Exapro, a leading online marketplace, offers an impressive range of used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens, catering to diverse needs in the food processing sector. These machines, hailing from renowned manufacturers like Bongard, Rational, and MIWE, ensure top-notch performance and reliability. Ranging in price from €6,000 to €19,000, they provide a cost-effective solution for businesses, offering substantial savings over brand-new equipment.

These machines are pivotal in bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and industrial food production, showcasing their versatility and efficiency. A used machine from Exapro ensures quick setup, tested reliability, and often comes with added benefits like upgrades or refurbishments. With detailed information on machine parameters, potential buyers can make informed decisions, ensuring the machinery aligns with their operational requirements.

Whether you're a startup bakery eyeing a multi-deck oven, a restaurant seeking a sturdy stove, or a large-scale producer considering a rotary oven, Exapro provides a platform that combines quality with value. Dive into Exapro's listings and discover the perfect match for your culinary endeavours!


Year: 2004

Type Gas
Power 174.4 kW


Year: 2006

Type Gas
Power 162.8 kW


Year: 2000

Tray width 400 mm
Power 390 kW
Type Electric

Gashor Tornado Rotary oven

Year: 2009

Tray width 400 mm
Power 9 kW

Bongard 4m2 Rotary oven


Tray width 80 mm
Power 35 kW
Type Gas

GUYON BVT 180 Rotary oven

Year: 2008

Tray width 900 mm
Power 61 kW
Type Electric

Nut Roasting Machine - Stainless Steel - 24kg/h

Year: 2023

It is an electric heated batch oven capable of roasting 6kg/Batch. (Measured in peanut volume) Brand: Pisto Maschinenbau Made in Germany The guided airflow combined with the stirrers shape and speed gives a uniform roasting in all kind of nuts. Its unique way of roasting brings out all the flavor of the nuts and preserves it long after roasting. Thanks …

Used HEIN Universal Rotary oven

Year: 2003

Tray width 190 mm
Type Gas

Bongard Omega2 Rotary oven

Year: ~ 2003

Type Electric
Power 33 kW

Hein Shopstone Rotary oven

Year: 2019

Tray width 800 mm
Type Electric

Bongard 8.64E Rotary oven

Year: ~ 2002

Power 65 kW

WACHTEL - Rotary oven


Tray width 80 mm
Type Electric

FRIMA RATIONAL FCM 201 Rotary oven

Year: 2006

Type Electric
Power 37 kW

Multi-deck Ovens, Stoves, and Rotary Ovens on Exapro

Navigating the landscape of the industrial machinery market can often be an overwhelming task. However, when it comes to procuring the ideal equipment for your business, especially within the food processing sector, Exapro simplifies the process, making it seamless and efficient. As one delves into the realm of food production, the importance of reliable and efficient ovens and stoves becomes evident. Here, we introduce you to the used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens available at Exapro.

At the heart of many bakeries, restaurants, and food processing industries lie multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens. These are specifically designed to cater to the needs of large-scale production without compromising on the quality of the product.

Multi-deck Ovens: These are essentially a series of ovens stacked on top of one another, each operating independently. They are ideal for businesses that require different products to be baked at varying temperatures simultaneously. Each deck can be controlled individually, offering unparalleled versatility.

Stoves: Industrial stoves are robust, designed to handle the rigours of large-scale food production. Their primary function is to provide consistent and even heat, ensuring that dishes are cooked to perfection every single time.

Rotary Ovens: Revered in the bakery industry, rotary ovens are characterised by their rotating baking platforms. This rotation ensures that products are baked uniformly, resulting in consistent quality and texture. These ovens are particularly suitable for baking bread, pastries, and other similar products.

The Exapro Advantage

Opting to buy or sell used industrial machinery through Exapro offers an array of benefits. One of the primary perks is the vast network and outreach that Exapro provides. With countless professionals and businesses connected through the platform, it ensures that sellers get the right visibility while buyers have a plethora of choices to select from.

For those concerned about the authenticity and quality of the machinery, Exapro meticulously vets each product listed, ensuring that what you see is precisely what you get. This robust quality assurance process ensures peace of mind for buyers. Moreover, Exapro provides a platform where negotiations are transparent, and transactions are secure, bolstered by a team of experts offering support every step of the way.

