MARIO FONIO 111-4/L/SX Spreading machine

Year: 2020

Width 2200 mm
Max height of quilting 2200 mm

CCVENTURES 38 48 Spreading machine

Year: 2019

Non-woven towel folding machines Two machines for the production of disposable towels, 1/4 fold 48x70+ 38x70+ Mitsubishi Electric control

ZÜND LR-1600 CV Spreading machine

Year: 2010

Manufacturer: ZÜND, Altstätten, Switzerland Year of production: 2010 - 2012 Max. Size/Width: 1800x1650mm (70.9"x65.0") approx. Condition: The machine is in perfect and functional condition. Availability: Immediate.

LECTRA BRIO 100 / 72" Spreading machine

Year: 2001

Lectra Brio 100 / 72" padding trolley - With its mobile table

Özbilim ( Turkish ) P4 Automatic Spreading machine

Year: 2015

Width 2200 mm
Ø of the rolls 2000 mm
Max height of quilting 250 mm
Weight of rollers 1500 kg

Easy Senior plus + Challenger Spreading machine Hot deal

Year: 1998

Width 0 mm
Max height of quilting 0 mm


Year: 1990

Width 1200 mm

TEMAFA Bale Opener

Year: 2005

Width 1500 mm

Bale Opener Bigagli

Year: 1990

Width 3500 mm

Fine Opener Crosrol

Year: 1990

Width 1200 mm

Pierret Robot Loader Compact

Year: 2009

Pierret Robot Loader Compact in very good condition, prepared to work with raw material - possibility of installing guillotines to prepare a complete textile recycling line. Year of construction: 2009 Working width: 480 mm

FPO 12 m Spreading machine


FPO spreader with 12 meters of table 165 useful per cradle

IMA 890B Spreading machine

Year: 2022

IMA 890B Phoenix series is the most versatile machine, ideal for simple and regular productions with heterogeneous materials. The machine is equipped with an encoder and the spreading standard is without clamps which are available as optional. The fabric can be fed in rolls (standard) or in skirted packages, with optional specials. Usable fabric width 180/200 / 220cm Part diameter …

AUTEX LINEAPRO 376021 Spreading machine

Year: 2000


OTEMAN DELTA a02k Spreading machine


Width 1800 mm
Max height of quilting 0 mm