Chromalox Heat Transfer System

Year: 2020

Chromalox MOS Mid-Size Hot Oil System is engineered to operate to 600 ̊F (315 ̊C) stan-dard, with an option for up to 650 ̊F (343 ̊C), at atmospheric pressure (non-pressurized). Its electric heating core assures responsive and precise temperature control in a space saving package. The system can be used with most types of heat transfer oils such as Paratherm®, …

N/A CAN 75.5,5-10 Hot deal

Year: 2012

We offer for sale a resistance car furnace with internal dimensions L=5500 mm, W=3400 mm, H=2500 mm, max. charge weight is 19 tons, max. temperature 920°C. The furnace is in good condition, we offer it including the door, the opening mechanism and the loading car with drive. Year of manufacture 1985, general overhaul 2012.


Year: 2014

It is a marking laser model LEM2 power 20W ---The marking field is 110 x 110 mm with a marking diameter of approximately 25 µm. There doesn't seem to be a usage timer. It is a machine that has been used very little (2 hours per month maximum) even though it is designed to operate 24/7. The model is from …


Year: 2015

We will sell from our property. Infrared catalytic furnace VULCAN IKP0918, item no. 013/2013, implementation 10/2015 fou. Surfin Brno, end of operation 01/2023, currently dismantling equipment stored in storage. The device is used to burn powder paint with the following parameters: - Max. product width 920mm - Max. product height 1850mm - Length of the active zone 12000mm - Electric …


Year: 2012

Autonomous CYKLOS A300 surface treatment machine for anodizing of aluminum parts with a maximum thickness of 35 microns. The CYKLOS A300 treatment system is based on a new technology, the intellectual property of which is entirely owned by CYKLOS. The parts are fixed by spring mechanically and electrically in the baskets thus allowing the succession of the chemical or electrolytic …

ICI CALDAIE AX 1000/12 Hot deal

Year: 2005

Gas furnace with water treatment. MAX 1306 kW Worked 4 seasons

GIMA GIMA T01F 1500*3000 VTP4-19 RF 2001 --227/01 Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2001

GIMA OVEN T01F 1500*3000 VTP4-19 RF 2001 TEMPERED GLASS WITH THICKNESSES 4-19 MM, CAPACITY TO TEMPE LAYERS WITH LOW EMISSIONS. DATA OF INTEREST: Supervised improvements have been made to the oven in the following points: Flat tempering furnace year 2001 of the Gima srl brand with a fan FI1251 execution 8, coupled to a 335 KW DC motor that rotates …

Furnace with belt conveyor Mahler DLE 650/220/3000 G

Year: 2007

Width of the belt: 650 mm Clear height above the belt: 220 mm Gross continuous power including belt: 500 kg-hod Belt conveyor control range: 50-500 mm Upper limit temperature: 1120 C Operating temperature: 800-1120 C Electric heating power: 125 kW Total electrical power: 130 kW Useful length of the furnace (heated): 3000 mm Furnace length: 19500 mm Furnace width: 2000 …


Year: 2020

CORONA dual-head high-frequency treatment station. Double head power: 900 W - Output voltage 2 x 6.5 k Volt - Output frequency 25 kHz Treatment width from 45 mm to 65 mm per head.

Alfa Laval air max Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2001

Stock of N ° 8 air coolers of various sizes, see photo, cooled with glycol. Composed of 2 Evaporators 5 fans N ° 2 evaporators 4 fans N ° 2 evaporators 3 fans N ° 2 evaporators 2 vemtole

Electric resistance chamber furnace Realistic CAE 13.15.8/10

Year: 2008

Characteristic: Maximum temperature: 950 C Chamber height: 800 mm Chamber width: 1400 mm Chamber depth: 1300 mm Maximum weight of the charge: 1500 kg Total power: 78 kVA Furnace height: 4300 mm Furnace width: 3080 mm Furnace length: 2720 mm Furnace weight: 8600 kg Technology Media: Nitrogen Natural gas methanol Air Furnace equipment: Fan for mixing the working atmosphere Flame …

Blasting equipment BMF Tornado

Year: 2018

Total hours: 2964 h Hours on: 1485 h Throwing wheel: 231 h Maximum workpiece diameter: 250 mm Maximum filling volume: 30 l Throwing wheel power: 2.2 kW Maximum spindle speed: 9000 1/min Quantity: 12-15 pcs Workpiece weight: 90 kg Machine dimensions:: 1500x1500x2000 mm Weight: 900 kg Equipment: Filtration unit with separation Universal holders 14 positions of planet gears Components - …

Ghibli cm250 Welding machine

Year: 1983

Welding machine 3 phase It is in excellent condition


Year: 2017

The MultiClean is a complete line of ultrasonic cleaning The MultiClean series is particularly adapted to meet the problems of complex cleaning in the automotive sector, medical, aeronautical, precision mechanics, and in all other types of industries requiring a precision cleaning. Main Features Prewash: The prewash bath is a necessary preliminary operation on some heavily polluted rooms. It also makes …

Schröder MK04/178-1200

Year: 1976

USED Description Crystalliser for margarine Manufacturer Schröder Type MK04/178-1200 Capacity 3.600 - 4.800 kg per hour Year of manufacture 1976 Power 4 Motors: 11 kW + 11 kW + 22 kW + 22 kW


Year: 2000

Diathermic oil steam production plant Type OV 600/UA Capacity 3000 litres Technical sheet in announcement

Furnace for heat treatment of aluminum castings BMW HT

Year: 2015

Made in: 2015 Characteristic: Maximum temperature: 850 C Internal dimensions: 1650x1500x1900 mm Capacity: 2000 kg Rated current: 250 A Control voltage: 3 PEN 50Hz 230V/TN C-S 24 V DC

Sand blasting equipment S.A.F. DBS-200RCS

Year: 2012

Type: DBS-200RCS Producer: S.A.F. Made in: 2012 Characteristic: Machine dimensions:: 11.5 x 5.15 x 3.86 m The line consists of: - Blast chamber - Dust separator OP 9 - Blow gun - Exhaust fan - DONALDSON TORIT filter cartridges - Elevator - Two-stage abrasive cleaner - Conveyor - Electrical switchboard with control panel - Compressor ALMIG BELT 37-8 - Automatic …

MAPPI AU 1F 1S 900 1800 O.4 R.S.A. Glass machine

Year: 2001

MAPPI AU 1F 1S 900 1800 O.4 R.S.A. - Year 2001 Tempering furnace Working dimensions 900x2000 mm Thickness 4-19 mm

Used Rösler RMBC 05

Year: 2010

we offer you the following machine: Rösler troughed belt batching line RMBC 05.1-L Central control cabinet with SPS control Mixing strips Frequency converter for centrifugal drive Frequency converter for troughed belt drive Automatic blast media replenishment 40 liters Modified bath perforation to 4mm Lateral blasting chamber sealing in special design Blasting medium inflow control Special message current consumption Rösler filter …