By purchasing used machinery, businesses can make significant cost savings without compromising on quality. On Exapro, the pricing for used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens typically spans between €6,000 and €19,000. This range is a testament to the diverse array of machines on offer, catering to different scales of production, functionalities, and unique features. 

Given that many of these machines are built to last, procuring them second-hand is an economically wise decision. On the flip side, sellers can ensure that their machinery, which might be lying idle or underutilised, finds a new home where it's valued and used to its full potential.

In the intricate world of food processing, where precision and consistency are paramount, having the right machinery can make all the difference. Whether you're a business looking to upgrade, downsize, or diversify, or perhaps a newcomer wanting to make an entry into the industry, Exapro's collection of used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens offers a solution tailored for your needs. Dive into the world of Exapro and unlock endless possibilities for your food processing endeavours.


Main Advantages of Multi-Deck Ovens, Stoves and Rotary Ovens

Used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens are integral components in the food processing industry, especially in large-scale bakery, restaurant, and other culinary environments. Opting for used equipment in these categories brings a host of advantages:

Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing used machinery offers substantial financial savings compared to investing in brand-new equipment. For businesses on a budget or startups, this cost difference can significantly reduce capital expenditure.

Quick Setup: Unlike new machines that may have long lead times for manufacturing and delivery, used equipment is readily available. This ensures that businesses can quickly integrate and start using them without extended waiting periods.

Depreciation Benefits: New machinery depreciates faster in the initial years of its life cycle. By purchasing used equipment, businesses can bypass this steep depreciation curve, ensuring a better return on investment if they choose to sell the machine later on.

Tried and Tested: Used machines have already been operational and thus, their performance and reliability have been tested in real-world conditions. This can offer a buyer more confidence in the machine's capabilities.

Environmental Benefits: Opting for used machinery contributes to sustainability. It extends the life of the equipment, ensuring that fewer resources are used for manufacturing new machines and reducing waste sent to landfills.

Versatility in Operations:

  • Multi-deck Ovens: The stacked design allows for different products to be baked at varying temperatures simultaneously. Each deck can operate independently, making it ideal for diverse product lines.
  • Stoves: Industrial-grade stoves offer consistent and uniform heat distribution, ensuring dishes are consistently well-cooked.
  • Rotary Ovens: The rotation mechanism ensures even baking, which is crucial for products like bread and pastries where consistent quality is key.

Upgrades & Refurbishments: Many used machines have been upgraded or refurbished by their previous owners, adding value in terms of enhanced features or improved performance.

Resale Value: Quality machinery, even if used, retains a decent resale value. This is especially true for renowned brands or machines in good working condition. If businesses need to upgrade or change their operations, they can recoup a portion of their investment by selling the equipment.

While the allure of brand-new machinery is undeniable, the tangible benefits of opting for used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens make them a viable and often wise choice for many businesses in the food processing sector.


Main machine parameters of Multi-Deck Ovens, Stoves and Rotary Ovens

When buying or selling used multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens on a marketplace like Exapro, it's essential to be well-versed in the key machine parameters to ensure you're making a sound investment or securing a fair sale. Here are the primary parameters to consider:


  • For Multi-deck Ovens: The number of decks and the size of each deck will determine the total baking area available.
  • For Stoves: Consider the number of burners or cooking zones.
  • For Rotary Ovens: Look at the size and how many trays or racks it can hold simultaneously.

Energy Source: These machines can be powered by electricity, gas, or other fuels. The energy source can affect operational costs, efficiency, and installation requirements.

Temperature Range and Uniformity: Check the temperature range the oven or stove can achieve and how uniformly it can maintain this across its cooking or baking area.

Control Features: Modern machines may have digital controls, programmable settings, and automation features. Older models might have manual controls.

Ventilation and Exhaust System: Especially important for gas-powered units, having a robust ventilation system ensures safe and efficient operation.

Brands and Models: Established brands often have a reputation for quality, durability, and reliable after-sales service. The specific model can also provide insights into the machine's features and performance.

Power Consumption: Especially for electric units, understanding the machine's power requirements can give an idea of operational costs.

Dimensions and Footprint: The physical size of the machine will determine if it fits comfortably within the intended space.

Portability: Some units may have wheels or can be easily moved, which can be advantageous for certain setups.

