ROMILL EX 50 food extruder

Year: 2019

Single-screw food extruder for corn processing very good condition inspection under power is possible video available

Caveco Magic 2.0 Bakery machine

Year: 2019

Manufacturer Caveco Model Magic 2.0 Year 2019 A vackuum packaging machine from Caveco runs perfectly

mgc 34 Bakery machine Low working hours

Year: 1998

for sale second hand bakery weighing machine, in perfect working order Year 1998



Item # 8770 – COOKIE SOFT-CENTRE CO-EXTRUSION DEPOSITING MACHINE soft centre mode – dough is extruded between rollers from a hopper, extruded through a mould in the extrusion die and at the same time the filling is introduced from additional hoppers on the machine, a diaphragm device closes the product and the product after cutting falls through the wire-cut device …

Bakery ovenTERMOTEHNIKA 8 for bread

Year: 2018

bakery oven TERMTEHNIKA 8, year of manufacture 2018 (like new) and 2xcarts with 24 appliances. Pellet burner of 160 kw with electronics for a multi-level oven.

ELFRAMO EASYGEL 36 Bakery machine

Year: 2022

professional ice cream maker ELMOGEL/ELFRAMO EASYGEL 36 from 2022 In a perfect state. Like New. Date 2022. Liters per cycle 3 – 6 Hourly production 25 – 35 Lt. Max power installed 6 kW 3 kW inverter agitator motor 3 kW motor compressor H2O condensation Supply voltage 400/3N~50Hz Weight 204 kg Width 500 mm Depth 970 mm Height 1,300 mm

ELFRAMO EASYLAB 60 Bakery machine

Year: 2022

ELMOGEL ELFRAMO EASYLAB 60 professional ice cream maker from 2022 Perfect condition. Like new. Date 2022. Purchased new 13500€ ht. Litres per cycle: 120 Max. installed power: 7 kW Inverter mixer motor: 0.55 + 0.55 kW Compressor motor: 3.4 kW H2O condensation Supply voltage: 400/3N~50Hz Weight: 230 kg Width: 800 mm Depth: 900 mm Height: 1.100 mm

Lanly 1800 Snack Food Dryer

Year: 2018

Item # 8687 - SNACK FOOD DRYER single pass continuous dryer Manufactured by LANLY (USA) Model 1800. Previously run on an extruded snack food line at around 600kg/hr year 2018 working width 864mm (2ft10"") total length 7468mm (24ft6"") stainless steel exterior (304) CONVEYOR SPEED = 2.29 - 22.9 FT/MIN [0.7 - 6.98 M/MIN] DWELL TIME = 0.71 - 7.13 MIN …

Meincke Rotary 4000 (2) COOKIE DEPOSITORS

Year: 1998

Item #8600 – (2) COOKIE DEPOSITORS Manufactured by MEINCKE Model Rotary 4000, Years 1998, 1000mms wide Cookie Dough Depositors, for deposits onto a Steel Band Each machine runs independently, each with its own Electrical & Control Panels. Including one depositing plate for each Depositor. previously producing Danish Butter Cookies. Were in production until February 2022 this extra information is standard …

HAAS EWB 1/1 Bakery machine

Year: ~ 1990

For hollow/filled wafer sticks capacity: dry wafel roll up to 60 kg/8 hrs, filled wafer roll up to 110 kg/8 hrs rotary drum speed 2,5 up to 3,5 rpm diameter of wafer rolls adjustable by using exchangeable complets of spigots wafer thickness manually adjustable wafel roll length adjustable 50 up to 220 mm fuel supply: LNG or LPG (two possibilities) …

IBONHART 5ISLICER Bakery machine

Year: 2004

IBONHART 5ISLICER bread slicer 1000 pcs per hour Model: 5ISLICER Year of manufacture: 1/02/2004 Serial No.: 2346

Kalmeijer KGM 250 - Pastry molding machine

Year: 2012

Production Capacity: Can process between 2 and 5 kilograms of dough per minute. Production according to cookie model: Varies from 2,000 to 10,000 cookies per hour, depending on the mold used. Steel trays of 240 X 600 mm and have a width of 240 mm. Thickness of cookies: The machine can form cookies with a thickness ranging from 1 mm …

Hebenstreit-Rapido WAC-32 Wafer Sheet Oven

Year: 1999

Item #8754 – WAFER SHEET OVEN Manufactured by HEBENSTREIT-RAPIDO Type WAC-32, Year 1999 Gas Fired, 32-Plates, 200kW Upper Baking Plate : 3mms x 0.6mms, Oblique Square Lower Baking Plate : 3mms x 0.6mms, Straight Square Wafer Plate Thickness : 2.5-2.7mms Wafer Sheet Size : 370 x 270mms Adjustable Baking Time : 1.5 to 5minutes Also including Wafer Arch Cooler. this …

Mono The BX eco-touch Energy Efficient Convection Ovens BX FG158T-W52 Kit

Year: 2019

1. Mono The BX eco-touch Energy Efficient Convection Ovens BX FG158T-W52, 4/5 tray LH Eco Touch 60 x 40 oven + STM – 380/3+N+E/50 land tray orientation, water supply, 4/5 tray – 60 x 40 cm Left Hand Hinged “ECO TOUCH” BX oven with integral steam system for 7kW 220V Export ovens. Electrical Supply 380V/3Ph+N+E/50Hz, Total Power 7.5Kw, 12.5Amps per …

Industrial cone machine

Year: 2019

Fully automatic cone production machine with two chambers. It was produced in 2019. It is for sale as we are renewing our production line. A 75 lt boiler can produce 4,800 cones in 90 minutes. Mold is honeycomb cornet The operation is with electricity and the system works as pneumatic.

Horizontal bread slicer

Year: 2018

Horizontal Bread Slicer. Blade diameter: 300mm. Min./max. dim. of bread (lxh) in mm 60x60/120x80. Motor type: 230V. Mono Motor power in kW: 0.49. Blade type and dimensions in mm Steel Ø 300. Compact horizontal cutter to be placed on a table. It allows you to 'open' the bread along its length, either in whole or in part (Sandwiches, Baquettes, buns,...). …


Year: 2020

BREAD SLICER, ROLLMATIC ITALY, mod.C52S Semi-automatic bread slicer suitable for a general use. Cutting sizes 520 mm. Pitch 13mm. Suitable for small and medium-sized bakery shops & super markets. 400V-3ph-50/60hz Condition: NEW Pallet packaging is included EX WORKS transportation


Year: 2013

BREAD SLICER, DAKORONIAS GREECE, mod.FT13M Semi-automatic bread slicer suitable for general use. Cutting size bread: 50x14cm. Pitch 13mm. On wheels CONDITION: USED & REFURBISHED IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. 37 new knifes. 0.55kw / 140Kgr Pallet packaging is included EX WORKS Transportation

Flour sifter sf 100

Year: 2020

Flour sifter sf 100 Able to eliminate all impurities and is specially studied to oxygen the flavour. Mounted on wheels with a locking device, equipped with a revolving exit system. Sifting capacity 25 Kg every 1’.

Record Jaguar Bakery machine Hot deal

Year: 1998

Flowpack packaging machine brand Record and Jaguar model with lot and expiry marker. The machine can also work with printed film as it has a notch reader. Very good condition with little electronics on board and therefore easy to maintain.