Used pcb equipment - Pick-and-place machines 61

JUKI KE-2060 Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2004

Capacity 12500 u/h
PCB length 330 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 250 mm

JUKI JUKI FX-1R Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2006

Type Automatic
PCB width 360 mm
PCB length 410 mm

Essemtec FLX2010 V Pick-and-place machine


I am selling a machine for PCB mounting. The machine is fully functional, it has been replaced by a new machine and will no longer be used in the company. The price can be agreed. All information and other photos can be sent on request.

Autotronik BS 390V2 SMD Pick and Place Machine with feeder

Year: 2007

Autotronik BS 390V2 SMD Pick and Place Machine with feeder Autotronic 2 Heads Automatic SMD Placement Machine , Autotronic Oven The machine is in working condition Autotronic BS390 V2 Automatic Professional SMD Placement Machine Autotronic BS3020 Automatic Professional Oven with Computer Compressor, 60-65 Pcs. Including Inter FEEDER, in Including metal body table

MYDATA MY9 Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2001

Capacity 21000 u/h
PCB length 508 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 443 mm

Universal 4796R HSP Pick-and-place machine


Universal HSP4796R machines with the GSM and the oven Vitronics. 2xUniversal HSP 4796R - 1xGSM - 1xOven Vitronics - 1xLoader - 1xUnloader - 1xDestaker - 4xConveyor 600 Feeders included

Mydata TP9 - 2U Pick-and-place machine


Sell MYDATA - Used placement robot. The machine was replaced by a newer one. It is fully functional. I will send more information and photos on request.

Panasonic NPM-W2 Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2018

Year ~2018 Direction can change L to R / R to L (Auto function) Hours in the pictures Excellent running condition, fully calibration, CPK test ok. Panasonic NPM W2 Dual lane Head 16+16 Feeder carts x 2 Option : feeders, DGS/LMB computer, tray. Head can be changed to 3, 8, 12, 16 in free

Siplace/ASM HF3 Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2005

Siplace HF3 Vintage 2005 Double Conveyor Config: Config PA1: 2x DLM-12 Nozzle Heads with Nozzlechanger Config PA1: 1x DLM-12 Nozzle Heads with Nozzlechanger 4x HF Feedertrolleys Condition: good and fully functional We can provide full service for worldwide shipping

YAMAHA YS12F Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2011

Capacity 20000 u/h
PCB length 640 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 300 mm

TWS QUADRA DVC Pick-and-place machine

Year: 2011

Capacity 2700 u/h
PCB length 440 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 360 mm

JUKI KE-2050L Pick and Place / Chip Shooter 13.2K CPH

Year: ~ 2000

Capacity 13200 u/h
PCB length 406.4 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 355.6 mm

Philips Emerald

Year: 2001

Capacity 6500 u/h
PCB length 457 mm
Type Automatic
PCB width 407 mm

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