Second hand confectionery simple / double twist wrapper 64

GD 5000 B Simple/ double wrapper


GD 5000 B Simple/ double wrapper Used machine visible in Italy, sold "as it is"

Carle e Montanari Simple/ double wrapper for jelly candies


Two machines, one running and one offline. The machine wraps around 300-350 candies per minute. However, the speed also depends on the structure/softness of the candy. A machine for sale (the offline one) and perhaps also the second one because it has been decided to discontinue this production of pectin candies. Maybe just a little maintenance on the knives needs …

TLM Packaging Division 750 Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 2013

Flowpack machine used for the production of biscuits (4 pieces per bag) It can be viewed in the province of Turin

GD 2352 / S Simple/ double wrapper


Double twist packing machine for truffles, jellies - Manufacturer: GD - Italy - feeding candy using a conveyor belt - device taken out of production, operational, in very good technical and visual condition

Wrapper Syrenka / Mermaid Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1978

Double twist wrapping machine Type: Mermaid 2 pieces available

Nagema VGLA Simple/ double wrapper Hot deal

Year: 1976

Packaging machine for wrapping chocolates in aluminum foil, e.g. Michałki - VGLA type, - capacity: up to 80 pcs/min. - after renovation - available quantity 5 pcs

Screw capper 4 heads - MBF

Year: 1999

6er BVS MCA Closer and 6er Push-on Plastic Closer Twist & Plob