Navigating the realm of industrial printing machinery, Exapro emerges as a trusted marketplace offering top-tier used plotters and CTP (Computer to Plate) machines at competitive prices. These machines, pivotal in areas ranging from architectural design to commercial printing, represent brands like HP, Canon, Heidelberg, and Kodak, ensuring quality and precision.

Opting for Exapro's curated selection means tapping into equipment priced between €12,000 and €27,000 – a gateway to high-end technology without the financial strain of brand-new acquisitions. Every piece on Exapro has undergone rigorous evaluation, ensuring buyers of reliability and performance. Whether it's an HP DesignJet plotter for vibrant graphics or a Heidelberg Suprasetter for streamlined commercial printing, Exapro bridges the gap between affordability and efficiency.

Exapro is more than just a marketplace. It's a hub where industry professionals find equipment that matches their needs, all backed by the assurance of quality and competitive pricing. Dive into Exapro's world, and find your perfect printing partner today.

Kodak Trendsetter NX Imager computer to plate Hot deal

Year: 2011

Max. length 1067 mm
Max. width 800 mm
Resolution 2400 dpi

KODAK + Glunz & Jensen TrendSetter computer to plate

Year: 2000

Max. length 391 mm
RIP ECRM Harlequin RIP, RIPMate 8.3, rev.1
Max. width 561 mm

Lüscher Technologies AG XPose 120 computer to plate

Year: 2000

Max. length 1130 mm
RIP Harlaquin
Stacker No
Max. width 950 mm
Resolution 2400 dpi

Agfa Avalon N8-20 CTP Machine 70x100

Year: 2012

Max. length 1160 mm
Stacker Yes
Max. width 940 mm
Resolution 2400 dpi

Heidelberg Suprasetter A75-ATL GEN III computer to plate

Year: 2013

Max. length 670 mm
Stacker Yes
Max. width 750 mm
Resolution 2540 dpi

CtP line - Heidelberg Prosetter 74, Glunz & Jensen Raptor Pro 68 P, Plate stacker Advant PST26

Year: 2005

Max. length 670 mm
RIP no
Stacker Yes
Max. width 750 mm
Resolution 3386 dpi

Kodak CTP Kodak Achieve T-800/S computer to plate

Year: 2016

Max. length 839 mm
Max. width 1143 mm

Screen R8800 computer to plate

Year: 2008

Stacker No

Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum computer to plate

Year: 2005

Max. length 116.2 mm
RIP Prim Energy
Stacker Yes
Max. width 95 mm
Resolution 3556 dpi

Panther Pro 62 RM-6 imagesetter with online processor

Year: 1998

Max. length 620 mm
Resolution 3600 dpi
RIP PowerMac with Panther

Luxel V8 computer to plate

Year: 2010

Max. length 1160 mm
Max. width 960 mm
Stacker Yes

xeikon Basys Print 860 computer to plate

Year: 2014

Max. length 1000 mm
Max. width 700 mm

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 H computer to plate

Year: 2007

Max. length 960 mm
Stacker Yes
Max. width 1150 mm
Resolution 2540 dpi

xeikon Basys Print 850 computer to plate

Year: 2011

Max. length 1000 mm
Max. width 700 mm

Proteck Ruby 70 plate processor

Year: 2009

Max. width 680 mm

CTP with inline processor Mitsubishi Digiplater SDP Eco1630

Year: 2004

Max. length 414 mm
Max. width 580 mm
Resolution 2400 dpi

Agfa Accuset 1000

Year: 1995

Max. length 80 mm
Max. width 355.6 mm
Resolution 3000 dpi

Heidelberg Suprasetter computer to plate Low working hours

Year: 2006

Max. length 7500 mm
RIP mevct
Stacker Yes
Max. width 9300 mm
Resolution 2540 dpi

Used Plotters and CTP Machines: The Heart of Modern Printing - Available on Exapro

When it comes to the vibrant world of printing, two pieces of machinery truly stand out: plotters and CTP (Computer to Plate) machines. These innovative devices have completely transformed the way we produce printed materials, offering unprecedented precision, efficiency, and versatility. But what makes plotters and CTP machines such a pivotal part of the printing process?

Plotters: Unlike your conventional printers, plotters are designed to produce large-scale graphics, such as architectural plans, banners, and posters. They operate by moving a pen over the surface of the material, plotting intricate designs with utmost precision. The result? Crisp, clear, and detailed images that truly captivate.

CTP Machines: The Computer to Plate technology has revolutionised modern printing. Instead of creating a film which is then used to produce a printing plate, CTP machines allow for direct transfer of digital data onto the plate. This not only cuts down the production time but also enhances the accuracy and clarity of the prints. It's a leap from the traditional methods, offering a seamless bridge between the digital and physical realms of printing.

