Gashor Tornado Rotary oven

Year: 2009

Tray width 400 mm
Power 9 kW

Hebenstreit Rapido WAC-32

Year: 1998

Tray width 270 mm

MIWE ECO-NOVA -1-S Rotary oven Hot deal

Year: 2012

Miwe Eco-nova -1-s Hood Vapor Extraction Network Cooking Vapor Extraction Network Furnace Combustion Extraction Network Heating And Hot Water System

Kornfeil TermoMax 12/10 Rotary oven

Year: 2018

Type Gas
Power 4.9 kW

PAVESI PVP 150 Rotary oven

Year: 2017

Type Gas
Power 34 kW


Year: 2005

Tray width 1200 mm
Type Fuel

Goldbake mono rack oven for sale (Electric)


Type Electric
Power 54 kW

4,260 €

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GB United Kingdom

Miwe Ideal Rotary oven

Year: ~ 2000

Tray width 2000 mm

Rational SCC WE 101/01 Rotary oven

Year: 2012

Rational SCC WE 101/01 combi oven self cooking center model year 2012 with space for 8 gastro inks. Accompanying original underede in stainless steel included. Dimensions 85 x 80 H H 175 cm.

Rational SCC-201 Rotary oven

Year: 2006

Rational mod SCC-201 combi oven with steam and associated stick cart for gastro ink year mod 2006. Dimensions 88 x 85 cm H 190 cm.

Zucchelli Top rotor c1 120//80 Rotary oven

Year: 2009

Tray width 120 mm
Power 3.5 kW
Type Fuel

Miwe Ideal deck oven

Year: 2017

Tray width 1800 mm
Type Gas

Bongard 8.64E Rotary oven

Year: 2021

Tray width 600 mm
Type Electric