When purchasing used industrial glass cutting and edging machinery, focus on four key areas:

Machine Condition: Inspect for wear, damage, and general operational performance. Seeing the machine at work can be beneficial.

Specifications: Ensure the machinery meets your specific needs concerning glass size, thickness, cutting/edging types, and operation speed.

Technology: Confirm the machine's compatibility with modern software for optimization and efficiency.

Manufacturer: Prefer machines made by reputable manufacturers, known for reliability and innovation. Top names in the glass machinery sector are Bottero, Lisec, Bavelloni, and Intermac.


Automatic spacer sheet bending and cutting machine

Year: 2018

The automatic spacer bending machine is used to bend and automatically cut the rectangular frames of aluminum spacers to size in the assembly of glass structures. Control system: PLC with programmable control element. With a production optimization, 9,999 aluminum frames of the same size can be produced • Automatic adapter feeder • Spacer lath material length measuring system • Digital …

Biebuyck R 60T

Year: 2000

Foot Diameter: Minimum: 35 mm Maximum: 150 Cadence: 50 pieces/min

Bavelonni lamy 370 for sale Hot deal

Year: 2011

Lamy 370 S is Bavelloni table for cutting, breaking and detaching laminated glass. It is ideal for low-e glasses: thanks to the special separation pliers, the coating does not get damaged during detachment operation. The single bridge structure leaves the working area completely free from any obstructions: glass handling, roller change and machine cleaning are very easy. Good condition Low …

Bottero 340 LMT-J EVO Glass cutting line with low-e glass removal

Year: 2013

Bottero 340 LMT-J EVO Glass cutting line with low-e glass removal Machine is in very good condition

Biebuyck Maxi-Flette

Year: 2004

Capacities: - From the Edge: 60 mm to 500 mm; - Edge Thickness : until 30 mmm; - Height: from 35 to 435 mm; original date 2004, refurbished 2022

Skill E-D Glass vertical machining centre with 8 axes for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing

Year: 2017

Skill E-D glass machining machine 2017 working width 3.3 m goes complete with washer

OCS GLASS TCA 101 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2008

OCS GLASS manual cutting table, model TCA 101, 2008 4 breaking points Vertically tilting

Pujol automatic foil cutter

Year: 2010

Pujol automatic foil cutter Max foil width: 2000 mm The machine is stopped in working condition.

Bottero Variant 810BCS Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2007

40x40mm; 3-55mm; 0,4-6m/min; 0-45°; 27KVA; 4600Kg Capacity : 27KVA

RBB Trapano Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2004

Glass drill RBB Trapano semi-automatic double-head drilling machine

Fiberglass and basalt cutting machine - Dimotor sa Roll sliter top 50 Hot deal

Year: 2021

Dimotor sa Roll sliter top 50 This is a cutter for fiberglass and basalt. To cut to the desired size Brand new from factory Brand new

Lioda mus125 Glass cutting / edging machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

glass grinder from 5 to 26 mm. perfect polishing without cerium. Bascula from or to 45 °. Automatic lubrication pump. In excellent condition. Year 2018, we sell for closing activity

Bottero 110FC Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2005

Long conveyors at the inlet and outlet. The thickness of the processed glass is 3-50 mm. The minimum dimensions of processed glass are 40 x 40 mm. Speed - 0.6-6 m/min. Power - 28 kW. Dimensions: 11200 x 2000 x 2600 mm. Weight: 5500 kg. The equipment is in excellent condition. Connected and in working condition, it works all the …

CMS Glass Cutting Machine

Year: ~ 2021

Machine used for only cutting 4 mm glass Total cut : 2000 pieces of 2.5x3.2 glass Machine is in very good condition

Biebuyck Mini Crack-Off

Year: 2000

_ Production capacity: 400 glasses - capacity of cut items: Height: 400mm Foot diameter: from 30 to 200 mm Edge diameter: 200 mm maximum Edge thickness: 10 mm. maximum Admissible weight: 3Kg Original 2000, refurbished 2022

Bottero 110FC Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2011

Straight line edger for heavy duty production, 3 diamond grinding wheels allows working glass up to 50mm tick. Minimum glass dimension: 40x40mm; Glass thickness: 3-50mm; Speed 0,6-6m/min; Installed power: 27KVA Weight: +/-3600Kg Available: +/- 03-2022

