Used smokehouses 16

Zasada KW300 Smokehouse

Year: 2012

I will sell a smoking steaming chamber 2-trolley. Producer Principle, year of production 2012, gas or fuel oil burner. The chamber is after renovation, new heat exchanger, new electrics, new sensors, new engines.

Smoking chamber MAUTING UKM 2004 DE-PL

Year: 2006

Type: UKM 2004 DE-PL Producer: MAUTING Made in: 2006 Characteristic: Number of smoking carts: 4 pcs Total power: 95 kW Smoking cart size: 800x800 mm Doors on both sides Heating is provided by a register for water that can be heated via gas/electric boiler or hot water The smoke generator is equipped with a smoke washer Wood chips are used …

VEMAG 504 / C Smokehouse

Year: 2009

The first-class VEMAG 504 / C automatic meat and sausage smoke generator made of high quality stainless steel generates the right amount of smoke for medium to large sized hot smoking and climatic maturation facilities. Both wood chips and coarse sawdust can be used. The optional combination of VEMAG's proven and fully developed incandescent smoke system with a smoke flow …

AFOS 250kg Smoking Kiln Smokehouse

Year: 2015

Afos 250kg smoker for fish, meat and poultry. Suitable for cooling, smoking or drying. Features a single door at the back and front for high and low environments. Date of manufacture - 2015. Smoke generator. 2 x Double trolleys with racks. This kiln features: Unique AFOS horizontal reversing airflow system guaranteeing consistent results Siemens automatic management of temperature, smoke density, …

Smoke chamber KW 300

Year: 2011

2 trolleys 1000x1000x2000 mm; overall dimensions 1500x2600x3500 mm; power supply 400 V; total power 60 kW; heating power 54 kW; motors 2x2,2 kW; new computer; external smoke generator.


Year: 2016

MAXIMUM USER FRIENDLINESS & SIMPLE OPERATION The Smoke Generator is equipped with a user-friendly compact control. The disengagement of the wood feed provides ideal conditions for simple service. ABSOLUTE CONSISTENCY IN PROCESSES & PRODUCTS Intensive and rapid generation of smoke with a friction wheel means we can effect short smoking times - resulting in reduced process times. The large stock …

Kerres Universal Smokehouse JS 2850

Year: 2012

Overview The KERRES JET SMOKE universal smokehouses provide a constant quality with all smoking processes and heat treatment methods. The circulation in the unit coordinated with the steady smouldering of the sawdust in the separate smoke generator provide high-quality products. The fully – automatic process control enables reliable repeatable production process. The units are manufactured in modular design. They can …

Rauch Spektrum UK03E Smokehouse

Year: 2018

Rauch Spektrum UK03E Smoker Chamber, dir. in. 2018 - fully automatic device for heat treatment of meat and meat products by a combination of drying, smoking and cooking process with the iRauch control system. Equipment dimensions WxDxH: 2060x3344x3093mm, el. power: 90kW, temperature regulation 35 - 90st. Celsius, humidity control 60 - 95%, chamber power: 300 - 750 kg / cycle, …

Schroter 10W Smokehouse

Year: 2006

10 Cart Industrial Smokehouse, acid-resistant, visible in the photos of SCHROTER, powered by steam. The set includes control, smoke generator for wooden blocks, technical documentation. The smokehouses have been dismantled, ready for transport. Each smokehouse has 10 trolleys, with its own acid-resistant floor.

Eller Unimatic 1000 Smokehouse


Smoke chamber Eller Unimatic 1000 Overhauled overall dimensions 1000x1080x2000 mm; trolley 700x680x1350 mm; power supply 400 V, 50 Hz; total power 13 kW; weight 355 kg.

Pekmont 3 trolleys smoking chamber Smokehouse

Year: 2008

Smoking chambers 3 trolleys - 3 pcs Smoking racks Electrical/steam heated 120 KW

Spomasz Smokehouse


Used stainless steel, 3-trolley, smoke chamber made by Spomasz Wrocław Poland. Dimensions: weight 5 m, width 2 m. Electric and steam power.

JOSE LIZONDO Eléctrico Smokehouse


REF-0 JOSE LIZONDO SMOKING OVEN JOSÉ LIZONDO brand smoking oven or cabin. Designed for cold or hot smoking of any food product that requires it, both meat and fish or cheese. Electric operation. Made of stainless steel. Temperature range: 20-100ºC. Cabin with capacity for a tray cart (included). Trolley dimensions: width 1,020mm, length 1,000mm, height 1,970mm. Overall dimensions: width 2,200mm, …

Kerres 2850-2/C Smokehouse


The universal smoking chamber Kerres 2850-2-С is on sale (without cold). Equipment - used, without recovery. Heat treatment provides the following types of technological processes: -Smoking (hot, warm, cold, wet, intense, fast) -Browning -Drying, languishing - scalding -Steaming -Refining -Cooking - Hot air refining -Reservation -Baking -Frying Thawing Specifications: Simultaneous loading - 2 euro-frames; Capacity: from 300 to 600 kg; …

PEK-MONT KWP-3 Smokehouse

Year: 2001

Smoking and cooking chamber KWP-3. Designed for heat treatment of meat, sausages and other products from meat, poultry and fish. The chamber enables the following processes to be carried out: sedimentation, drying, boiling, smoking, frying and cooling. Reasonable trade.

Mauting УКМ 2004.Д+Х (UKM 2004.О+СН) Smokehouse

Year: 21

1. Universal smoking chamber Mauting UKM 2004.D+H (UKM 2004.О+SN) with: - steam heating - variable dampers - exhaust fan - frequency converter for exhaust fan - evaporator (X) - Aditec MIC 2015 controller (with VisuNet2) - smoke generator behind the chamber (according to the project) - remote control panels (according to the project) - installation, commissioning, instruction 2. Universal smoking …