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At Exapro, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of used cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines, tailored to both budding and seasoned cheese producers. Spanning a price range of €19,000 to €94,000, these machines present an economically viable alternative to new equipment without compromising on quality. They have proven reliability from their prior use and come from esteemed manufacturers like Tetra Pak, GEA, Alpma, and more.

The main appeal of these machines lies in their cost-efficiency, providing significant savings compared to brand-new counterparts, coupled with faster setup due to immediate availability. Each unit, regardless of its price point, promises efficiency, durability, and precision. From the dairy industry to retail and hospitality, these machines find use in diverse sectors, emphasising their versatility.

For potential buyers, Exapro’s listings detail machine parameters such as type, production capacity, brand, condition, and features. This ensures transparency and helps buyers make informed decisions tailored to their production needs. In sum, Exapro offers an excellent platform to acquire or sell used cheese production machinery, ensuring a seamless, transparent, and value-driven experience for all parties involved.

TAS polivalente soll 1000 Cheese production, wrapping and portioning machine


No. 2 1000lt liftable multipurpose + 1000lt h plate pasteurizer + set of tables, molds and various equipment

GEA NS3006 Cheese production, wrapping and portioning machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

Pressure 250 bar Capacity 500 l/h Operating temperature 90 °C Installed power 7,5 kW Tank 160 l

Cheese draining and pre-press vat MKT Presswanne

Year: 1997

Cheese draining and pre-press vat MKT Presswanne Information Rectangular SS draining and pre-pressing vat (draining vessel) for cheese. Drainage through the side by SS perforated plates and through the bottom by micro perforated carpet. Draining surface: 10,75 m², Total volume 6.000 liter suitable for 1.000 to 1.700kg cheese depending of height cheese blocks. Pre-pressing of the curd over the total …

Wright Pugson Cheese block cutter


Wright Pugson cheese block cutter max cheese block 400mm x 340mm, top mounted piston, pneumatic

3,390 €

View product

GB United Kingdom

Cheese factory to make about 1000 Kgs of artisan cheese


Cheese factory to make about 1000 Kgs of artisan cheese It is a cheese factory, to make about 1000 Kgs of artisan cheese with a mold of 1 kg and 1/2 Kgs fresh or semi-cured.

DIMA Mozzarella Production Line

Year: 2019

1. Thyssen Milk input system (2017) 2. Alfa laval Cheese maker tanks (3x) (1984) 3. Alfa laval Whey draining machine (1984) 4. Dima Continuous cooking/stretching machine (2019) 5. Dima Automatic dry dosing & salting system (2019) 6. Dima Automatic carousel-moulding machine (2019) 7. Dima Automatic cooling and brining vats (2019) 8. Multivac packaging machine (2018) 9. A+F Packer (2022) 10. …

Cheese Production, Wrapping, and Portioning Machines on Exapro

For professionals in the cheese-making industry, the production and packaging process is a delicate dance of precision, efficiency, and, of course, taste. At Exapro, we understand the importance of having machinery that can ensure the best output. As such, we're proud to present our range of used cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines under the Food processing machines category.

Understanding the Machinery: Cheese Production, Wrapping, and Portioning Machines

Cheese Production Machines: These are tailored to facilitate the cheese-making process, right from curd preparation to moulding and pressing. With the right machinery, consistent taste, texture, and quality are achievable batch after batch.

Cheese Wrapping Machines: Once cheese production is complete, it's crucial to ensure that it's wrapped perfectly to maintain its freshness and flavour. Our cheese wrapping machines are designed to handle various cheese types, be it soft brie or hard cheddar, ensuring that each piece is sealed tightly to retain its quality.

Cheese Portioning Machines: Perfect for businesses that cater to diverse customer needs, these machines accurately portion cheese, be it for retail packaging or for further processing. They ensure uniformity in size and weight, making them an asset for businesses aiming for consistency in their product offerings.

Why Choose Exapro?

Exapro has always been more than just a marketplace; it's a community where industrial professionals converge. When you decide to buy or sell with us, you're not just engaging in a transaction; you're joining a network of trusted industry experts.

When you opt to venture into the domain of used machinery through Exapro, you're not just investing in equipment. You're investing in trust, reliability, and an extensive network of professionals who understand your needs. Each machine listed on our platform has undergone rigorous checks to ensure its functionality and longevity.

