Envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers available on Exapro are pivotal for sectors like direct mail marketing, billing, and education, aiding in efficient, high-volume mail processing. Renowned manufacturers such as Pitney Bowes, Kern, and Quadient (formerly Neopost) are often featured, offering reliable and high-performance machines. These machines, primarily ranging between €13,000 and €84,000, cater to diverse envelope sizes and materials, featuring multiple insert stations and advanced programmability for tailored tasks. The versatility in handling various envelope sizes and the ability to insert multiple documents makes them adaptable to different industry needs. Buyers on Exapro can delve into a variety of options considering factors like capacity, speed, machine condition, brand reputation, and additional features to suit specific operational requirements. Sellers can accurately list machine parameters and areas of use to attract pertinent buyers. Exapro simplifies the buying and selling process, making it a prime marketplace for securing envelope processing machinery that aligns with professional needs and budgetary considerations. The transparent platform ensures well-informed decisions, enhancing user experience in acquiring industrial machinery.

Delta-TechniQ BEM-350 Envelope inserter

Year: 2016

Machine for the production of bubble envelopes. The envelopes are made of PE-free paper (Kraft or Offset). The machine is fully operational in continuous use. Manufactured in 2016. The machine is technically in very good condition. Nothing ever happened to her. All maintenance services done on time and even faster. In the set with the machine, we also sell the …

W+D 134 Window Cutting and patching Machine

Year: 1993

W+D 134 Window Cutting and patching Machine Year: 1993 Machine can be seen running. Available immediately.

W+D Classic Envelope Making Machine

Year: 2001

W+D Classic - Blank Fed Envelope Machine Year: 2001 3 Print units Doctor blade, Window unit, P&S Machine can be seen running, Available immediately.

NEOPOST DS-70 Envelope inserter

Year: 2007

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max. paper width 24.8 cm

Winkler and Dunnebier – W+D - 134 Strip and Window Patching Machine with Print and Cut Low working hours

Year: 1969

Max. paper length 560 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 480 cm

NEOPOST DS-200 Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 229 cm
Max units/min 80 /min
Max. paper width 324 cm

NEOPOST DS-1200 Envelope inserter

Year: 2013

NEOPOST 1200 inserting machine Acquisition new NOV 2013 Equipment under Quadient maintenance in operation - 20 million folds High-capacity feeder 6000 sheets per carriage equipped with camera for multicode optical reading (QR-Datamatrix-Bar code ...) + trays for additional documents 1 x 2500-sheet A4 tray 2 hybrid trays for cards and flyers Possibility of adding an in-line franking unit Production speed …

Pitney Bowes APS (Advanced Productivity System) Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Winkler and Dunnebier – W+D W+D - 141 G Blank Fed Envelope Making Machine Envelope inserter Low working hours

Year: 1970

Max. paper length 580 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 73 cm

Halm EM4 4 Colour Offset Envelope Overprinting Machine

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 23 cm
Max. paper width 40 cm

Böwe Bell+Howell Intellistar MC Letter sorting machine

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 133 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

Pitney Bowes DI4100 Envelope inserter

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 166 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

KAS 465 HS-6 Envelope inserter

Year: 2004

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 100 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

MB Bäuerle autoSET B4-6 Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 25 cm
Max units/min 233 /min
Max. paper width 35.3 cm

Winkler + Dunnebier 102 Envelope inserter

Year: 1985

Manufacturer Winkler + Dunnebier Model 102 With this machine 5 different types of envelope are obtained. The machine is in excellent condition, it is still assembled and in operation, it can be disassembled at the customer's request. Tools for making envelopes come with the machine envelope height 105,110,125,162,176

Hensen Packaging Concept HPC SI 350 Envelope inserter

Year: ~ 2000

Max. paper length 325 cm
Max units/min 50 /min
Max. paper width 280 cm

Böwe Bell+Howell Criterion Envelope inserter

Year: 2019

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 600 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Böwe Bell+Howell Criterion Envelope inserter

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 600 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Pitney Bowes FL83 (FX) Envelope inserter

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 200 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

Kern 3500 Envelope inserter

Year: 2007

Max. paper length 17.6 cm
Max units/min 366 /min
Max. paper width 25 cm

Envelopes Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers on Exapro: Industrial Machinery for Enhanced Printing Operations

For countless professionals in the printing sector, maintaining high-quality and efficient machinery is not just a necessity—it's a lifeline. As production needs grow, evolve, and diversify, there's a burgeoning demand for state-of-the-art equipment that can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and meet client demands with precision and speed. One such category of machinery that plays a crucial role in this ecosystem is the envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers.

Understanding Envelopes Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers

At the heart of many printing operations, especially those catering to large-scale mailing campaigns, marketing projects, or intricate documentation, lies the need for envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers.

