CCVENTURES 38 48 Spreading machine

Year: 2019

Machines for folding non-woven towels Two machines for the production of disposable towels, 1/4 fold 48x70+ 38x70+ Mitsubishi Electric control The machines scrolled approx. 60,000. kilograms of material, perforated, smooth and airlaid nonwoven fabrics, on average the machines produced approx. 40,000. packages of +-1.5 kg. The rewound nonwoven fabric had a weight of 40 to 50g. The scrolled airlaid on …

MARIO FONIO 111-4/L/SX Spreading machine Hot deal

Year: 2020

Width 2200 mm
Max height of quilting 2200 mm

BEFAMA AC 39 guillotine / Rotary cutter

Year: 1979

BEFAMA AC 39 guillotine Rotary guillotine/cutter The machine will be completely mechanical and electrically overhauled in 2022 The machine is in motion, fully operational and complete Feeding and receiving on tapes Working width of the table 40 cm Productivity 50-200 kg/hour A lot of different spare parts Original DTR documentation

Ozbilim P4 Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine

Year: 2019

Ozbilim P4 Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine Machine has been bought in October 2019 Machine is in very good condition 20 meter length

Özbilim ( Turkish ) P4 Automatic Spreading machine

Year: 2015

Width 2200 mm
Ø of the rolls 2000 mm
Max height of quilting 250 mm
Weight of rollers 1500 kg

KURIS AUTEX A105 Spreading machine


Pack of 6 band saws for cutting foam, fabric and leather .... All machines work very well. Possibility to try the machines

OTEMAN DELTA a02k Spreading machine


Width 1800 mm
Max height of quilting 0 mm

Oteman Advantage Spreading machine

Year: 2000

Width 1800 mm
Ø of the rolls 400 mm
Max height of quilting 1800 mm
Weight of rollers 60 kg

Oteman Delta a02K Spreading machine

Year: 1997

Width 2200 mm
Max height of quilting 300 mm

FPO 12 m Spreading machine


FPO spreader with 12 meters of table 165 useful per cradle