Challenge CMT-130B Three knife trimmer

Year: 2013

Max. untrimmed length 330 mm
Min. untrimmed length 171 mm
Max. untrimmed width 241 mm
Min. untrimmed width 178 mm

Horizon HT-70 Three knife trimmer

Year: 2000

Max. untrimmed length 330 mm
Min. untrimmed length 148 mm
Max. trimmed length 300 mm
Max. untrimmed width 330 mm
Min. untrimmed width 105 mm
Max. trimmed width 300 mm

Challenge CMT-330-B Three knife trimmer

Year: 2010

Min. untrimmed length 178 mm
Max. trimmed length 307 mm
Min. trimmed length 148 mm
Min. untrimmed width 127 mm
Max. trimmed width 328 mm
Min. trimmed width 100 mm

Challenge CMT-330 Three knife trimmer

Year: 2005

Max. untrimmed length 330 mm
Max. trimmed length 307 mm
Max. untrimmed width 330 mm
Max. trimmed width 328 mm

CHALLENGE CMT-130B Three knife trimmer

Year: 2013

Three-sided cutter CP BOURG CHALLENGE CMT-130B from 2013 Very good condition. Date of 2013. Comes with : book feeder vertical stacker A set of two steel blades one carbide blade for CMT 130 CHALLENGE cutter Possibility to sell a Thermorelieur CP Bourg BB3002 EVA with this cutter. Min. Trimmed Book Size (spine length x book width): 5.82" x 4" / …

Used Horizon HT-30 C Three knife trimmer

Year: 2012

Max. untrimmed length 235 mm
Min. untrimmed length 200 mm
Max. trimmed length 230 mm
Max. untrimmed width 320 mm
Min. untrimmed width 134 mm
Max. trimmed width 305 mm

Sperr & Lechner Splek Hydromat Three knife trimmer

Year: 1999

Max. untrimmed length 460 mm
Min. untrimmed length 70 mm
Set of knives 3
Max. untrimmed width 350 mm
Min. untrimmed width 50 mm

Kolbus TR 160 Three knife trimmer

Year: 1999

Kolbus TR 160 splitting saw Manufacturer Kolbus Type TR 160 Year 1999 Specifications Kolbus TR 160 splitting saw, for splitting two-up book blocks of perfect bound or thread sewn books and brochures. To be used in book production ines in front of a three knife trimmer.Equipped with infeed belt from right side Maximum book size: 305 x 510 mm Minimum …

Three-knife trimmer Perfecta ADF

Year: 1956

Max. untrimmed length 370 mm
Min. untrimmed length 93 mm
Max. trimmed length 350 mm
Max. untrimmed width 260 mm
Min. untrimmed width 93 mm
Max. trimmed width 240 mm