Arcos Zephytec CSA1200 Smokehouse

Year: 2021

Cause cessation of activity Sells dehydrator CSA 1200 from Arcos Zephytec. Dimensions 220 cm h x 130 cm w x 250 cm D Trolley 64 trays dim 80 cm x 60 cm Capacity approx. 180 kg / cycle 16-phase x 48-hour cycle programming 50cm air extraction included Circuit breaker and cable included Power 42kW - including 36kW heating and 6kW …

UK 10000 BE G505H Smokehouse

Year: 2014

Universal smoking chamber UK 10000 BE G505H, 2014. Germany Oven + refrigerator + smoke generator + cages. Working condition.

Used Kerres RutN Smokehouse


Manufacturer Kerres Model RutN It is in good condition, fully automatic,

Smoking chamber MAUTING UKM 2004 DE-PL

Year: 2006

Type: UKM 2004 DE-PL Producer: MAUTING Made in: 2006 Characteristic: Number of smoking carts: 4 pcs Total power: 95 kW Smoking cart size: 800x800 mm Doors on both sides Heating is provided by a register for water that can be heated via gas/electric boiler or hot water The smoke generator is equipped with a smoke washer Wood chips are used …

Used Rauch Spektrum UK01E-M Smokehouse

Year: 2022

We are selling a universal smoking unit for drying-warming & hot smoking-cooking-roasting. The system is in our experimental sausage kitchen. It has been used a few times and is in mint condition. The price includes four smoking trolleys and 14 stainless steel support grids. We would be happy to invite interested parties to view the unit.

Metalbud Nowicki Novotherm 3P Smokehouse

Year: 2008

Metalbud Nowicki "NOVOTHERM" smoking chambers are designed for thermal processing of meat, poultry and fish products. The offered devices are steam-heated and can accommodate 3 smoking trolleys. The "NOVOTHERM" system is based on a modular, multi-trolley structure consisting of acid-resistant panels filled with polyurethane foam. The main features of the "NOVOTHERM" system are: automatic chamber cleaning system minimizing machine operation …

VEMAG 504 / C Smokehouse

Year: 2009

The first-class VEMAG 504 / C automatic meat and sausage smoke generator made of high quality stainless steel generates the right amount of smoke for medium to large sized hot smoking and climatic maturation facilities. Both wood chips and coarse sawdust can be used. The optional combination of VEMAG's proven and fully developed incandescent smoke system with a smoke flow …

Smoke chamber KW 300

Year: 2011

2 trolleys 1000x1000x2000 mm; overall dimensions 1500x2600x3500 mm; power supply 400 V; total power 60 kW; heating power 54 kW; motors 2x2,2 kW; new computer; external smoke generator.

Vemag Aeromat Smokehouse


The smoking chamber is an advanced environment with controlled parameters, where precisely managed smoking and heating processes are combined with precise thermoregulation. Smoking chambers available in the set: 1. Vemag Aeromat Smoking Chamber (Capacity 6 Carts) – 3 pcs available Perfect for production in large batches. Uses steam heating for precise temperature control. Smoke generator included 2. Vemag Aeromat Smoking …

Distillation plant 150 ltr. - Kothe

Year: 2004

Filling content - 150 ltr. Agitator - 0.75 kW Bubble - 800mm Overall height - approx. 270 cm Filling opening - approx. 35 cm Spout - approx. 20 cm Tap - inch Smoke pipe - approx. 18 cm Fuel - wood / steam

Zasada Kw150 Smokehouse

Year: 2022

I have a single-cart, electrically powered smoking and cooking chamber for sale. Smoking chamber Smokehouse Zasada Kw150

The smokehouse chamber Nowicki Novotherm

Year: 2014

The NOWICKI NOVOTHERM is a specialized smokehouse chamber, designed with technology optimized to meet the customer's requirements. This chamber stands out for its high efficiency, quality, and modern technology. NOWICKI devices offer a wide range of steam generation capabilities, allowing users to easily adjust the best smoking parameters for their products. The chamber is equipped with a variety of functions …

REX-POL KP 1 Smokehouse

Year: 2007

Baking oven powered by an oil or gas burner. temperature max. 250*C Trolley dimensions (mm) 1000x1000x1980

Mauting UKM 2002 E Smokehouse

Year: 2003

Cooking-smoking installations 2 trolley Type: UKM 2002 E Heating: steam Control panel: ADITEC Base width: 157 cm Base depth: 240 cm Corpus height: 264 cm Min. room height: 320 cm Recommended room height: 330 cm Smoke-trolley dimensions (HxWxD), cm: 200x100x100 Connected load for HP heating: 60,5 kW Smoke generator width: 50,0 cm

Fessmann T 3000 Smokehouse


Cooking-smoking installations 4 trolleys Type: FESSMANN T 3000 4 trolleys Heating: steam Control panel: MC2 Base width: 151 cm Base depth: 457 cm Corpus height: 250 cm Min. room height: 304 cm Recommended room height: 320 cm Smoke-trolley dimensions (HxWxD), cm: 198x104x102 Connected load for HP heating: 148 kW Smoke generator: RZ 550 Machine width: 55,0 cm Machine length: 115,0 …

PekMont KWT-72 Smokehouse


PekMont KWT-72 smoking chamber generates smoke and heat in the traditional way with air heated to a maximum of 180 C. The air is heated by burnt wood and the smoke is spread from down below. Suitable for loading with 980mm long smoke sticks with the efficiency of 72 pcs per batch. Length: 3400mm Width: 1360mm Height: 2400 Hearth width: …

Eller Unimatic 1000 Smokehouse


Smoke chamber Eller Unimatic 1000 Overhauled overall dimensions 1000x1080x2000 mm; trolley 700x680x1350 mm; power supply 400 V, 50 Hz; total power 13 kW; weight 355 kg.

Fessmann T 3000 - 2W/EL/ FPC 100 Smokehouse


Cooking-smoking installations 2 trolley Type: FESSMANN T 3000 - 2W/EL/ FPC 100 Heating: electric Control panel: FPc 100 Base width: 151 cm Base depth: 237 cm Corpus height: 250 cm Min. room height: 304 cm Recommended room height: 320 cm Smoke-trolley dimensions (HxWxD), cm: 198x104x102 Connected load for HP heating: 56,8 kW Smoke generator: RZ 325 Machine width: 32,5 cm …

Jotes KW 170 Smokehouse

Year: 2018

I have an electrically powered smoking and steaming chamber from Jotes for sale. Jotes KW 170 smokehouse Year 2018

Pekmont 3 trolleys smoking chamber Smokehouse

Year: 2008

Smoking chambers 3 trolleys - 3 pcs Smoking racks Electrical/steam heated 120 KW