Second hand other machines for use in bakery 58

Industrial cone machine

Year: 2019

Fully automatic cone production machine with two chambers. It was produced in 2019. It is for sale as we are renewing our production line. A 75 lt boiler can produce 4,800 cones in 90 minutes. Mold is honeycomb cornet The operation is with electricity and the system works as pneumatic.

HAAS EWB 1/1 Bakery machine

Year: ~ 1990

For hollow/filled wafer sticks capacity: dry wafel roll up to 60 kg/8 hrs, filled wafer roll up to 110 kg/8 hrs rotary drum speed 2,5 up to 3,5 rpm diameter of wafer rolls adjustable by using exchangeable complets of spigots wafer thickness manually adjustable wafel roll length adjustable 50 up to 220 mm fuel supply: LNG or LPG (two possibilities) …

Mech Masz 2020 Sifter for flour

Year: 2020

Sifter for flour, sugar, salt, powdered products

JAC - Bakery machine - pastry cutter


we sell a fully functional pastry cutter. 2 spare springs, spare wheels. new knives. slice thickness 1.2cm

Bianco ACK Bakery machine

Year: 2019

Cookies or macaroons sandwich maker Second-hand cookie or macaroon sandwich machine - For cookies or macaroons with a diameter of 30 to 60mm - Feeding by depositing products on tape - the machine takes the products by suction cup, deposits the cream and deposits the finished product on a belt - with cooling tunnel 800mm x 5m useful and heated …

Urschel 3600 Comitrol Bakery machine


Urschel 3600 Comitrol Stainless, 100l hopper, screw fed, previously used for biscuit breaking, 10Kw motor, on mobile frame, 3Ph

GHD Georg Hartmann VBA 40 Bakery machine

Year: 2006

Hartmann-Clip / Clipping Machine Manufacturer GHD Georg Hartmann Model VBA 40 Year of construction 2006 Weight 700 kg Rated Current Amps 9/5 Power consumption 2.5 kW Frequency 50 Hz


Year: 1997

Rheon KN 400 Cornucopia encrusting machine . A compact high performance machine with advanced filling technology . -With developed feeding system so that the dough and other ingredients are not strained. - With filling function that adapts each to product. - With the appropriate adaption it can produce a huge range of products - Can produce products in the shape …

Avamo STAR TP Bakery machine

Year: 2021

Avamo STAR trainer of 2021 Used dresser Brand: Avamo Model: STAR TP Year: 2021 Rotary straightening + thread trimming functions 6 month warranty, in perfect condition Supplied with: - Hard pasta head and/or soft pasta head of your choice - Fixed dressing rule 6 x stainless steel nozzles - Fixed dressing rule 4 x stainless steel nozzles - no thread …

Haas EWB1/2 Bakery machine

Year: ~ 2000

For the production of wafer stick rolls 4 pcs available – productivity: dry wafel roll – 120kg/shift (8 hours) – rotary drum speed adjusted 2,5-3,5 rpm – wafel roll lenght adjusted 50 - 220 mm – diameter of wafel rolls adjusted using exchangeable complets of spigots – wafel thickness adjusted manually – dimensions: 3200 x 1400 x 1700 mm – …

Avamo AV-TP400 Bakery machine

Year: 2012

Avamo AV-TP400 straightener from 2012 Brand: Avamo Model: AV-TP400 Year: 2012 (overhauled and in perfect working order) Functions: thread trimmer + rotary dressing Supplied with: - 2 x heads (soft pasta and hard pasta) - 1 x rotary straightening ruler and nozzles - 1 x wire cutter ruler with molds. Optional: Avamo can provide training, service and supplies and custom …

Janssen K4 Bakery machine

Year: 2019

Rotary has biscuits Janssen K4 Used Janssen K4 Biscuit Rotary - Alimat-Tremblay Manufacturer: Janssen (Alimat-Tremblay) Model: K4 Year: May 2019 Working width: 200mm Supplied with: 20 x plates 20x60cm 1 x rolling pin (pasta strips) 1 x Stainless steel work table on wheels Almost new model, only used a few hours, in perfect working order

Mimac MDT CF TACTILE Bakery machine

Year: 2014

Alimat-Tremblay MDT CF TACTILE dresser Used Alimat-Tremblay MDT CF TACTILE Dresser Manufacturer: Mimac Year 2014 Working width 400mm Rotary straightening and thread trimming functions Very little used, perfect condition With smooth and star nozzles and round thread cutters d20mm and 30mm Roller head for hard and soft doughs

Kemper Quadro 6AU5 line 5 row Bakery machine

Year: 2001

Kemper Quadro 6AU5 line 5 rows incl. 5-row machine, cutting and seeding station and automatic desetting unit on oven plates of the year 2001. Type of machine KEMPER QUADRO line manufacturer Kemper Template Framework 6AU5 Ciabattta and Artisan square pasta line. Divider (3 cutting blades): length: 250 cm, height: 155 cm, width: 120 cm Drainage (3 jumpers): Length: 120 cm, …

Strudle machine line

Year: 2006

A strudle/baklava dough machine line which consist of an extruder and a line for gas operated drying. It uses 60 l of dough in one mixture and can complete 3 mixtures in an hour. The daily capacity is 2 T of strudle/baklava dough in a day. It was bought 2006 from the Munich Bakery Expo from the greek manufacturer Gatzelakis …

FIBOSA 2000 Bakery machinery

Year: 2000

MODULAR BAKERY 6 tons per day of bread, 9 containers, 20 feet outer dimensions of the container 6058 length, 2438 width, 2896 height, building 12 by 12 meters, gable roof. . total area 134.9 sq. m ;, Equipment list: 1.Water barrels capacity 150 l / h DI / WM-D - 150 2.Dough mixer complete with a bowl, bowl capacity 120 …

FAM Mantis Bakery machine Cutting machine with one cutting wheel

Year: 2008

Cutting machine in very good condition. Equipped with 1 cutting wheel with 21 knives for 2.54 mm flat cut. More technical details provided in pictures. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE!

Used FRANZ HAAS waffle maker

Year: 1989

The oven is FRANZ HAAS with 24 electric clips / 24x3.8 Kw/,Total electrical power 93 Kw.


Year: 2004

Food shaping and filling machine, by ANKO, slightly used. - It has four independent motors for the production of a wide range of closed products with filling inside. By simply changing the molds, it can produce a variety of foods, such as pies, pasta, ravioli, calzone, etc. -Suitable for any type of dough and any type of filling, any type …