China SKLM-6030A Glass cutting line

Year: 2014

We are selling a high-quality automatic glass cutting table, which will be a reliable tool for your glass or window production. This table has been meticulously maintained and is in excellent condition. Condition: Good Working dimensions: 215000x4000x920 mm Manufacturer: China Year of production: 2014 Features and Advantages: Automatic controlled cutting process for precise and high-quality results. Simple and intuitive control …

Bavelloni Gemy 6 Glass Straight Edging machine

Year: 2009

Bavelloni Gemy 6 Glass Straight Edging machine. Glass thickness: 3 - 35 mm Min. glass size: 35 x 35 mm Machining speed: 0,5 - 5 m/min Year: 2009 In working order, can be viewed during production. Sold as is. Tools for processing are provided with the machine in a value of approx. 600 EUR. Price: EXW available from 2023 Q3

Bavelloni CR1111 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2001

For Sale , fully automatic 4-10mm glass edging line. Min size: 400x400mm, Max size: 2500x2500 Can work on 4-10mm glass, Production: Bavelloni is 2001 Year Loading/Unloading/Rotating is 2019 Year line is 3 years old, all works in perfect condition Dedicated for shower glass we sell the line because we bought two double edgers machine working till DEC 2023, later will …

Bavelloni NRG-250 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2008

Glaston Bavelloni NRG-250 CNC Work Center Max glass size: 1200 x 2500 mm Min glass size: 250 x 250 mm Glass thickness: 3-19 mm Power: 21 kW Year: 2008 Machine is in working order, can be viewed during production.

When you're in the market for glass machinery, particularly cutting and edging equipment, there are a few vital aspects you need to examine before making a purchase decision. This is true regardless of whether the equipment is brand new or previously used. These considerations will ensure you're investing in machinery that will serve you reliably, meet your productivity needs, and provide a worthwhile return on your investment.

Firstly, consider the machine's condition. A visual inspection can often reveal a lot about the maintenance history and overall care of the machinery. Check for any signs of excessive wear and tear, misalignment, rust, or other damage. If possible, ask to see the machine in operation to verify its efficiency and precision.

Next, consider the machine's specifications. Make sure the machine matches your specific production needs. This includes the size and thickness of the glass it can handle, the types of cuts or edges it can perform, and the speed at which it operates.

Another point to consider is the machine's technological advancements. Modern machines often include software for pattern optimization, reducing waste, and improving efficiency. It's important to ensure that any used machinery you're considering is up-to-date or can be easily upgraded.

Lastly, but equally important, is the machine's manufacturer. Renowned manufacturers have a proven track record of reliability, innovation, and customer support. In the field of glass cutting and edging, some of the leading manufacturers include Bottero, Lisec, Bavelloni, and Intermac. They have all established a reputation for designing and manufacturing machines that deliver high-quality results while maintaining the necessary safety standards.

Purchasing used machinery from these manufacturers via a trusted marketplace such as Exapro not only offers you the reliability and quality of well-respected brands but also the cost-effectiveness of buying used. When making such a significant investment, it's crucial to make an informed decision to ensure the long-term success of your operations.

Main manufacturers

Bottero: An Italian company that's been an industry leader for over 50 years, Bottero is known for its wide range of machinery that handles everything from simple cuts to complex shapes. Their glass cutting and edging machines are known for their innovation, reliability, and high precision.

Lisec: An Austrian manufacturer with a global presence, Lisec offers solutions for all stages of the glass processing industry. Their cutting and edging machines are particularly praised for their innovative designs, efficiency, and ease of use.

Bavelloni: Also based in Italy, Bavelloni has over 70 years of experience in glass processing machinery. Their machines are renowned for their durability, accuracy, and versatility in handling different glass types and thicknesses.

Intermac: Part of the large Italian industrial group Biesse, Intermac is recognized for its high-tech solutions in glass processing. Their cutting and edging machines are designed for precision and speed, delivering top-notch performance even in high-volume industrial settings.


For a used equipment, you should count between 13 000 and 35 000€ though some machines might go much above or below this range.