For professionals in the printing industry, these machines ensure that they have access to high-quality equipment is paramount. And that's where Exapro comes into the picture.

The Exapro Advantage

Choosing Exapro as your preferred marketplace for used industrial machinery opens doors to a world of opportunity. With a global reach and a reputation for quality, Exapro offers a vast selection of used plotters and CTP machines, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your printing needs without breaking the bank.

At Exapro, every transaction is steeped in a sense of trust and transparency. It's not just about making a purchase; it's about making a wise investment. When you buy from Exapro, you're not only getting a piece of machinery – you're inheriting the legacy of its previous owner, a legacy of hard work, precision, and dedication to the craft.

Navigating the world of used industrial machinery, Exapro stands out as the trusted marketplace, presenting a curated selection of used plotters and CTP machines that meld performance with affordability. Priced between €12,000 and €27,000, these machines offer a fantastic opportunity to gain access to top-tier printing equipment without the hefty price tag of brand new devices.

It's worth noting that while the price is considerably reduced, the quality remains uncompromised. Every piece of equipment on Exapro undergoes a stringent evaluation process, ensuring that you receive machinery that's not only cost-effective but also reliable and efficient.

Selling your machinery on Exapro? It's equally rewarding. With a vast audience of dedicated professionals and businesses searching for top-notch printing equipment, you're guaranteed to find a buyer who will value and respect the machinery as much as you have.

The world of printing is vast and ever-evolving. Whether you're starting a new venture or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, plotters and CTP machines are a worthy addition to your arsenal. And with Exapro by your side, sourcing this equipment, used yet in prime condition, becomes not just easy but also economically viable. Discover the best of printing machinery, discover the Exapro experience.


Main Advantages of Plotters and CTP

Plotters and CTP (Computer to Plate) machines are crucial assets in the printing industry, offering advanced solutions for various printing needs. Opting for used versions of these machines brings several distinct advantages:

Cost-Effective: One of the most compelling reasons to consider used machines is the substantial cost savings. A used plotter or CTP machine can often be acquired for a fraction of the price of a new model, allowing businesses to utilise top-tier technology without heavily impacting their finances.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI): Due to the reduced initial investment, businesses can expect a quicker ROI when purchasing used machinery. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses with tight budgets.

Tried and Tested: A used machine typically comes with a track record. If it's been maintained properly, it's likely to be reliable and have proven its operational capability over time.

Eco-friendly: Buying used machinery can be seen as a form of recycling. Instead of contributing to the demand for new machines and the resources they consume, you're giving a second life to an existing piece of equipment, which is a more sustainable choice.

Depreciation Benefits: Just like cars, new machinery can depreciate rapidly in its initial years. By purchasing used equipment, you sidestep this steep initial depreciation, meaning the machine will retain its value better over time, should you choose to resell.

Immediate Availability: New machinery sometimes has lead times due to manufacturing and delivery schedules. In contrast, when you purchase a used plotter or CTP machine, it's typically available for immediate delivery and setup.

Familiarity with Older Models: In some instances, businesses have trained their workforce on specific older models of plotters or CTP machines. Finding the same or similar used model can save training time and ensure continuity in production processes.

Broad Selection: The used machinery market often offers a wider variety of models and brands, spanning multiple years of production. This can be advantageous for businesses looking for a specific model that's no longer in production or for those wanting to compare features across different generations.

Upgrade Opportunities: For businesses transitioning from even older or more basic equipment, used machines provide an affordable way to access enhanced features and better performance without the cost of the newest models.

Reputable Resellers: Trusted platforms or resellers often offer used plotters and CTP machines with a guarantee or warranty. This assurance provides peace of mind that the machine has been inspected, serviced, and is in good working condition.

While the allure of brand-new equipment is undeniable, opting for used plotters and CTP machines presents numerous advantages, from economic to ecological. It's a choice that offers both fiscal prudence and operational efficiency for many businesses in the printing industry.


Main machine parameters of Plotters and CTP

When buying or selling used plotters and CTP machines on a marketplace like Exapro, it's vital to consider various machine parameters to ensure a well-informed transaction. These parameters not only guide the pricing but also ensure that the equipment meets the buyer's specific requirements. Here are the main machine parameters to consider:

Operational Hours: Similar to mileage on vehicles, operational hours provide an idea of how much the machine has been used. Fewer operational hours can indicate less wear and tear.

Physical Condition: Any signs of wear, rust, or damage can impact the machine's value and functionality. High-quality images and detailed descriptions can help gauge the machine's physical state.

