Second hand confectionery simple / double twist wrapper 59

Ipak AFC2 DF Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1993

Chocolate wrapping machine - prod .: IPAC - ITALY - type: AFC2 DF - year of production: 1993 - very good condition The packaging machine wraps in paraffin-aluminum foil and paper dust jacket. Chocolates dimensions: 35x20x6 mm

Nagema EL 5 Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1979

A packing machine for wrapping sweets in a Viennese cone Producer: Nagema - Germany Type: EL 5 The sweets are served automatically by a conveyor belt.

CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPER for chocolate eggs or balls

Year: 1973

CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPER for chocolate eggs or balls For Solid Chocolate Eggs/balls Manufactured by OTTO HANSEL Model X8005, Machine has had a complete electrical revamp in Year 2007, along with the Pulling & Centering devices for the Aluminium foil. Currently set up for eggs approx. 29mms long x 19mms diameter, about 7grammes in weight. currently still running until February 2021

Nagema EU 4 Simple/ double wrapper

Year: 1990

Caramel packing machine with double twist Producer: Nagema - Germany Type: EU 4 Year of production: 1990 Capacity: up to 400 pcs / min. The diameter of the socket in the plate where the candy falls: 31mm x 21mm. The machine is adapted to replace the plate with a different size