Second hand automated cutting machines - cutter 134

Lectra Vector 2500 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2002

Cutting length 2500 mm
Cutting height 25 mm
Cutting width 2500 mm

Gerber DCS 3500 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2004

Cutting length 4000 mm
Cutting height 3 mm
Cutting width 2500 mm

Bullmer PREMIUMCUT 1620 CV Automated cutting machine

Year: 2007

Cutting length 2000 mm
Cutting height 40 mm
Cutting width 1600 mm

GERBER TAURUS XD Automated cutting machine

Year: 2011

Leather cutter: Gerber Taurus XD after upgrade to version 2 (adding devices) with software and cutting optimization system. The device is in perfect technical condition, fully functional and has been regularly serviced. We invite you to view and test the device in our production plant! Hardware and software specification: - Cutter Gerber Taurus XD - two-station cutter for single-layer leather …

suteau anver x12-1

Year: 2019

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting width 530 mm

Lectra VT-FA-M88-71 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2007

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting height 80 mm
Cutting width 1700 mm

IECHO Science Technology Co. Ltd. BK-1713 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2020

2 years old, aluminum-dural table with vacuum clamping. Tools - grooving, tangential knife, oscillating knife, cutter 1.5kW/25ths/rpm, kiss-cut, V-CUT. CCD camera for contour cutting, automatic calibration of tangential knife, DELL computer with pre-installed SW, zone switching, frequency converter, table for PC and for storing unused tools, vacuum pump 7.5kW, additional cooling, vacuum cleaner. iEcho - copy of ZÜND. The machine …

Gerber Z1 Single Layer Automated Cutting Machine

Year: 2016

Cutting length 1800 mm
Cutting height 8 mm
Cutting width 1800 mm

Investronica Sappir Automated cutting machine

Year: 2003

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting height 20 mm
Cutting width 1700 mm

Used Comelz CZP Automated cutting machine

Year: 2010

Cutting length 1300 mm
Cutting height 50 mm
Cutting width 650 mm

LECTRA VT2500 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2005

Cutting length 1800 mm
Cutting height 25 mm
Cutting width 1800 mm

Lectra VT-FA-Q50-71 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2014

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting height 50 mm
Cutting width 1700 mm

Gerber GT-5250 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2001

Gerber GT-5250 cutting machine cutting height 5 cm. cutting width 180 cm. Translating Year 2001

Lectra Vector 5000 V2 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2000

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting height 50 mm
Cutting width 1700 mm

Lectra Vector 2500 Furniture 118 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2007

Cutting length 3200 mm
Cutting height 25 mm
Cutting width 3000 mm

GERBER 2017 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2019


Lectra VT-TT-FX-72 Automated cutting machine

Year: 2009

Cutting length 1700 mm
Cutting height 25 mm
Cutting width 1700 mm

Presentation of automated cutting machines

The automated cutting machine belongs to the category of textile machines.

It can be used for cutting of leathers / fabrics/ garments and others textile. The working of a cutting machine is simple :  A cutting tool is used (like laser or plasma for example) to cut up a textile.      

The cutting depth of the tool depends on the kind of textile and of the design of the cutting machine. The cutting machine may be movable or stationary. The design of the final textile is pre-established with a design software. The global demand in textile machinery and especially in automated cutting machines is very high. Important manufacturers have managed to develop their market worldwide and currently, machinery prices are decreasing. Moreover,  The development of apparel sector has led to the invention of various fabric cutting machines to support this fast growing demand.

Overall,  There is 3 kind of cutting machines :

  • Manual
  • Semi- Automatic
  • Automatic / Computerized

In the automatic cutting machines, we can range machines in 6 different subcategories machines according to the cutting tool : Knife Cutting Machine ,Laser Cutting Machine (the most popular), Water Jet Cutting Machine, Airjet Cutting Machine, Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Plasma Torch cutting Machine.

What are the main advantages of a the automated cutting machine?

Automated cutting machines have particular benefits such as speed, flexibility and precision. Moreover, the automated cutting machine is contactless (except the laser), the cutting tool itself doesn’t meet the textile. Consequently, there is no risk of warping of the product. Also, it’s possible to cut a lot of pieces only with one operation. The laser cutting machine  allow to work with a high volume of products to cut. That’s the main advantage of this machine.

The textile market is witnessing emergence of very efficient machinery, at lowest prices, thanks to rapid technological advances in the textile machines industry.

All of these machinery have a different way of cutting textile. 

In exapro catalogue, you can filter your searches according to the following criteria :

  • Maximum cutting length in mm
  • Cutting width in mm

It’s also possible to look for a machine according to the manufacturer, the machine location and the year of the machine.

Area of use

The automatic cutting machine is very often used in different kind of textile production : leather, synthetic materials, cotton, line, silk...

Related machines categories

Main manufacturers

Exapro has in its catalogue some of the most important manufacturers for automated cutting machines such as : Lectra cutting machines, Gerber cutters, Zund cutter for sale and many others…

All of these machinery are used and can be buy to an affordable price.
With Exapro you can buy affordable automated cutting machines. You can also sell your used textile machinery.  
If you have any questions regarding the working of Exapro, please check that page or contact directly one of our sales agent.

As an example, you can watch the video of one of our machine : The Lectra Vector 5000 V1