At Exapro, we offer exceptional, pre-owned Wide Belt Sanders - machines that deliver a superior, professional-grade finish for plastic processing. With robust construction, flexible sanding belts, adjustable speed, and efficient dust extraction systems, our sanders enhance operational excellence.

These versatile machines are indispensable in various industries, including woodworking, metalworking, plastics, composite materials, and more. As for the technical parameters, factors like belt dimensions, motor power, sanding speed, dust extraction system, and the machine's overall dimensions and weight are paramount.

Among the popular brands, Biesse, Timesavers, Weber, Viet, SCM, and Heesemann stand out for their quality and performance. With our pre-owned Wide Belt Sanders priced between 9,000 and 27,000 EUR, you can enjoy substantial savings without compromising on performance.

Choose Exapro's Wide Belt Sanders to enhance your manufacturing processes, deliver superior finishes on your products, and take a step towards a more sustainable production model. Your satisfaction and success are at the heart of our mission.

SCM GROUP WŁOCHY DMC 1350 M2/M2/I Wide belt sander

Year: 1998

Working width 1350 mm
Type Bottom+Top
Total installed power 115 kW
Max thickness 200 mm
Nbr of units 4

Viet S1 221 Wide belt sander

Year: 2006

Working width 1100 mm
Nbr of units 2


Year: 2009

Working width 1350 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 63 kW
Max thickness 160 mm
Nbr of units 3

COSTA LEVIGATRICI CC CC1350 Wide belt sander

Year: 2001

Industrial Wood grinder in good condition. Kw: 182 Amp: 340

STEMAS Double Sided -Oscillating Sanding Machine with *Loader

Year: ~ 2000

Working width 2000 mm
Max thickness 25 mm

HEESEMANN MFA Impression Wide belt sander

Year: 2010

Working width 1350 mm
Total installed power 25 kW
Max thickness 150 mm

DMC TC 1350 RK Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

We are looking to sell a GALIBRATING SANDER that works: BRAND DMC MODEL TC 1350RK YEAR 2000 WEIGHT 3300KG The reason for the sale is that the machine is much too industrial for our small structure.

SCM Sandya 30 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1300 mm
Total installed power 40 kW
Max thickness 120 mm
Nbr of units 3

SCM Levigatrice-aut Wide belt sander

Year: 2015

Working width 1300 mm
Type Top
Max thickness 110 mm

Levigaltecnia SRRRN 1120 Wide belt sander Hot deal


Working width 1100 mm
Type Top
Max thickness 159 mm
Nbr of units 3

SBF 3W-586 Wide belt sander

Year: 1997

Working width 1100 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 24 kW
Max thickness 160 mm
Nbr of units 3

Ernst FG2L / B wide-belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1250 mm
Max thickness 150 mm

Used Costa M CC 1150 Wide belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1150 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 40 kW
Max thickness 0 mm
Nbr of units 2

Costa 36 CC Wide belt sander


Working width 1150 mm
Nbr of units 2
Max thickness 150 mm
Total installed power 11.18568 kW

BÜTFERING CLASSIC 111/C Wide belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1110 mm
Total installed power 11 kW
Max thickness 150 mm

SCM DMC– System T2C structuring wide belt sander

Year: 2017

Working units: 1x structuring unit PLANETARY (patent SCM) 1x structuring brush (abralon, tynex) 1x rotating blowers for panels cleaning Working width: 1.350 mm Working table: fixed height H=900mm from floor Vacuum holding: YES (ventilator 4kW) Supporting tables: 5 idle rollers at infeed 5 idle rollers at outfeed Possibility of the machine in-line: YES Control panel: LCD touch screen State of …

Talleres March LIJS114 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Total installed power 33 kW

Heesemann MFA 6 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1350 mm
Nbr of units 2
Max thickness 130 mm

Presentation of Wide belt sander at Exapro

At Exapro, we understand the paramount importance of immaculate finish in any manufacturing process. Our mission is to empower professionals worldwide with the best-used industrial machinery. Today, we'd like to introduce a hidden gem from our extensive range of equipment - a superior quality, pre-owned Wide Belt Sander, perfectly tailored for plastic processing.

