Used letterpresses - cylinders 12

Heidelberg SBG Cylinder


Max. paper length 72 cm
Min. paper length 16 cm
(sheets/hour) 4500
Max. paper width 54 cm
Min. paper width 11 cm


Year: 2020

Max. paper length 2000 cm
Max. paper width 1000 cm

Pad printing machine bicolor GTO Bico B Evo

Year: 2019

Max. paper length 7 cm
Min. paper length 1 cm
(sheets/hour) 1700
Max. paper width 7 cm
Min. paper width 1 cm

Heidelberg Cylinder Automat

Year: 1937

Max. paper length 0 cm
Max. paper width 0 cm

Erba Titan 3

Year: ~ 1970

Max. paper length 120 cm
Max. paper width 80 cm

Heidelberg 56 X 77 CM

Year: 1960

Max. paper length 56 cm
Max. paper width 77 cm

HEIDELBERG cylinder model SBD


Max. paper length 64 cm
Min. paper length 28 cm
(sheets/hour) 4000
Max. paper width 89 cm
Min. paper width 21 cm

Labelmen PW-260R

Year: 1995

Planetary 6-colour roll-to-roll letterpress press. Labelmen PW-260R; Winding and unwinding units for 3 with web tension sensors, powder e/m couplings, with pneumatic shafts; Main motor, printing machine control device (380V, 3*30A, 12KW); Mounting table with pneumatic clamps; Crown; Web alignment unit (Fife, CSP-01) in front of the printing drum; - Video control device. InVista TSB-11 (manufactured by Fife) for image …

Heidelberg Cylinde B2 Cylinder Machine


Max. paper length 72 cm
Min. paper length 200 cm
Max. paper width 54 cm
Min. paper width 350 cm

Heidelberg OHT Cylinder


For spare parts only original Heidelberg OHT