Used industrial equipment 506

Packr AF611

Year: 2003

This 2003 Packr machine is still in production and well maintained. It will be replaced by a new system which can take variable products. The System is equipped with a PILZ module (PSS4000). The designs are complete and current. The line is capable of unstacking 600 jerrycans per hour with suction cups. The installation must be dismantled by place the …

Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx laser engraving machine Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2020

Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx laser engraving machine Trotec Speedy 360 Flexx, March 2020 (see picture of the attached identity plate) The machine is from 2020 but it was used as a demonstration machine by Trotec, therefore little used, and was completely overhauled when we bought it in July 2021. It is supplied with 3 spare filters for the extractor (worth …


Year: 2007

For sale Ot-las Way 500 Machinery Features 500 Watt Neon Laser Scan Head Hr 70 Mm Personal Computer With File / Machine Management Software Cooling Chiller Vacuum pump Floor 1000 * 2000 X Axis Head And Y Axis Plane Movements Area 500 (Drawings Up To 500 Mm Xy High Resolution) Area 1000 (Drawings Up To 1000 Mm Xy Low Resolution) …

Laser marking and engraving machine co2 3D dynamic Galvo Golden laser Hot deal

Year: 2014

Golden Laser ZJ9045 275W CO2 RF metal laser ROFIN OEM 20 after refil(warranty to 06.2023) 3D dynamic galvanometer control system with Germany Scanlab Galvo head. Automatic up and down Z axis. Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table. Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system. Rear exhaust suction system. High speed engraving cutting and perforating of leather, shoe uppers, fabrics, …

Spirka Hacoba

Year: 1988

The Hacoba machine prepares (winds the wires) for the next production operation on the Spirka machine. We offer 2 pieces of these machines for sale

Vacuum treatment system BRIZIO BASI DOV 1001

Year: 1994

Vacuum treatment system for insulating oil for transformers BRIZIO BASI DOV 1001 Vacuum Insulating Oil Treatment Plant for Transformers. Plant with few working hours 500 max. Adapted in 2011 to the Machine Directive D.P.R. 459/96 and Legislative Decree 81/08.


Year: 2014

Bramidan Double Piston Vertical Press Year 2014 Little Used Like New

PERO V1/108

Year: 2005

The machine for treating dirt with solvents. The machine is currently connected and in operation and was completely overhauled in early 2020. The machine is equipped with a cooling unit.

INT. COUPE CNC Low working hours

Year: 2020

Machine dimensions: 3570 x 3145 x 2540 mm Table dimensions: X = 3570 mm, Y = 2000 mm Maximum cutting dimensions: X = 2100mm, Y = 1400mm Hot wire thickness: 3 mm CNC software: MACH3, Autocad Electrical power: 5.5Kw/h, 25A Voltage frequency: 400V / 50Hz / 3P + N + PE Weight: 900kg

Automatic high speed mask machine (100-120 pieces/minute) new generation full optional for the production of FFP2, FFP3, KN95, KN99 mask/respirator. Mask/respirator type: fold flat without valve with earloops.

Year: 2022

Automatic high speed mask machine (100-120 pieces/minute) new generation full optional for the production of FFP2, FFP3, KN95, KN99 mask/respirator. Mask/respirator type: fold flat without valve with earloops. Machine condition: semi-new, the white steel top is still covered with the protective cellophane. The automatic production line integrates material roll unwinding, mask/respirator forming, nose wire feeding and application, earloops welding, edge …

Ventilazione Indutrsiale s.r.l. PC5

Year: 2005

For sale for the purchase of a larger catalytic afterburner system for paints and solvents. Marca Ventilation Industriale s.r.l. model PC5 year of installation 2005 We attach complete technical data in photos. The plant is currently in use at the plant. Available with limited withdrawal at the end of September. Negotiable price

Norblast SAT2

Year: 2017

Norblast sandblasting / shot peening machine. The machine was produced in 2017. The model is the SAT2. The technical characteristics are as follows: The SAT2 is a high-tech automatic sandblasting machine designed for the treatment and finishing of surfaces of small / medium-sized geometries. The compact size allows for easy placement in small spaces. The intuitive PLC allows you to …

Recuperma UZ 2000 Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2013

Recuperma UZ2000 (130KW) incl. peripherals 1125 operating hours 1. trapo infeed belt (plastic chain smooth) 4260 x 1000mm, stainless steel 2. inclined conveyor belt (rubber smooth) approx. 8000 x 1000mm, painted steel 3. UZ Recuperma year 2013 incl. water cooling box power: 132 KW approx. 1125 operating hours Xzlpd2k 4. trapo inclined conveyor belt 15° (plastic belt smooth) 1150 x …



Hydraulic dispenser for pouring and dispensing sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foam Fixed ratio hydraulic multi-component proportioner. For pouring and dispensing sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foam. Model Number: HFRB-16 AKAKDBH Part No.: UC0465 Series: H15B Serial number: N102 engine cap: 83 bar CAP fluid outlet pressure max.: 206 bar air cap: 7 bar Maximum operating temperature: 77 degrees C Maximum ambient …

Carlo Banfi Universal 20X25-12TPID-2PE5

Year: 1998

Banfi shot blasting and dedusting plant with 12 turbines with inverter, two hoists of 5 tons each. wagon drive system, bunch rotation system, total recovery with scrapers, bag filter, little used machinery, overhauled, completely disassembled

STILMAS MOD. PSG 100 DTS - Pure steam generator used

Year: 1996

DESCRIPTION: PSG DTS Pure Steam Generators are designed and constructed according to the latest CGMP FDA. They are capable of solving any problem of sterilisation of pharmaceutical equipment and process lines. The quality of the produced steam is constant in terms of pyrogenic contents, superheat value and dryness fraction, independently from pressure and production flow rate. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, …

Metalllisation or Sandblasting ATEX Filter

Year: 2012

ATEX filtration system, consisting of centrifugal fan, control panel, inputs and outputs for filter and fan, connections, aso Complete and Fully functional! Like new!

SEI LASER INFINITY 5070 Laser Engraving, Marking and Cutting Machine

Year: 2008

This SEI Laser INFINITY 5070 Laser Engraving, Marking and Cutting Machine was made in Italy in the year 2008. It has only been in operation for 7661 hours, of which 6664 are production hours. It is operated using an Icaro SW software for PC Windows, this machine stands out for its high speed, quality and productivity. Thanks to the large …

Metallization S350

Year: 2012

Like new electric arc metallization equipment Brand: Metallization S350. Full package: power cables, MIG unwinder, protection equipment and consumables. Under power! Year of manufacture 2012 Operating hours: 30h