One of the main advantages of opting for used machinery from Exapro is the substantial cost-saving. It's no secret that machinery – especially specialized food processing equipment – can be quite the investment. By purchasing used equipment that has been vetted and approved by our team, you can achieve similar production standards at a fraction of the cost of brand-new machinery.

Starting at a modest €19,000, our entry-level machines offer robust functionality for smaller operations or startups looking to establish a foothold in the market. These machines have been stringently vetted for performance, ensuring that at this price point, you're acquiring a piece of machinery that promises efficiency and reliability. On the higher end of the spectrum, machines priced up to €94,000 are available for those looking for more advanced features, higher production capacities, or machines that combine multiple functionalities. 

On the other hand, elling on Exapro isn't just about finding a buyer; it's about finding the right buyer. We cater to a vast international audience, meaning that your machinery will be presented to professionals from around the globe, ensuring a faster selling process and a better price.

One of the distinct advantages of choosing Exapro is our transparency. We understand the intricacies of industrial machinery and the importance of making an informed decision. Therefore, each listing is comprehensive, detailing critical machine parameters like production capacity, brand, operational hours, and more.

Exapro is a platform that understands the nuanced needs of professionals in the industry. Our range of used cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines promises quality, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that your cheese products stand out in the market. Join the Exapro community today, and let's make cheese-making a seamless process together.


Advantages of Cheese Production, Wrapping, and Portioning Machines

While new machines come with the allure of the latest technology and features, used cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines offer a multitude of advantages:

Cost-Efficiency: One of the most compelling reasons to opt for used machinery is the significant savings compared to purchasing brand-new equipment. You can obtain high-quality machinery at a fraction of the original cost, offering an excellent return on investment.

Depreciation Benefits: New machinery depreciates quickly in its initial years. Buying a used machine means that the most significant depreciation has already occurred, ensuring better value retention.

Proven Reliability: A used machine has already been in operation, demonstrating its capability and reliability. Any potential kinks or issues have likely been identified and resolved, ensuring smoother integration into your production line.

Faster Delivery and Setup: Unlike new machines which may require a waiting period due to manufacturing or shipping delays, used machines are typically available immediately, leading to quicker installation and commencement of production.

Environmental Benefits: Opting for used machinery is an eco-friendly choice, extending the life of the machine and reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new equipment.

Familiarity of Design: Older models of machinery can sometimes be more user-friendly and straightforward in design, making them easier to operate and maintain. This can be particularly beneficial for facilities accustomed to older equipment.

Availability of Spare Parts: For some older machine models, spare parts can be more readily available and cost-effective. This is especially true if the machinery is from a well-known brand with a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Opportunity for Customisation: Used machines can often be retrofitted or customised according to specific production needs, offering flexibility without the price tag of custom-built new machines.

Existing Reviews and Feedback: With used machinery, there's often the opportunity to gather feedback from previous users. This provides insights into the machine's performance, durability, and any potential challenges.

Shorter Return on Investment (ROI) Period: Due to the reduced initial investment, businesses can achieve ROI in a shorter time frame, freeing up capital for other ventures or expansions.

In other words, these machines provide an economically viable and efficient solution, especially for businesses looking to expand or enhance their operations without heavily straining your budget.


Main machine parameters of Cheese Production, Wrapping, and Portioning Machines

When buying or selling used cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines on a marketplace like Exapro, it's essential to pay attention to specific machine parameters to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here are the main machine parameters to consider:

Machine Type: Understand the specific type of machine you're dealing with. Is it a cheese production machine, a wrapping machine, or a portioning machine? Knowing the exact classification will help target the right audience or find the correct machine for your needs.

Production Capacity: Determine the amount of cheese the machine can produce, wrap, or portion per hour or per day. This will help in matching the machine's capacity with production needs.

Machine Size and Dimensions: Measure the physical dimensions of the machine, including height, width, and depth. This is vital for ensuring compatibility with available space in the production area.

Machine Weight: The total weight can have implications for transport and installation. Heavy machinery might require specialised handling or equipment for relocation.

Power and Energy Consumption: It's crucial to know the machine's energy requirements, be it electrical or another power source, as well as its consumption rates. This aids in assessing operational costs and ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructures.

