Automatic Glazing Machine - KABAN

Year: 2004

Automatic Glazing Machine - KABAN Very good Year: 2004

3,300 €

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MK North Macedonia

KONTRA KO 04 Saw for plastic

Year: 2008

Sawing capacity 200 mm

KUAG Orbital Cutting Machine

Year: 2010

KUAG Orbital Cutting Machine Synchronisation of saw carriage via AC servomotor ø 40-160 mm, swarfless cut Year 2010

GRAEWE Cutting & Chamfering Machine

Year: 1994

Sawing capacity 250 mm

GRAEWE STS 250 Saw for plastic

Year: 2007

Sawing capacity 250 mm

GRAEWE Guillotine for profiles

Year: 2017

Profiles max. 80x50 mm Like new, laboratory test machine

KRAUSS MAFFEI Orbital Cutting- and Chamfering Machine

Year: 2006

ø 63-250 mm, swarfless cut 27.000 operation hours The machine is located in Germany.

BLAKE Cross Cutting Saw

Year: 2002

Sawing capacity 550 mm


Year: 1989

Sawing capacity 1800 mm

GRAEWE Circular saw

Year: 2009

Sawing capacity 173 mm

Sica fil/s 250 Saw for plastic

Year: 2011

Thread cutting machine for cutting threads on plastic pipes (HDPE PVC Polypropylene) sica fil / s 250 with additional equipment. Was bought new in 2012, was not used (about 3 months), due to the shutdown of the enterprise for technical reasons. Maximum size thread 250 mm.

BATTENFELD Cutting machine

Year: 1998

RTA 125 EZ ø 40-125 mm The machine is located in Germany.

SPEEDEX 2-Caterpillar Haul-Off

Year: 1990

Sawing capacity 2000 mm

GREINER TEC.CUT S7350 Saw for plastic

Year: 2016

Precision Circular Saw 18 kW Condition very good. Syncrhonisation of saw carriage via Servomotor