Used extrusion lines for sale 189

Bandera 80 Extrusion line


Screw diameter 80 mm
Type Single screw

Used Union TAV 1000 Extrusion line

Year: 2007

Screw diameter 100 mm
Type Single screw
Output 400 kg/h

Gravimetric raw material dosing and mixing

Year: 2020

GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING AND BATCHING THROUGH INTEGRATED PRODUCTION SUPERVISION Gravimetric dosing particularly suitable for injection moulding, blow moulding machines and extruders, filling and packaging machines for granulated and powdery materials. The solid steel machine frame and the particular software allow its installation even on machines with constant and controlled vibration. The different types of construction allow the combination of 2 to …

Cincinnati CMT 80 PVC pipe line

Year: 1999

Screw diameter 315 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 500 kg/h

Cincinnati CM 80 PVC pipe line

Year: 1993

Screw diameter 200 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 300 kg/h

Shinuan 100 Extrusion line

Year: 2014

Screw diameter 50 mm
Type Single screw
Output 100 kg/h

Extruder Barwell MIDI

Year: 2001

Type: MIDI Producer: Barwell Made in: Characteristic: Used to extrude rubber compound. The extruded material is then cooled.