden components used in roofing, flooring, and wall construction.

Door Manufacturing: Wood presses are vital in the door manufacturing process, particularly for making flush doors and panel doors. They provide the required pressure to bond layers and panels together to create sturdy and long-lasting doors.

Crafts and Decorative Items: In the creation of decorative wooden items and crafts, wood presses can be used for veneering and laminating, providing a polished, finished look to the items.

Musical Instruments: Some musical instruments like guitars, violins, and pianos utilise thin layers of wood to achieve specific tonal properties. Wood presses are used in their manufacturing process to bond these layers together.

Automotive Industry: Wood presses are also used in the automotive industry, primarily for creating wood veneers and laminates used in luxury car interiors.

By investing in a wood press, businesses operating in these areas can significantly enhance their productivity, efficiency, and the quality of their products.


Wood presses are produced by a number of reputable manufacturers across the globe. Here are some of the key manufacturers known for their quality and reliability in the woodworking machinery sector, some of which may be found in Exapro's extensive inventory:

Biesse: An Italian company well-known in the industry for its high-quality woodworking machines, including wood presses. Their presses are built for efficiency, precision, and durability.

SCM Group: This is another prominent Italian manufacturer of woodworking machinery. They offer a broad range of wood presses that are renowned for their robustness, innovation, and performance.

Homag: Based in Germany, Homag is a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery and they offer a variety of efficient and reliable wood presses.

Felder Group: This Austrian company offers a variety of woodworking machines, including wood presses. They are known for their combination of traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology.

Weinig: Another German company that produces high-quality woodworking machines, including wood presses, specifically for solid wood processing.

Martin: Martin, yet another German manufacturer, is known for its high-quality woodworking machinery. Their products are built to last, offering exceptional precision and durability.

JOSTING: A renowned manufacturer based in Germany, Josting is particularly famous for its veneer guillotines and veneer presses.

These manufacturers are well-regarded in the woodworking industry and you're likely to find their wood presses on Exapro or other used machinery marketplaces. Remember, the choice of manufacturer would depend on the specific needs of your operation, including factors like the scale of production, the type of wood to be processed, available space, budget, and the specific features you need in a wood press.

Used wood presses offer an exceptional opportunity to own industry-standard machinery at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Prices vary based on the machine's age, condition, brand, and specific features, offering a wide selection to meet diverse budgetary needs.

Choosing the right machinery for your woodworking operation can have a significant impact on your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. And at Exapro, we are committed to providing high-quality used machinery at competitive prices. Within the €13,000 to €33,000 range, you can find a plethora of reliable and high-performing wood presses from leading manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a veneer press for detailed woodworking projects, a cold press for bonding flat veneer surfaces, or a hot press for working with thermoplastic adhesives and compressing particleboards or plywood, our marketplace has an assortment of options tailored to your requirements.

Why Buy from Exapro?

We at Exapro pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering quality used machinery that stand the test of time. Our comprehensive inspection and maintenance processes ensure that our used wood presses not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Every purchase is backed by our dedicated customer service team who are on hand to assist with any queries you may have. We understand that buying used machinery can seem daunting, but with Exapro, you can be confident that you're making a sound investment.

To explore our range of used wood presses and to find the right fit for your business, get in touch with our team today. We're always happy to help you find the machinery that best suits your operational needs.