This Wide Belt Sander is an indispensable tool for any business working with plastic materials. It ensures a flawless, professional-grade finish, making it a fantastic asset for your production line. Used in applications ranging from deburring to high-precision surface finishing, this machinery will exceed your expectations, offering durability, reliability, and peak performance, all at an affordable price.

Built for heavy-duty tasks, our used Wide Belt Sander presents impressive technical features:

  • Efficient Motor: Fitted with a robust motor, it ensures rapid processing and removal of material with absolute precision.
  • Flexible Sanding Belts: Wide sanding belts cater to different grades of sanding and finishing requirements. The belt width accommodates large plastic sheets or parts, speeding up the production process.
  • Adjustable Speed: The sanding speed can be adjusted according to the material and the desired finish, giving you complete control over the process.
  • Dust Extraction System: The built-in dust extraction mechanism keeps your workspace clean and hazard-free, preserving the lifespan of your machinery.
  • Robust Construction: With its sturdy build, this Wide Belt Sander promises longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Exapro's pre-owned Wide Belt Sander is not just a machine, it's an investment in superior finish, productivity, and operational excellence. Purchasing used equipment through Exapro also contributes to a more sustainable production model by reusing and recycling machinery, thereby reducing the industry's carbon footprint.

As one of the leading online marketplaces for used machinery, Exapro offers secure transactions and comprehensive customer support. Our expert team is always on hand to assist you with any queries or to offer professional advice about machinery and equipment best suited to your needs.

Take the next step towards seamless, efficient production with our top-notch Wide Belt Sander. Let's bring perfection to your plastic finishing operations together. For more information, please visit our website or contact our dedicated customer service team.


Invest in Quality with Wide belt sander: Affordable Pricing at Exapro

Investing in a Wide Belt Sander can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Let's dive into the numerous advantages this versatile machinery offers:

  • Superior Finish: The Wide Belt Sander is a specialist at delivering a smooth, uniform finish across a wide range of materials, including plastics. This results in a better quality product, enhancing your brand reputation.
  • Improved Efficiency: Wide Belt Sanders have large sanding belts that can process a substantial area in a relatively short period. This greatly improves throughput and operational efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Wide Belt Sanders are designed to accommodate different types of sanding belts. This allows for flexibility in achieving varying levels of finish, from coarse to super fine, depending on your needs.
  • Adjustable Speed: The variable speed control allows the operator to modify the sanding speed depending on the plastic's type and the desired level of finish. This flexibility ensures the best possible results for each job.
  • Safe and Clean Operation: A built-in dust extraction system ensures your workspace remains clean and safe, promoting better working conditions and prolonging the life of the machine.
  • Durability: Wide Belt Sanders are built to last. Their robust construction ensures that they stand up well to the demands of heavy-duty usage, delivering reliable service over many years.
  • Cost-Effective: At Exapro, you'll find pre-owned Wide Belt Sanders priced between 9,000 and 27,000 EUR. When compared to the cost of new machinery, these used models represent significant savings without compromising on quality or performance. Moreover, buying used machinery reduces waste and supports sustainability in the manufacturing industry.
  • Support and Guidance: When you buy a used machine from Exapro, you don't just get a piece of machinery; you also gain access to our experienced customer service team. They are always ready to provide expert guidance on the most suitable machinery for your needs and ensure a smooth transaction.

Investing in a Wide Belt Sander, especially a pre-owned model from Exapro, can pay dividends by improving your manufacturing processes, reducing costs, and delivering a superior finish on your plastic products.

