Used wood milling machines 20

Auertech BL100


Spindle Ø 30 mm
Engine power 1.1 kW

TOS SVITAVY FMA U Wood milling machine

Year: 1974

We have a used TOS Fma U wood milling machine for sale

SCM Record 125 || Wood milling machine in excellent condition

Year: 2005

X axis 3400 mm
Z axis 400 mm
Table width 1200 mm
Y axis 1720 mm
Table length 3050 mm

PADE UYNZE 4T Wood milling machine

Year: 1983

X axis 2500 mm
Engine power 22 kW
Y axis 0 mm

Andreoni Media 8 Wood milling machine

Year: 2007

Table length 1300 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Spindle Ø 11 mm

REIGNMAC RMM533 Wood milling machine

Year: 2016

The REIGNMAC RMM 533 four-sided profiling milling machine is a machine designed for precise four-sided planing and profiling of wooden prisms, window profiles, laths, floorboards and parquet. All machining units have separate motors and their settings are centralized on the front of the machine. The chrome-plated workbench ensures minimal wear and thus a long service life. The work units are …

Pade Uinze 6 T 2500 Wood milling machine

Year: 1999

Table length 2500 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Table width 330 mm

Used Makor Fräsmaschine Wood milling machine

Year: 1986

Makor milling machine cutting machine SAP 1 Information about the machine profile strips can be separated with the machine Splits moldings produced in double. Sales only to entrepreneurs - no right of withdrawal.

Bacci TTF 11LM Wood milling machine

Year: 2001

type TTF 11LM, machine composition: cutter, two milling-tenon spindles, seven-spindle drilling head, pneumatic clamping and feed, table tilting, very good condition, r.v. 2001,