Used energy equipments 30

Tedom S.R.O. Tedom QUANTO C400

Year: 2007

Sales of KGJ Tedom QUANTO C400 with an electrical output of 408 kW and a thermal output of 561 kW. Year of manufacture 2007. Fuel natural gas. Rise 56,542 MTH. Condition after failure, repairable, last GO in 2013. Weight 11 tons, dimensions: W: 2.1 m, H: 3.4 m, D: 4.3 m. Ready for pickup. Price 1 mil.CZK negotiable.

2 x Trane TRANE Energy equipment Hot deal

Year: 2014

2 groups trane With remote condenser Type RTUD 250 HE Price is for the 2 units Net cooling capacity RTWD (kW) 836 Net power input RTWD (kW) 168 Net EER / Eurovent class RTWD 4.97/B Net ESEER RTWD 5.69 Number of refrigerant circuits 2 Number of compressors 2 Sound power level RTWD dB(A) 101 Weights and dimensions (operating) (6) Length …

Single Track Automatic Stringer Low working hours

Year: 2017

Single Track Automatic Stringer almost new, only 2 months of working • Cell Spacing :2~4mm±0.3mm Between 2-4mm,adjustable(can upgrade to 2~40mm later); spacing error:±0.2 mm • Straightness of Cell String: 10 ±0.5mm; Below ±0.5mm, taking 10 pcs/string for measurement (except poor printing of solar cell) • Length Deviation of Cell String : ±1mm • Cell Strip Pull-out Test: 1N/mm Average ≥1 …

Alfa Laval MAB 103 Separator Hot deal

Year: 2010

Alfa Laval Module MAB 103 used OCM-C 103 Tools Year 2010

SGB power transformer 120 / 20 kV 30/20 MVA Hot deal

Year: 2003

Used power distribution transformer for sale, producer: SGB. Transformer for energy distribution, 120 kV to 20kV mid-voltage distribution lines. 30/20 MVA. Switching group: YNyn6.d. The transformer was dismantled from a good working status, exchanged with higher power grade one, and this one would be redundant. The transformer had an every-year maintenance and was refurbished on a yearly basis. Fully working …

Kkk / Siemens AFA 4 / AFA 6 GTA Energy equipment

Year: 1999

Steam turbine, generator, condenser AFA 4 steam consumption 14 t/h P = 18-24 barg (normal 20 barg) T = 380-408 ºC (normal 380 ºC) AFA 6 GTA P = 17, 6-15, 8 barg (normal 10, 8 barg) T = 270-405 ºC (normal 328 ºC) Sluce on condensator -0, 9 barg (max 0, 2 barg) Max sluce to condensator 10 t/h …

Mawera FU 1750 RA Energy equipment

Year: 2003

Mawera waste boiler Type - FU1750RA Year of manufacture - 2003 Thermal power - 1750 kW The moisture content of the wood chips is up to 45% The permissible operating temperature of water is 110 deg. The maximum operating pressure is 10 bar The volume of water in the system is 6100 liters Weight of the boiler with chamotte - …

france transfo Ms zu NS Innenraum Dreiphasen Energy equipment

Year: 1998

Cast resin transformer france transfo Type Ms to NS interior three-phase Dielectric: Trihal Cooling ON Operating power 630 kVA Operating frequency 50 Hz Total weight 2040 kg Classes (HD464 S1) C2 E2 F1 Year of construction 1998 Cologne location The transformer is in good condition and can be viewed in operation until the end of November.

ORES TTO 400 Energy equipment

Year: 1997

three-phase transformer 1600 KVA 15.000V - 380V 1997, mineral oil, complete with disconnector, busbar and electrical panel

Pramac Gsw440m Energy equipment

Year: 2012

Diesel generator gsw 440 m Opening hours 115, in new condition. Power, kW 325 Power kVA 400 Cos Fi 0.8 Number of phases 3 Voltage, V 230/400 Fuel consumption, l / h 62.1 Tank, l 636 Generator Mecc Alte ECO40 1S / 4 (Italy) Current strength, A 629 Weight, kg 4660 Overall dimensions L * W * H, mm 4180x1800x2160 …

20.8 MW Siemens Gas Turbine Generator

Year: 1998

Siemens 20.8 MW Gas Turbine Generator Consist of -Transformer -Circuit Breaker -Turbine -Generator -Exciter -Reduction Gear / Main oil pump / Aux. oil pump / Emergency oil pump / Jacking oil pump / Condensate pump / Vacuum pump / Oil tank / Oil cooler / Oil filter / Bladder accumulator, trip oil system / Turbine by-pass control valve / Injection …

Globecore CMM Energy equipment

Year: 2020

For purification of dielectric insulation oils and lubricants from solid particles CFU purification equipment can do the job. Due to its dimensions unit is portable and can be used directly on site. CFU unit, equipped with an adsorption cartridge, removes such contaminants as dissolved water, water-soluble acids, ash and alkali. An important requirement is the viscosity of liquids. It must …

Water turbines Kaplan, 2 pcs, 3-blades, 1300 mm diameter, 170 kW, complete


Water turbines Kaplan, 2 pcs, 3-blades, 1300 mm diameter, 170 kW, complete with generator and hydraulic system, suitable for head 2-3,5 m and flow up to 8 cubic meters

New built Biomass station Energy equipment

Year: 2020

For sale (in full): New built Biomass station (in Latvia) equipment with electrical capacity up to 0,6 MW ( and a heat output of 1,2 MW with wood chips. The cogeneration plant is designed for biofuel (chips) with humidity max. 10% for combustion and for the production of wood gas used to power internal combustion engines to power a generator …

Hydrogenics Europe N. V. HySTAT 1000S 10/10 Energy equipment

Year: 2008

The hydrogen installation "HyStat 1000S 10/10" is on sale. Not exploited. Year of release 2008. The main technical characteristics are shown in the photographs.

Buderus Heating Boiler SK-725 1700 kW 1998 NL-Lomm

Year: 1998

Pn (Hi) 1321-1600 kW Qn (Hi) 1419-1730 kW PM? bar Tmax 110 Degrees Celcius 230 V / 50 Hz / 10 A AT / Tmax 100 Degrees Celcius Weishaupt burner: Burner type: Version: ZM-NR CE-0085AP0526 cat. NL/1 2L Connection pressure min 15 - max 500 mbar Power 300-1250 kW Oil Power supply 400 V - 50 Hz electr. Power 4.5 …

LPV CF 300 Energy equipment Hot deal

Year: 2004

LPV steam generator packed as is pressure 11.7 bar Production of 300kg/h Fluid Air Nitrogen Argon CO2

Used LOOS, SAACKE ZFR 2300, GS 75-22 Energy equipment

Year: 2009

Steam generating system consisting of Double flame tube boiler with economiser, 2 x SAACKE Teminox burners for natural gas H, calorific value HS 11.4 kJ / Nm³, 14MW (2 x 7 MW), 17 to. Saturated steam at 20 bar g (25 bar PS). Steam boiler: Manufacturer LOOS Deutschland GmbH Type ZFR 2300 Design large-capacity water boiler with two flame tubes …

ORMAZABAL 630 KVA Energy equipment

Year: 2008

Transformer 20000V/410V 630KVA 0% PCBs Built in 2008 and renovated in 2013

MACE trasformatore 11733 Energy equipment

Year: 2000

400 kVA three-phase transformer High voltage 10kV Low voltage 400V Weight 1130 In oil bath 260 kg cooling fins Always properly maintained, in a cooled electrical cabin. It has been replaced with a larger size transformer for the addition of industrial loads.

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