Used offsets one colour - offset printing machine 11

Tifmak Printing/Coating Edition machine

Year: 2010

Max. paper length 2000 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes
Max. paper width 160 cm
Dryer IR
Chromed cylinders Yes

HEIDELBERG SORM Offset one colour

Year: 1971

Max. paper length 52 cm
Nbr of copies 35 Mio
Coating unit No
Max. paper width 74 cm
Perfecting No
Chromed cylinders No

ROLAND FAVORIT Offset one colour

Year: ~ 1995

Max. paper length 52 cm
Max. paper width 72 cm

Adast Adast Dominant AD 715 Offset one colour

Year: 1991

Max. paper length 65 cm
Perfecting No
Max. paper width 48 cm

Heidelberg MO-S Offset one colour

Year: 1988

The offset machine MO-S, the machine is in good condition, in continuous operation. In September 2020, the shafts were regenerated and the plates in the compressor were replaced. The machine was imported from the Netherlands, in Poland I am the first owner, alcohol dampening. The course of 44 million.

Heidelberg Gto 52-1+

Year: 1996

Built in 1996 Impressions 38,9 mio. Size max 360 x 520 mm Size min 105 x 180 mm Size when perfecting min 140 x 180 mm Image area max 340 x 505 mm Speed max 8000 c/h Speed min 3000 c/h Pile height feeder 400 mm Pile height delivery 400 mm Equipment • numbering and imprinting unit