Envelopes Inserters: These are machines designed specifically to automatically place documents, brochures, or other flat materials into envelopes. They can range from simple desktop models, suitable for small operations, to high-volume production machines that can process tens of thousands of envelopes in an hour.

Envelopes Enclosers: These focus primarily on sealing the envelopes after the content has been inserted. They ensure that the content remains protected and confidential, making it ready for delivery.

Envelopes Fulfillers: A more comprehensive solution, these systems often combine the features of both inserters and enclosers, along with additional capabilities like sorting, stamping, and addressing.

Why Choose Exapro for Your Machinery Needs?

Exapro stands as a distinguished marketplace for used industrial machinery, a platform where professionals from around the globe come to find the best in machinery, including high-quality envelope-related printing equipment.

For buyers, Exapro offers the benefit of accessing a vast inventory of machinery, which often includes equipment from top manufacturers and brands. This breadth of choice ensures that businesses, regardless of their size or specific needs, can find the perfect machine to fit their operations. Moreover, since the machinery is pre-owned, it often comes at a fraction of the cost of brand-new models, without compromising on quality or functionality. Our platform offers a broad spectrum of pricing, situated between €13,000 and €84,000. This range reflects the diversity in machinery models, functionalities, capacities, and brands available on the platform.

For sellers, listing their machinery on Exapro means tapping into a global audience of potential buyers, making it easier to find the right customer for their equipment. With Exapro's seamless listing and selling process, coupled with its trusted reputation in the industry, sellers can be assured of a smooth transaction experience.

The process of buying or selling on Exapro is made convenient and transparent. The platform ensures all listed machinery undergoes a verification process, adding an extra layer of trust and confidence for all parties involved. With the assistance of Exapro, both buyers and sellers can focus on what truly matters: enhancing their operations and achieving their business goals.

For professionals in the printing sector looking to upgrade, diversify, or streamline their operations, the envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers present on Exapro offer a robust solution. By choosing Exapro, you're not just selecting a machine; you're investing in a legacy of excellence, efficiency, and enterprise growth.


Main Advantages of Envelopes inserters, Enclosers and Fulfillers

Envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers play an essential role in various businesses, especially those involved in large-scale mailing operations or detailed documentation processes. These machines streamline and automate tasks that would otherwise be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Here are the main advantages of envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers:

Efficiency and Speed: These machines can process large volumes of envelopes in significantly less time compared to manual insertion or sealing. This increased efficiency translates to quicker project completions and the ability to handle larger volumes of mailings.

Consistency: Automated machines ensure that each envelope is consistently filled, sealed, and processed. This uniformity is crucial for maintaining a professional appearance and ensuring all documents or materials are correctly enclosed.

Cost Savings: In the long run, investing in such machinery can lead to significant cost savings. By automating these tasks, businesses can reduce the need for manual labor and the associated costs. Additionally, faster processing times can lead to reduced overtime expenses and increased output.

Reduction of Human Error: Manual envelope insertion and sealing processes are prone to errors like misalignment, missed inserts, or improperly sealed envelopes. Automated machinery minimises these errors, ensuring more accurate and reliable results.

Versatility: Many modern machines offer versatile features, such as the ability to handle different envelope sizes or insert multiple documents into one envelope. This adaptability allows businesses to cater to various projects without needing multiple machines.

Enhanced Customisation: Some advanced models of these machines can be programmed for custom tasks, like adding specific inserts to targeted mailings or even printing addresses. This functionality allows businesses to tailor their mailings to specific audiences.

Space Savings: By combining the functions of inserting, enclosing, and fulfilling into one machine, businesses can save valuable floor space compared to having separate devices for each task.

Safety: Automated machines are designed with safety in mind. Features such as jam detection and automatic shutdowns can prevent potential mishaps, ensuring a safer workplace.

Increased Productivity: With quicker turnaround times and the ability to operate with minimal supervision, businesses can take on more projects or clients, leading to increased revenue opportunities.

Envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers offer a multitude of benefits, from increased efficiency and cost savings to enhanced customisation and safety. Investing in such machinery can significantly elevate a business's mailing and documentation processes, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Main Machine Parameters of Envelopes inserters, Enclosers and Fulfillers

When buying or selling envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers on a marketplace like Exapro, it's crucial to consider specific machine parameters to ensure the equipment aligns with the needs of the business or the expectations of potential buyers. Here are the main machine parameters to take into account:

Capacity/Speed: This refers to the number of envelopes the machine can process within a specified time frame, usually given as envelopes per hour (e.g., 10,000 envelopes/hour). This parameter is crucial for understanding the volume the machine can handle.

Envelope Size Compatibility: Machines vary in the sizes of envelopes they can handle. Ensure the machine can accommodate the range of envelope sizes you need, from small, standard sizes to larger formats.

Number of Insert Stations: This indicates how many different inserts (e.g., brochures, letters, reply envelopes) the machine can handle in one cycle. A machine with multiple insert stations allows for more complex mailings.

