Refrigeration - used cooling tunnels 58

Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 400 Classic Cooling tunnel

Year: 1999

Band/belt width 600 mm
Refrigerant type Ammonia
Output 500 kg/h

Frigoscandia MX92 Cooling tunnel

Year: 2000

Ideal for vegetables. Freezing tunnel IQF Frigoscandia MX92 - 2 freezing tape in modular band - Automatic ADF defrost system - Electrical control and maneuver board - Cooling capacity 709,000 W - Electrical power 122,000 W - Exterior closure in A / Stainless steel sandwich panel. - 1 A / Stainless steel vibrator. Product entry - 1 container of liquid …

Used Kriotecnica MTL4,5x100 Cooling tunnel

Year: 2002

Band/belt width 1000 mm
Refrigerant type azoto liquido

Kelox 60x7 Cooling tunnel

Year: 1997

Band/belt width 600 mm
Refrigerant type nitrogen

Proform CBO-807/2,5 Cooling tunnel

Year: 1999

Used lab cooling tunnel PROFORM/FR type CBO-807/2,5 for chewing - gum . Year of manufacture : 1999. The cooling tunnel is conceived for cooling soft masses and is equipped with built-in cooling system. The system is designed for a mass rope

Frigoscandia GCM76-08-20-14 NS CR Cooling tunnel

Year: 1992

Band/belt width 760 mm
Refrigerant type R717, ammonia
Output 1500 kg/h

Frigoscandia GCM92-08-30-25 NN CCR spiral freezer

Year: 1998

Band/belt width 920 mm
Refrigerant type NH3/Ammonia
Output 2100 kg/h