When assessing a Wide Belt Sander, it's important to consider a range of key parameters that impact its performance and suitability for your specific operations. Here are the main machine parameters for a Wide Belt Sander:

  • Sanding Belt Width and Length: The dimensions of the sanding belt determine the size of the workpiece that the machine can accommodate. Wider belts allow for larger workpieces or higher production volumes.
  • Motor Power: The power of the motor determines how quickly and efficiently the machine can process materials. More powerful motors can handle tougher materials and higher workloads.
  • Sanding Speed: This is the speed at which the sanding belt moves over the workpiece. Variable speed controls allow for flexibility depending on the type of material and the desired finish.
  • Feed Speed: The feed speed refers to the speed at which the workpiece moves through the machine. This can often be adjusted to achieve different levels of finish.
  • Number of Sanding Units: Some machines come with more than one sanding unit, which can be used for different grits or stages of the sanding process. This allows for more versatility and efficiency in the production process.
  • Dust Extraction System: The specifications of the dust extraction system, such as the diameter of the dust port and the capacity of the dust bag or collector, are important for maintaining a clean, safe working environment.
  • Machine Dimensions and Weight: The overall size and weight of the machine will determine the space required in your workshop. These parameters also impact the machine's portability and installation process.
  • Power Requirements: The machine's power requirements need to be compatible with your workshop's electrical supply. This includes the voltage, amperage, and frequency.
  • Noise Level: The amount of noise produced by the machine during operation can affect worker comfort and safety, and may be subject to regulatory limits.

When choosing a Wide Belt Sander, it's essential to consider these parameters and how they align with your operational needs and capabilities. Our team at Exapro is always available to provide guidance and assistance in selecting the most suitable machinery for your business.


What is the Area of the use of these machines

Wide Belt Sanders are incredibly versatile machines used across a broad range of industries for a variety of applications. Their primary function is to smooth and finish surfaces, but their precise usage can vary depending on the industry. Here are some of the main areas where Wide Belt Sanders are commonly utilised:

  • Woodworking: In the woodworking industry, Wide Belt Sanders are indispensable for smoothing and finishing wooden surfaces. They can handle everything from doors and furniture to flooring and wooden panels.
  • Metalworking: Metal manufacturers also utilise these machines to remove burrs and rough edges from metal components, prepare surfaces for painting or coating, and achieve a particular surface finish.
  • Plastics: In the plastics industry, Wide Belt Sanders are used to finish and polish plastic surfaces, making them smooth and ready for subsequent processing or for the final product.
  • Composite Materials: These machines are used in the production and finishing of composite materials, such as carbon fibre or fibreglass components, often found in automotive or aerospace applications.
  • Rubber: In rubber manufacturing, Wide Belt Sanders can be used to remove excess material and provide a smooth, finished surface on rubber components.
  • Leather: In the leather industry, these machines can be used to smooth and finish leather products, preparing them for the final stages of production.
  • Construction: Wide Belt Sanders are often used in the construction industry for finishing building materials, such as doors, windows, and flooring.
  • Automotive: In the automotive industry, they can be used to smooth and finish parts, such as bodywork components, before painting or coating.

Remember, the exact application of a Wide Belt Sander can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements of your industry and operations. Please consult with our team at Exapro to find the best machinery tailored to your needs.


We have some ideas about the best manufacturer of Wide belt sander at Exapro and worldwide

The popularity of a specific brand of Wide Belt Sander can often depend on regional preferences, specific industrial needs, and budgetary constraints. The following brands were widely recognised as leading manufacturers of Wide Belt Sanders:

  • Biesse: Biesse is an Italian manufacturer known for its high-quality woodworking machines. Their Wide Belt Sanders are popular for their advanced technology, superior performance, and long service life.
  • Timesavers: Based in the USA, Timesavers has been producing high-quality sanding machinery for over seventy years. They offer a range of Wide Belt Sanders for various applications, known for their durability and reliability.
  • Weber: A German brand, Weber is renowned for their innovative and robust Wide Belt Sanders. They produce machines suitable for a variety of industries, including wood, metal, and plastics.
  • Viet: A subsidiary of the Biesse Group, Viet produces highly specialised sanding machines. Their Wide Belt Sanders are appreciated for their precision, adaptability, and efficiency.
  • SCM: SCM Group is another renowned Italian manufacturer offering a range of sanding machines. They are respected for their focus on innovation, quality, and customer service.
  • Heesemann: Heesemann is a German manufacturer specialising in sanding machines. They are well-known for their high-quality, durable, and high-performance machines.

While these brands were popular as of my last update, preferences may shift over time and between different regions or industries. It's always a good idea to consider your specific needs and consult with experts or experienced users in your field when selecting a brand or model of Wide Belt Sander.