Material Flexibility: Some machines can handle a wider range of materials, from thick brochures to thin leaflets. It's essential to know the machine's capacity to manage diverse materials.

Sealing Mechanism: Understand the type of sealing method the machine uses (e.g., wetting and sealing, self-sealing envelopes) and its efficiency and reliability.

Software & Programmability: Advanced machines may come with software integrations allowing for custom programming, data management, and other advanced features.

Footprint/Size: Depending on your workspace, you'll need to know the machine's dimensions to ensure it fits comfortably and efficiently in the available space.

Power Requirements: Verify the machine's power consumption and any specific electrical requirements. This ensures compatibility with your facility's electrical infrastructure.

Safety Features: Check for safety mechanisms, such as emergency stops, jam detection, and protective guards, especially if the machine operates at high speeds.

Additional Features: Some machines offer extra features like inline stamping, address printing, or barcode reading. Depending on your operations, these might be beneficial.

Availability of Spare Parts: Especially for older models, ensure that spare parts are readily available in the market. This eases any potential maintenance and repair needs.

Warranty & Support: While used machines might not come with a manufacturer's warranty, some sellers might offer short-term warranties or support services.

When listing or considering a machine on a platform like Exapro, detailed and accurate information about these parameters can streamline the buying or selling process, ensuring both parties are well-informed and can make confident decisions.


Area of Use

In the context of buying and selling on a platform like Exapro, knowing the area of use is vital for potential buyers to ensure that a particular machine will meet their operational needs and for sellers to accurately market their equipment to the right audience. Here are the main areas of application of Envelopes Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers:

Direct Mail & Marketing Campaigns: One of the most prominent users of these machines are businesses that engage in direct mail marketing. These machines streamline the process of sending out mass mailings, whether they're promotional flyers, discount coupons, or personalised letters.

Billing & Statement Processing: Financial institutions, utility companies, and other service providers utilise these machines for sending out monthly statements, bills, and notifications to their customers.

Fundraising & Charities: Charities and non-profit organisations often send out newsletters, donation requests, and updates to their supporters. These machines ensure efficient and timely processing of such mailings.

Subscription Services: Whether it's a magazine subscription, monthly product samples, or any other subscription-based service, these machines can help ensure timely dispatch of materials to subscribers.

E-Commerce & Catalogues: E-commerce businesses and traditional retailers often send out product catalogues, promotional offers, and other materials to their customers. These machines help in efficient processing of such large-scale mailings.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities might use these machines to send out admission letters, updates, alumni communications, and other institutional mailings.

Insurance & Healthcare: Insurance companies dispatch policy documents, claims forms, and other communications, while healthcare institutions might send medical reports, appointment reminders, and health updates.

Print & Publishing Houses: These businesses, which often engage in large-scale printing operations, might have a need for such machines to dispatch their printed materials, books, and other publications.

Ticketing & Event Management: Companies in the event management sector might use these machines to send out event tickets, passes, and information brochures.

By specifying the area of use when listing a machine on Exapro, sellers can attract the right buyers who operate in these sectors. Conversely, buyers can narrow down their search based on their specific industry needs, ensuring they invest in machinery that aligns with their operational requirements.


Main manufacturers of Envelopes inserters, Enclosers and Fulfillers 

There are several renowned manufacturers of envelopes inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers. If you're browsing a marketplace like Exapro, you might come across machines from some of the prominent ones:

Pitney Bowes: A well-known name in the mail and document management industry, Pitney Bowes produces a range of envelope inserters and related equipment suitable for different scales of operations.

Neopost (now Quadient): Another giant in the mailing solutions industry, Neopost offers a variety of envelope processing machines. They've since rebranded as Quadient, and their machines are known for reliability and efficiency.

Kern: A leading manufacturer in the mailing and document output solutions sector, Kern produces high-performance envelope inserting systems suitable for high-volume operations.

Bell and Howell: With a long history in the industry, Bell and Howell have a range of mailing solutions, including envelope inserters and enclosers.

Francotyp-Postalia (FP): FP offers a variety of mailing solutions, and their envelope inserters are designed for both small and large-scale operations.

Böwe Systec: Specialising in automation solutions, Böwe Systec produces envelope inserters known for their high-speed operations and reliability.

Müller Apparatebau: This company offers a range of envelope inserting systems suitable for various mailing needs.

MB Bäuerle: Known for their innovative mailing and folding solutions, MB Bäuerle's inserters are appreciated for their precision and efficiency.

Ferag: While more recognised for their post-press solutions, Ferag also has a line of mailing systems, including envelope inserters.

GUK-Falzmaschinen: While primarily known for their folding machines, they also produce some envelope processing equipment.

When evaluating machines, in addition to the brand reputation, it's essential to look at machine specifications, age, condition, and any available reviews or feedback from previous users.