PKZ 400х1000 Cold forging machine

Year: 1979

Power in tons 400 T
Table width 1000 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 18
Table length 1520 mm
Ram stroke 315 mm

Gräbener GK 360 Cold forging machine (360 t)


Power in tons 360 T
Table width 430 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 40
Table length 525 mm
Ram stroke 100 mm
Motor power 12 kW

China Y83-630 Cold forging machine Hot deal

Year: 2023

Briquetting press model Y83-630, designed for briquetting non-ferrous (aluminum, brass, copper, bronze), steel and cast iron chips. The equipment allows you to get briquettes that meet all applicable standards. Pig-iron briquettes completely replace cast iron in melting. The press is designed for cold pressing of waste metal chips. The Y83-630 press is suitable for processing chips of both non-ferrous and …

Used Hosung 800 ton Cold Forging Press.

Year: 2014

Power in tons 800 T
Table width 800 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 35
Table length 900 mm
Ram stroke 220 mm

Darragon 100 ton heated Cold forging machine


Power in tons 100 T
Table width 600 mm
Table length 600 mm

ERFURT PTrZSSt 210/11/280 Cold forging machine

Year: 1986

Power in tons 210 T
Ram stroke 400 mm
Table length 3500 mm

ERFURT PAUSТ 63/3 Cold forging machine

Year: 1984

Power in tons 63 T
Ram stroke 200 mm
Table length 3200 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 112

JG Kayser H ½ - HSDS – CH Cold forging machine


Table length 114 mm
Motor power 18.6428 kW

ERFURT PAUSt 100/1 Cold forging machine

Year: 1984

Power in tons 100 T
Ram stroke 280 mm
Table length 2200 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 58

Darragon 750 ton heated Cold forging machine


Power in tons 750 T
Table width 800 mm
Table length 800 mm

Pullmax EKP-CNC 100 2,6/2,05 Cold forging machine

Year: 1985

Power in tons 11 T
Table length 2600 mm

National 625 Cold forging machine

Year: 1970

Nbr of strokes/min 100
Motor power 25 kW

Farmer Norton 2 High Cold Reversing Mill 254MM X 304/381MM Hot deal

Year: 2010

Power in tons 100 T
Motor power 44.74273 kW

National Kayser 1000-6 Cold forging machine

Year: 1977

Cold heading machine National Kayser 1000-6 Detailed information on request 1977