DIMAC Packaging Star F30

Year: 2003

Output 30 u/mn
Shrinking tunnel Yes

COMARME MOD. GEM-X50 - Case sealing machine used


DESCRIPTION: Semi-automatic sealer with manual sizing, which seals the bottom and top of boxes with self-adhesive tape. The machine can be used by non-specialized operators as it requires very simple adjustment operations. The feed of the box is carried out by means of two motorized side belts, thus ensuring maximum uniformity of sliding. The result is a perfect alignment of …

Cryovac VS20 Automatic Vacuum Packaging Line


Cryovac VS20 packaging machine Cryovac C-106 automatic soaking tank Exit mat Rietschle VC 300 pump (01) Roots Pump Busch Typ GRH1000 Stainless steel pump chassis Fully revised in 2021, revised every year since. Perfect working condition

MSK 381/280 Automatic shrink packing machine

Year: 2019

Output 5520 u/mn
Shrinking tunnel Yes

PREFERRED PACKING MOD. PP 530 CST - Shrink wrapping machine used

Year: 2012

DESCRIPTION: This heat wrapping machine has been designed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market. It is suitable for treating many types of products, single or grouped, with thermosealing film. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The machine is driven by brushless motors and controlled by a PC, including temperature management of welders. The …

Audiopack H 22 SA Sealer Low working hours

Year: 2020

Output 8 u/mn
Product length 560 mm

GANDUS MOD. SI 720 - Heat sealing machine used

Year: 2018

DESCRIPTION: Packaging machine by manual pulse welding. The machine, easy to use and extremely safe, is ideal for packaging small and medium-sized products. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The SI is a self-contained welder that works with a foot pedal. The film is sealed through the pressure and heating of two sealing …


Year: 2006

Output 20 u/mn
Product width 400 mm
Max foil width 600 mm
Product length 500 mm
Product height 150 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

. . Packing machine

Year: 2020

Vacuum seal machine plus gas insertion half GN1 - 1/4 GN1 and 1/8 GN1 sealing plate

SOLLAS 18 Sealer

Year: 1994

Output 60 u/mn
Product width 250 mm
Product length 350 mm
Product height 130 mm

DEM IC 4520 APM Sealer

Year: 2008

Product length 530 mm
Product height 200 mm
Product width 400 mm
Max foil width 600 mm

ULMA SLAU50 Sealer Low working hours

Year: 2009

Angular shrink wrapping machine ULMA MOD SLAU50, with shrink tunnel, for different products

Supervac AT15 Sealer

Year: 2013

Supervac AT15E shrinker from 2013 Supervac AT15 shrink wrapper 2013

Supervac GK663B Sealer

Year: 2016

Supervac GK663B shrink wrapper GK663 B packer + AT15 tunnel 2016

Minipak MPE X1 automatic angular packaging machine Hot deal

Year: 2020

automatic packaging machine Model Pratika MPE possibility of purchasing in bulk with end-of-line oven for heat shrinking.