Glass working machines - Insulating 18

Lisec 2500 Glass insulating machine

Year: 2002

Lisec - Year 2002 Insulating Glass Line Automatic Washing and Drying Machine Maximum Workable Height 2500mm Thickness 3 - 21mm - Assembling Station - Panel Press

CMS CYM-2000 Glass insulating machine

Year: 2002

Can make double glazing and triple glazing. The machine can wash Lowe glass. From left to right General maintenance of the machine 1 year ago The brushes of the machine changed two years ago. The machine can be seen in production. The machine consists of 6 units. 1-Washing input, 2-Washing / drying, 3-Washing output, 4-Slat referencing, 5-Panel Press, 6-Press output …

Lisec Cutting table with automatic breaking.

Year: 2000

Cutting table Lisec with touch screen control, dotated with belts and automatic vreaking system

Rjukan Metall MB A-Series + TF1 Glass insulating machine

Year: 1992

RJUKAN METALL MB A-Series + TF1 Automatic spacer frame bending Set includes - bender itself Master Bend 2000 A-series, year 1992, - desiccant filling station TF1, year 1995. Adjusted and tested by engineer from Rjukan. In good working order.

Szilank Isoline Glass insulating machine

Year: 2009

For 2100mm high glass structue, Szilank brand insulated glass production line. Open top washing machine with 6 brushes for low-e glass, lappréssel, with panel press, and tilting table, with rolls. – Heated tanks – 6 brushes – For low-e glass – Strong, stabile machine – Inox parts for the water – Tilting table for easy sealing end of the line …

Griggio AZZURRA SC 30 Glass insulating machine

Year: 2003

Manufacturer: GRIGGIO Model: AZZURRA SC 30 Year: 2003 Condition: As it is This saw table GRIGGIO SC 30 - an indispensable assistant and an excellent choice for small-scale or individual production. 3kW, 400V, 50Hz, 3+N/PE

PolyGlass IG LINE WITH ROLL PRESS Glass insulating machine

Year: 2004

1600 mm high, Polyglass brand insulated glass production line, with roll press. Open top washing machine with 4 brushes for low-e glass also. End of the line outlet conveyor with sop sensor. – Heated washing tanks – 4 brushes for low-e glass

I.TECH 2500 Glass insulating machine

Year: 2005

I.TECH - Year 2005 Washing Machine h 2500 mm 6 Brushes

Glastronic (Germany) MGB 2,5K Butyl extruder 2,5Kg

Year: 2006

MGB 2,5K Standard butyl extruder, with 2,5Kg tang, and total refurbished.

Lisec AKL-25V

Year: 1996

Make : Lisec Type : AKL-25V Year : 1996 Condition : working order

Lisec TAL 50 SI/B Glass insulating machine

Year: 2004

Manual sealer, Lisec TAL 50 SI / B, two-component and rotating table ER-70 Lisec. In perfect condition, almost new private use.

LISEC A1RL Glass insulating machine

Year: 1993

Category: Insulated glass - all - Desiccant fillers Process: Automatic desiccant filler Manufacturer: LISEC Model: A1RL Year: 1993 Condition: As it is Automatic desiccant filler Not a replacement, after company's closure.

Baretta BK100 butyl extruder

Year: 2006

2006 vintage, completely refurbished 1 Kg filled butyl extruder. Direction: Right to left. It can be viewed and tested during operation.

CMS Insulating glass production line

Year: 2010

CMS IG line, maximum for 2000mm high glass. Year: 2010 Can press 2 or 3 layer insulated glass With tilting table.

Glastronic MG EP250 Glass insulating machine

Year: 2006

Sealing table with vaccum for the sealing process of insulated glass. The vacuum is activatable with a pedal, the 90-180 and 360 degree rotation can be selected with a switch, the rotation can also be started with a pedal. On-site delivery is possible!

Glastronic (Germany) Hotmelt 45L Hot flange sealing machine

Year: 2008

Hot flange sealing machine, hotmelt. Superbly renovated, in a new state with a new hose.