Condition: Is the machine in working condition? Are there any parts that need repairs or replacement? A machine in excellent condition can fetch a higher price, while buyers would want to know any existing issues before purchase.

Features and Functionalities: Detail any special features or functionalities the machine might possess, such as automated processes, touch-screen controls, or custom settings.

Maintenance History: A well-maintained machine is more appealing. Provide records of regular maintenance, part replacements, and any major repairs. Buyers would want to know that the machine has been cared for properly.

Availability of Spare Parts: Ensure that spare parts for the machine are still available in the market. This is a vital consideration for potential buyers, ensuring the machine's longevity and operational viability.

Certifications: If the machine has any industry-specific certifications or meets certain standards, highlight them. This can enhance the machine's appeal to safety-conscious or quality-focused buyers.

By carefully considering and providing details on these parameters, sellers can present their machines in the best light, attracting genuine buyers. Conversely, buyers can use these parameters to assess and select the right machine that fits their production needs and budget constraints.


Area of Use

In the context of buying and selling on a marketplace like Exapro, understanding the areas of application is crucial for both buyers and sellers to ensure that the machines align with the intended production requirements. Here's a breakdown:

Dairy Industry: This is the primary sector where cheese production machines are extensively used. From small artisanal cheese producers to large-scale dairy companies, these machines play a crucial role in transforming milk into various types of cheese.

Specialised Cheese Production Units: Certain machines are tailored for producing specific kinds of cheese, be it soft cheeses like brie and camembert, semi-soft cheeses like blue or hard cheeses like cheddar and parmesan.

Packaging Industries: Cheese wrapping machines are commonly used in sectors focused on the packaging of dairy products. These machines ensure the cheese is preserved, protected, and ready for distribution to retailers or further processing.

Food Processing Units: Cheese portioning machines find their application in units that require cheese to be segmented into specific sizes or weights. This can be for retail packaging or for using cheese as an ingredient in other food products.

Artisanal and Craft Cheese Producers: Smaller, boutique producers that make handcrafted or unique cheese varieties can also benefit from these machines, especially when scaling up their operations.

Educational and Research Institutes: Sometimes, agricultural or food research institutes may require cheese production and processing machinery for experimental or educational purposes.

Export and Distribution: Companies focused on the export of dairy products, especially cheese, to international markets will find wrapping and portioning machines indispensable, ensuring products meet global packaging standards.

By understanding and highlighting the machines' potential areas of use, both buyers and sellers can make informed decisions, ensuring the equipment finds the right home where it can be used to its fullest potential.


Leading Manufacturers of Cheese Production, Wrapping, and Portioning Machines

There are numerous reputed manufacturers globally who specialise in cheese production, wrapping, and portioning machines. When you're navigating a platform like Exapro, you might encounter machinery from the following manufacturers:

Tetra Pak: Renowned globally, Tetra Pak not only produces packaging solutions but also offers a range of processing equipment, including those for cheese production.

GEA: GEA Group is a global technology company known for its innovative equipment and solutions for food processing, including dairy and cheese production.

Alpma: Specialising in dairy processing equipment, Alpma offers a wide range of machinery, from cheese production to packaging.

Saputo Dairy Systems: With a rich history in the dairy sector, Saputo provides various machinery solutions tailored to cheese production.

IMA Group: IMA is recognised for its packaging machinery, and it offers wrapping solutions that can be used for cheese.

Reiser: A key player in the food equipment industry, Reiser offers machinery for cheese portioning and packaging.

SPX FLOW: Their expertise in dairy processing extends to cheese production, offering various equipment solutions.

ULMA Packaging: While they offer packaging solutions for multiple sectors, ULMA has specific machinery tailored for dairy and cheese wrapping.

Vemag: Known for their portioning solutions, Vemag machines are often used in cheese processing units.

Bosch Packaging Technology: Now renamed as Syntegon, Bosch provides a plethora of food packaging solutions, including those suitable for cheese.

Raque Food Systems: They manufacture machinery tailored for the dairy industry, including cheese production and packaging equipment.

Marchant Schmidt, Inc.: Specialising in dairy and cheese processing equipment, they offer machines for cheese production, slicing, and packaging.

These brand names can signify the quality, durability, and innovation of the machinery. Additionally, renowned brands often ensure better post-sale service, spare parts availability, and machine longevity.