Ovens - used multi-deck ovens / stoves / rotary ovens 59

Bongard 4m2 Rotary oven


Tray width 80 mm
Power 35 kW
Type Gas

GUYON BVT 180 Rotary oven

Year: 2008

Tray width 900 mm
Power 61 kW
Type Electric

Bongard RG5-13 Rotary oven

Year: 1998

Tray width 810 mm
Power 104 kW
Type Gas

Bongard Omega2 Rotary oven

Year: ~ 2003

Bongard Omega 2 Deck Oven Designed to bake a wide range of products including breads, pastries and Danish products. 5-deck model Features a simple and easy to use touch-screen control panel which can store up to 80 of your favourite programmes. Each deck can be separately programmed