Year: 1996

Automatex Crosslapper The general condition is very good, after capital renovation in 2022. Working width- entrance 3000 mm, on exit 5500. Maximal speed 50 m/min. New electrical cabinet with steering. Additionally I have a second crosslapper, same as this but without renovation, without electrical steering for 30 000.

Selling 19 braiding machines Herzog 2-12-80 Hot deal

Year: 2016

Circular braiding machine for 0.5 - 2.5 mm diameter - 2 heads, 12 carriers per head - Take-off disc: 95.5 mm - Bobbin size: 42 x 130 mm - Bobbin capacity: 148 ccm - Motor power: 0.25 kW - Speed: 300 rpm Selling 19 machines 1 machine = 4000€ 19 machines = 65000€ All the machines are from 01/2016 except …


Year: 2021


Martin Group X 1000 K-E Non weaved machine

Year: 2012

MARTIN GROUP X 1000 K-E FUSSING PRESS MACHINE In very good condition. 1000 mm working area. 12 kw power. Year: 2012

TEKATEX ET-250 Non weaved machine

Year: 2020

Used shredder to recycle production scraps. Model ET-250 TEKATEX man. 2020. The taper was used only once for checking.

Ukraina pp600 Non weaved machine

Year: 2020

For sale Meltblown Seven Stars PP600 production line, fully configured and ready to produce nonwovens with high filtration and breathable properties. The line has a width of 600 mm and a filter hole diameter of 0.2 mm, which allows the production of FFP2 material. The production capacity is up to 320 kg/day, which ensures high productivity and fast payback of …

Plus Biomedicals srl XZ-120 Non weaved machine

Year: 2020

Automated line for the production of semi-transparent surgical masks certifiable as DM. Machinery consisting of: - Roll holder with adjustable tension - Welding and cutting calender with 3 ultrasonic generators and 3 sonotrodes - Elastic welding island with adjustable length and 2 ultrasound generators and 2 sonotrodes - Unloading conveyor at the end of the line Machine features: machinery that …

Non woven disposables caps making machine

Year: 2020

This machine is a fully automatic machine to produce non woven disposables caps. From raw materials feeding to shaping, counting, cutting ,the whole production process are completely with automatic control. The non weaven caps are widely used in hospitals, SPA and industries. Speed: 120-180 pcs/min

Edge Trim Opener ET-500N

Year: 2022

Edge Trim Opener ET-500N have been constructed and designed to recycle post-production scraps, fiber needling and non-woven materials. Our ET-500N model is made up of threshold, the feed roller and the main drum – both clothed with the right wire Also there are available versions with main drum fitted with aluminium or wooden pin bars/lags, depends on type of recycled …

Jinan Changtai CNC Technology KN95, N95 face mask machine Non weaved machine

Year: 2020

The machine for producing FFP2/FFP3 masks consists of two parts, the first part is a roller machine that couples the layers of fabric and glues them together using ultrasound, also inserting the support wire for the nose and the second part that punches and welds the cylindrical filters. Up to a maximum of 6 reels of non-woven fabric can be …

Bale Opener Bale Breaker TEKATEX TBO-15

Year: 2022

The machine, with a working width of 1500 mm, is designed for processing synthetic and natural fibers. this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The TEKATEX TBO-15 Bale Opener and Bale Breaker, introduced in 2022, represents a pinnacle of innovation in the textile industry. Manufactured by Tekatex, a leading name in …

Malimo MALIVATT ww 2500 mm

Year: 1992

Malimo MALIVATT ww 2500 mm, gauge 7, yoc 1992 -batching unit production: stitch bonded nonwoven ca. 240 g/m2

Non Woven Shoe Cover Making Machine

Year: 2020

Automatic Non-woven Shoe Cover Machine is a fully automatic disposable shoe cover machine which used non woven as raw material, from feeding to finished product collect all of procedure are automatic, high efficiency and low cost. The shoe cover machine products for hospitals, non dust industrial operations, food processing plant, is also used as a household cleaning product. Features: 1 …

Malimo MALIVAT ww 2500 mm Non weaved machine

Year: 1992

Malimo MALIVAT ww 2500 mm, gauge 7, yoc 1992 -batching unit

Richpeace 3 plis Face mask line

Year: 2020

3 ply surgical mask machine with UV tunnel for curing and packaging machine. All for sale + stock of raw material available, fabric, elastic, nose bar. Machine from 2020, commissioned by us in 2021. CE certified. Machine available in France upon agreement.

ARGUS AD-50e Non weaved machine

Year: 2010

AD-50e Metal & Spark Diverter System • Simplified installation in new or existing lines. • Patented ARGUS Static Control infrared spark detectors. • Improved protection against interference & vibration. • Self monitoring indicator lights - low air pressure, low water level. • Self monitoring indicator light showing when ejection bin is full. • User friendly digital programmable control panel. Standard …

GS Automazioni Mask Speed 2020 Non weaved machine

Year: 2020

Machine for the automatic production of surgical masks. Bought new in Italy. Only 500,000 masks were produced (all of which is certifiable).

Polyurethane foam cutting machine TEKATEX PFM 500

Year: 2020

New polyurethane foam cutting machine PFM The machine is designed to cutting the polyurethane foam waste. Perfect for a polyurethane recycling processes. The product which you receive is perfect for a production of fulfilling pillows, and furniture industry. The machine consists of three cutting units, which are cutting polyurethane foam. The raw material is fed to the feed conveyor belt, …

AB5 Carding Willow

Year: 1991

The Carding willow is designed to mix two or more types of fibers. Mainly used in lines for nonwoven products or felt. Ideally suited for mixing polyester fibers with bicomponent. SPECIFICATION Efficiency: 400 - 1000 kg/h Working width: 1200 mm High: 1700 mm Lenght: 3510 mm Mass: 4000 kg Power: 9,8 kW Year of production: 1991 this extra information is …

Sbobinatore 2009 Non weaved machine

Year: 2009

Unwinder and counter for leather or imitation leather rolls with automatic loading