AZ CTC SB V Gum Extruder

Year: 2004

AZ CTC SB V Gum Extruder Machine for applying extruded bonding rubber on grated tires and simultaneous filling of craters. Serial number: 954016 Total installed power: 35 Kw Operating voltage: 3/PE - 400V – 50 Hz Allen Bradley PLC control Control voltage: 230V AC 115V AC 24V DC In service until December 2023 Available in January 2024


Year: 2004

Cryogenic device for cleaning overflows of rubber products. The machine is fully functional, still connected, can be tested. Control Siemens S7-200 Also possible with a tank for liquid nitrogen.

250L Banbury mixer - complete renewed - 4 fly rotor

Year: 2021

Complete overhauled Bolsjewiek RS-250/30L, manufactured november 2021! new 4-fly rotors, parts, drive mechanisms, controls and auxialiary equipment. includes weighin scale and feeder belts. stored in the Netherlands in Warehouse.


Year: 2011

KING STEEL KS-908ULZ EVA INJECTION MACHINE CLOSING FORCE: 255T Injection stroke: 440 mm Closing force: 2550 kN Mold length: 600 mm Mold width: 660 mm Digital control: Yes Electrical connection: 400 V 8 posts this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The KING STEEL KS-908ULZ plastic injection molding machine, manufactured in …

Engel Insert Elast H 200 Ton

Year: 2006

Engel presses for rubber, silicone, thermosetting and BMC moulding heating plates 650x590 year of construction 2006 Ton. 200 4 columns automatic granule loader also available, Engel injection for rubber also available.

Matteuzzi BS 400

Year: 2005

Dresser with programmed tension for the continuity of the pattern from the tread to the jointing with integrated pneumatic knife. Automatic cycle Production: 15 to 20 tires / h Serial number: 401 Operating voltage: 380V – 50Hz – 11A In service until December 2023 Available in January 2024

gibitre MD rheometer

Year: 2016

Gibitre MD rheometer The Gibitre MD rheometer measures the characteristics of curing of a rubber compound in accordance with international standards. The measure of the vulcanization is carried out by measuring the change on the mechanical characteristics of the sample. He instrument allows to apply a cyclic deformation to the sample and measure the associated torque. The test will carried …

Hard chrome rotational molding furnace


Hard chrome rotational molding furnace Vinyl rotational molding oven to manufacture dolls, balls, rubber toys, etc...

MATTEUZZI complete manufacturing monorail x 100m with supports, curves, switches

Year: 2001

MATTEUZZI complete manufacturing monorail x 100m with supports, curves, switches Length: 100m Including: 1 Dissolution cabin with SCREEN AIR and 1 AIRLESS tank in Matteuzzi stainless steel 2 unclamping stations with centrifugal suction 1 filling station A hundred tire support hooks

Partyzánské SK400 Hydraulic semi-automatic vulcanizing press


Hydraulic semi-automatic vulcanizing press Dimensions of heating plates 400x400 Still under power, fully functional, can be tested.

5,110 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Meccanica Allevi Quasar

Year: 1999

Automatic die-cutting press, overhauled, carpet just replaced. Power 30 tons. Cutting plate size 600 x 600 mm

Buzuluk 14391


Used mixer for rubber processing by Buzuluk (Czech Republic) type 14391. Mixer has total volume of mixing chamber 90 liter and working volume approx. 70 liter. Drop type of door. Machine has two rotors driven by 320kW/50Hz/380V eL. motor. Rotors speed 60 rpm.


Year: 2023

On a total area of ​​27,000 but of which 6,000 are built, equipped with modern structures and cutting-edge technological heritage, production concerns the molding of products for the footwear industry such as soles, heels and rubber sheets. Preparation of compounds for third parties and production of various items for other sectors. Thanks to these characteristics it includes the most important …

Used tire buffer and tread/rubber builder

Year: 1988

Item 1: Cincinnati Retreading Systems (CRS) Model: CB30A with exhauster Extra features: templates for up to 12-22,5 tires Sidewall buffing Rims: 13”-16”/17”-20”/20”-22,5” Year: 1988 Origin: USA/Canada Item 2: Vulcan Model: TR105 Max PSI: 125 Tire size: 13"-24.5" Year made:1988 Origin:USA/Canada


Year: 2010

Rotomolding machine for the manufacture of polyurethane parts, in different sizes. Basic characteristics. Electronic speed control. Mold height adjustment. Independent arms at different speeds. 360º arm rotation. Automatic stop. Safety fairing with automatic closing and open door stop. Rotation of the head on its own center in 360º Head with tilting regulation, independently in “X” or Y””. Security screen with …

Vulcanizing rubber press for rubber conveyor belts. FONMAR AL-20-NE 1600X1400 Hot deal

Year: 2020

Vulcanizing rubber press for rubber conveyor belts. FONMAR AL-20-NE 1600X1400 Model al-20-ne 1600x1400 from year 2020. The machine is extremely well conditioned. The press has all accessories: control box, compressor and pump

Used TRM BANDAG MATTEUZZI ISS Ras 90 Ultra uvm… Hot deal

Year: 2008

Complete tire retread plant built between 2004-2014 Production plant for 30,000 cold retreaded tires per year PRICE including installation and commissioning -Rail system "Helm 500" frames/supports manufacturer TRM -Rail length approx. 110m, rail height approx. 2m - 76 hooks with rollers - Various switches - 3 processing stations including suction connections - Spray tunnel for rubber solution incl. extraction - …

Line of rubber compounds mixer EKN-50, Hot deal


We offer a complete rubber mixing line that includes the following equipment: - Mixer EKN-50 soft start and stop automatic supply of lubricant, control cabinet (can operate in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes, engine load control, temperature control in the mixing chamber) loading weight conveyor; conveyor for unloading the mixture onto the rollers; loading volume 70-75 kg - Roll Mill …

REP V38 Y04W

Year: 2005

Injection molding machine for rubber locking unit: - Closing unit: vertical - Closing force: 1,013 kN - Heating plate size: 335 x 400 mm (Standard) Core rotary unit injection unit: - Screw diameter: 25 mm - Cylinder diameter: 51 mm - Injection volume max.: 400 cm³ - Injection pressure: 1,500 bar - Connection value: 3x 400 V, 50 Hz 42A …

FRANCIS Shaw 30er x 16D

Year: 1995

- Screw diameter: 30 mm - Screw length: L = 16 D - with feed roller - water-tempered extruder, - Cylinder and head a tempering zone - Feeder section can be cooled or heated - Adjustable flow rate - Screw compression approx.: 1:1.2 - Spray head for hoses and profiles - Div. Injection tools are available - Extruder complete incl.: …