Used double sided edgebanders 33

KOCH ENDMASTER - K double sided edgebander Hot deal

Year: 2013

Board thickness 30 mm
Feed advance 6 m/min
Edge thickness 2 mm

Used Optimat KDF 650 C double sided edgebander

Year: 2012

Board thickness 60 mm
Feed advance 14 m/min
Edge thickness 14 mm

E-Chain ECT-86S double sided edgebander

Year: 2007

Type ECT-86S Working width max. 2600 mm Working width min. 250 mm Working thickness max. 120 mm Total number of spindles 6 Main saw 2 pcc: 305x30 mm Scoring saw 2 pcc: 120-305x30 mm Moulding unit 2 pcc: 40mm Total power 24,3 kW Made in Taiwan 2007 y Transport dimensions 5100x2200x2600 mm Weight 4950 kg

CORMAK EBM800 double sided edgebander

Year: 2016

Board thickness 60 mm
Feed advance 10 m/min
Edge thickness 3 mm

Used Holzher Arcus 1334 Massiv Edgebander

Year: 2014

Used Holzher Arcus 1334 Massiv Edgebander - Specifications 230 V 3 Phase Mfg Year: 2014 Glue Jet (Zero Joint) Technology foracrylic panels Pre Milling Corner Rounding

IMA / BARGSTEDT Edge processing line double sided edgebander


Board thickness 3 mm
Feed advance 40 m/min
Edge thickness 3 mm
Glue tank Yes

Used Özanadolu KBM 1060 edge banding machine

Year: 2012

Edge banding machine head cutting unit milling scraping polishing dust extraction motor

Griggio GB 60/10 double sided edgebander


Board thickness 60 mm
Feed advance 17 m/min
Edge thickness 3 mm

Used Balestrini Model Pico Round End Tenoner


Balestrini Pico Round End Tenoner Hourly Production: 600/700 Tenons Tenon Width: Max. 100 mm + Thickness Tenon Thickness: Max. 30 mm Tenon Depth: Max. 50 mm Table Tilt: Max. 20 Degrees Workpiece Fence Swiveling 45 Degrees Cutter Rotation 9000 RPM Cutter Motor 4HP Cycle Motor 1HP (2) Pneumatic Hold-Downs, One On Each Table

Brandt Optimat KD 78/ 2C

Year: 2001

Used Brandt OPTIMAT KD 78/ 2C Automatic Edge Bander with used Ligmatech ZHR 01/R/045 Return Conveyor. Edgebander equipped with a PC-16 Program Control with a 7.4" color LCD screen, 8 MB IDE Flash Disc 100 MHZ 486 DX4 Hard Drive, 8 MB RAM and internal modem for remote diagnostic link; with automatic height adjustment for top pressure beam with all …

Brandt KD67 Optimat

Year: 2002

KD67 Optimat, 2002 3mm r + f trim prof. scrape, buff

Homag Optimat Kal 310/3/A3

Year: 2006

Description Homag Optimat KAL 310/3/A3 High speed, heavy production edge bander well maintained and working well. Suitable for applying tape only, not for thick edging or profiled corners. Feed speed to 30m/min End trimmers Top and bottom trimmers Glue line scrapers Buffers New controller. Spare glue pot. 2 coil tape feed. 480/3/60 electrics

Vitap Orbiter

Year: 2008

Used 2008 Vitap Orbiter Automatic Edgebanding Machine with Glue Pot and Trimming Station. Specifications: Detail of gluing device, with automatic feeder and vacuum working table. - Trimming unit with simultaneous lifting of the 2 motors by a manual lever - (PLC) touch screen to insert and select all functions - Tape holder and vacuum pump 50 mpa Capacity: 500mm-2400mm Minimum …

Brandt KDN-520/2

Year: 2004

Used Brandt Model KDN-520/2 Optimat Automatic Edge Bander; equipped with a PC-16 Program Control with color matrix LCD screen display, 8 MB Ram and manual push button controls or program control operation; with a digital height indicator; integrated line-control system; universal automatic magazine for strip and coil feeding; with a large coil table (8100mm diameter) to accommodate large coils of …

Homag Kal 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander


HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 … Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor: Working Capacity: Edge thickness, coiled stock min/max, 0.3 – 3 mm (0.012. – 0.112″), straight edges, min/max. 0.4 – 20 mm (0.016 – 0.788″), panel thickness min/max. 12 – 60 mm (0.472 – 2.362″). Equipped with: • Pre-Milling Station: Two vertical jointing spindles, KW 3.0 x 2 (HP …

Homag KAL 210/7/A20/S2

Year: 2007

Description HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 ... Production Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor: Refurbished and upgraded in 2018. In addition to the standard EVA glue system the owner purchased newPUR equipment consisting of: Glue Pot, Nordson Pur-Blu Melter, 6 Rieppe application units to apply release ,anti-stick, anti-static and cleaning agent and the Nitrogen/PUR Gluepot Storage Tank system The machine …

Brandt FTK 130 Edge Trimmer (USED, 2004)

Year: 2004

Edge trimming machine for the flush milling of protruding edge material on shaped and straight furniture panels. Workpieces with inner radii and outer radii can be processed. This machine can be optionally equipped with the trimming saw EK 13. Technical data Workpiece thickness: Radius milling 16 up to 55 mm Chamfer milling 12 up to 55 mm