Maintenance and Service Records: Regular maintenance is crucial for the prolonged life and optimal performance of plotters and CTP machines. A well-maintained machine can fetch a better price.

Resolution and Accuracy: Especially vital for plotters, the resolution determines the clarity and precision of prints. For CTP machines, the accuracy of plate production is crucial.

Max Printing Width (for plotters): This parameter defines the largest size of print the plotter can handle. It's essential for buyers to ensure the plotter meets their size requirements.

Plate Size and Type Compatibility (for CTP): Different CTP machines are designed for various plate sizes and types, so it's crucial to ensure compatibility with the intended printing process.

Software Compatibility: Understanding what software the machinery is compatible with can be crucial, especially if the buyer already uses certain design or printing software.

Connectivity Options: Modern machines might offer various connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, which can enhance operational efficiency.

Additional Features: Features like automatic cutting (for plotters) or inline plate processing (for CTPs) can add value and functionality.

Availability of Spare Parts: Machines for which spare parts are readily available can be more attractive since they're easier to maintain and repair.

When buying or selling on a marketplace like Exapro, being thorough in listing or checking these parameters can lead to more transparent, efficient, and satisfactory transactions.


Area of Use

The area of use of plotters and CTP (Computer to Plate) machines can be a significant determinant when buying and selling on platforms like Exapro. Understanding where and how these machines are typically used can guide buyers in selecting the right equipment for their needs and aid sellers in positioning their machines to the right audience. Here's an overview of the primary areas of use for both plotters and CTP machines:


Architectural and Engineering Plans: Plotters are particularly suited for detailed large-scale outputs such as architectural drawings, blueprints, and engineering schematics.

Graphic Design and Advertising: These machines excel in producing high-quality posters, banners, and other promotional materials. Graphic designers often rely on plotters for their ability to produce accurate and vibrant prints.

Fashion and Textile Industry: Plotters can be used to print intricate patterns and designs on textiles or to produce templates for clothing designs.

Map Production: Geographers and urban planners use plotters for producing detailed maps.

Vehicle Wraps and Decals: The ability of plotters to produce large, precise prints makes them ideal for vehicle wraps and decals.

Art and Photography: Artists and photographers use plotters to create large-scale reproductions of their work with high resolution.

CTP Machines:

Commercial Printing: CTP technology is widely used in commercial printing houses for producing books, magazines, brochures, and other print materials. Directly transferring digital data onto printing plates reduces time and increases efficiency.

Packaging Industry: Producing packaging materials, especially those with detailed prints, benefits from the precision of CTP machines.

Newspaper Printing: Many newspapers have transitioned to CTP technology because it streamlines the printing process, ensuring faster and more accurate print runs.

Label Printing: Labels, especially those with intricate details and varying designs, are efficiently produced using CTP technology.

Specialty Printing: This includes niche areas that require high precision, like currency printing, stamps, and security documents.

By acknowledging the primary areas of use of these machines, both buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions, leading to satisfactory transactions on platforms like Exapro.


Leading Manufacturers of Plotters and CTP

There are several renowned manufacturers of plotters and CTP (Computer to Plate) machines. If you're browsing a platform like Exapro, you're likely to come across equipment from some of the following industry-leading brands:


HP (Hewlett-Packard): HP is one of the leading names when it comes to large-format printers or plotters. Their DesignJet series is particularly popular.

Canon: Another major name in the printing world, Canon's imagePROGRAF series of plotters are known for their precision and quality.

Epson: Recognised for its SureColor series, Epson offers a range of large-format printers that cater to both professional graphics and industrial needs.

Roland: Specialising in print and cut solutions, Roland plotters are well-regarded, especially in the signage and graphics industry.

Mimaki: Often used for signage, graphics, and textile printing, Mimaki plotters are known for their quality and versatility.

CTP Machines:

Heidelberg: As one of the most recognised names in the print industry, Heidelberg's Suprasetter series of CTP machines are popular and highly respected.

Kodak: Their Trendsetter and Magnus series of CTP machines are widely used in the industry, known for reliability and quality.

Agfa: The Avalon series from Agfa is another set of CTP machines that have found widespread use, especially in commercial printing setups.

Screen: A notable brand, particularly for its PlateRite series, which offers both thermal and UV plate-making solutions.

Fujifilm: Their Luxel series of CTP machines are popular choices for many print houses, catering to both large and small scale operations.

When considering purchasing a used plotter or CTP machine on Exapro or any other platform, it's always a good idea to research the specific model from these manufacturers. User reviews, maintenance requirements, and availability of parts to ensure you're making an informed decision.