Ricci Riziero & C. Precalibro 00149 Coating pan

Year: 1995

Mechanical sorting machine for carrots and potatoes with c.a. 7/8 tons per hour capacity. We have 4 machines on sale. We accept offers for the entire stock or per single machinery.

Pellegrini with GS Coating sistem 300 kg Coating pan

Year: 1996

Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 520 mm

Manesty Accela-cota 150 Coating pan

Year: 1983

Pan capacity 170 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1219 mm

BRUCKS - Coating pan

Year: ~ 2015

Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 900 mm

Glatt GC-750/500 Coating pan

Year: 1995

Pan capacity 60 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 750 mm

Blackrow Drum Coater


Diameter of Pan/Drum 370 mm

Walter Brucks Coating pan


Diameter of Pan/Drum 900 mm

Spomasz PLeszew CBA Coating pan


Coating drums Spomasz Pleszew Drums for the production of dragees, chocolate coating, production of sprinkles, jelly polishing, etc. Very good technical condition. Copper bowls.


Year: 2003

System for brine recovery in fresh injected meat. Using the draining drum, Saltec manages to gently massage the product, achieving a better distribution of the brine retained in the meat and, at the same time, eliminating excess brine. The Saltec drum can be installed immediately after the injection machine, thus achieving a continuous process.

OYORMAC BMV300 Coating pan


Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1120 mm

DRIAM - Coating pan


Pan capacity 300 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1100 mm

Carle & Montanari Type BE 10 Coating pan

Year: 1989

Pan capacity 1000 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 1900 mm

Spomasz CBA4 Coating pan

Year: 1974

Pan capacity 90 L
Diameter of Pan/Drum 950 mm