Certifications: Especially important for food processing, ensure the machine adheres to regional or industry-specific safety and health standards.

Additional Features: Some ovens come with steam injection, stone bases, or other unique features that can be beneficial for specific baking needs.

Safety Features: Check for safety mechanisms like auto shut-off, safety valves, and other protective measures that ensure secure operation.

When listing or purchasing on a platform like Exapro, providing or seeking detailed information on these parameters ensures transparency and helps both buyers and sellers make informed decisions. Always remember, the more detailed and accurate the information, the smoother the transaction will be.


Area of Use

When discussing the area of use for multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens, especially in the context of buying and selling on a marketplace like Exapro, it pertains to the industries or sectors where these machines are commonly employed. Understanding the area of use ensures the machinery fits the intended purpose and meets operational requirements and here are the main areas of application of these machines:

Bakeries and Patisseries: These are perhaps the most common users of multi-deck and rotary ovens. Bakeries require these machines for bulk production of bread, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods. The ability to handle multiple batches or diverse products simultaneously makes them a staple in this sector.

Restaurants and Cafés: Both multi-deck ovens and stoves are integral in commercial kitchens, where various dishes need to be prepared concurrently. From baking to grilling, these machines handle a range of culinary tasks.

Hotels and Catering Services: Large hotels with in-house baking or expansive kitchen operations often use these machines. Catering services, especially those handling large events, also benefit from the efficiency and capacity of these ovens and stoves.

Industrial Food Production: Companies involved in large-scale food production, like frozen pizza manufacturers or pre-packaged baked goods, employ these machines for their high-output capabilities.

Specialised Outlets: Pizza parlours or specialty bread shops, which focus on specific products but at a larger scale, often invest in multi-deck or rotary ovens to meet their production needs.

Research and Development (R&D) Facilities: Food and beverage companies with R&D departments might use these machines for testing new recipes or products.

Retail and Supermarkets: Some large retail chains or supermarkets have in-house bakeries, which use these machines for fresh daily production.

Understanding the area of use is especially crucial in the context of buying and selling on Exapro, since it guarantees that transactions are more targeted, ensuring both parties get the maximum value out of the deal.


Manufacturers of Multi-Deck Ovens, Stoves and Rotary Ovens

There are several renowned manufacturers known for producing high-quality multi-deck ovens, stoves, and rotary ovens. While the availability of specific brands and models can vary on Exapro at any given time, the following are some reputable manufacturers whose equipment you might come across:

Bongard: A well-respected French brand, Bongard has been in the baking equipment industry for decades, producing a wide range of bakery ovens including multi-deck and rotary ovens.

Rational: Known for their combi ovens and advanced cooking systems, Rational is a major player in the industry, catering to both restaurant and large-scale food production needs.

Wachtel: This German manufacturer is renowned for its durable and efficient deck ovens and rotary ovens, especially in the artisanal bakery sector.

Pavailler: Another notable French brand, Pavailler produces a range of baking equipment, including multi-deck ovens suitable for various bakery sizes.

MIWE: A globally recognized brand, MIWE offers a wide array of baking equipment, including deck and rotary ovens, known for their reliability and innovation.

Polin: An Italian brand, Polin produces a range of baking equipment, including multi-deck and rotary ovens that are recognized for their craftsmanship and performance.

Baker Perkins: With a history spanning over a century, this UK-based company specializes in equipment for the bakery, biscuit, and confectionery sectors.

Sveba Dahlen: Hailing from Sweden, Sveba Dahlen is known for its innovative bakery equipment, including deck and rotary ovens that cater to a variety of baking needs.

Mondial Forni: An Italian manufacturer that has made a name for itself in producing reliable and technologically advanced multi-deck and rotary ovens for bakeries.

Revent: A global brand in the baking industry, Revent manufactures high-quality rotary ovens, deck ovens, and other bakery equipment.

UNOX: Renowned for its commercial cooking equipment, UNOX produces a wide range of ovens, including multi-deck versions, suitable for various culinary settings.

It's important to note that while these manufacturers are recognized in the industry for their quality and innovation, the specific availability of their machines on platforms like Exapro can fluctuate based on listings at any given time. Whether you're a buyer or seller, understanding the reputation and product range of these manufacturers can assist in making informed decisions in the marketplace.