Year: 1990

NEWLONG Bag making machine model 345T (without twisted paper handle) Manufacture year 1989-1990 Bag width: 200mm – 330mm Bottom width: 76mm – 152mm Bag length: 280mm – 440mm Top folding: 25mm – 65mm Paper sheet width: 580mm – 990mm Paper sheet length: 350mm – 600mm Speed: 20 - 60 bags/minute Sheet Fed Without handle attaching unit Paper Weight: 100-240 g/m2 …

JWEI LST-0604-RM cutting table Hot deal

Year: 2020

JWEI LST0604 cutting table The JWEI LST-0604-RM is a 600 x 400 mm flatbed digital die-cutting table, specially designed for short-run production of paper boxes, displays, business cards, puzzles, stickers, etc.

4M Refai Srl CSS Sheeter

Year: 2012

Sheeters (from reel to sheet) Max reel width: 1050 mm Reel max weight: 1000 kg Core reel diameter: 76 mm Max reel diameter: 1200 mm Min. cut width: 150 mm Max cut width: 500 mm Min cut format length: 200 mm Max cut format length: 400 mm Max grammage under blade: 300 gsm (recommended) Max speed: 500 cuts/min (depending on …


Year: 2000

CAVALLERI SHEETER CT14 Construction year 2000 Min/Max cutting length 230/1.000 mm. Max cutting width 1.250 mm. Max unwinder diameter 1.030 mm. N.2 unwinders available with expandible shafts Max reel weight per shaft 1.000 kg. Nominal max cutting speed 130 m/min Nominal max thickness 220-240 gr/sqm Photocell for prints Antistatic bar Total dimensions LxW 2,2 x 4,8 mt. kg. 4.200, constructed …

IECHO PK6040 automatic cutting table with electric oscillating knife. Low working hours

Year: 2023

IECHO PK6040 automatic cutting table with electric oscillating knife. New demo machine from our showroom. PK6040 automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic feed feeder. Equipped with various tools, it can quickly and accurately perform full-cut cutting, mid-flesh cutting, creasing, marking and micro-perforation. It is suitable for sample marking and short-run custom production for the sign, …

DCM CTR Cut to register sheeter for lightweight materials

Year: 1999

Cut to register sheeter by DCM. Machine has shafted unwind stand with new edge guide system. Unwind is separate for integration of other equipment (such as perforation) and feeds into a shear slitting section before the cross cut knife. This machine is made specially for lightweight work down to 20gsm and uses a collection drum to deliver 5x sheets at …

Jagenberg 1300 Sheeting machine


Jagenberg 1300 Recently updated and renovated sheeting machine Cleaned and painted with the addition of new motor and gearbox, and touch screen machine controls. 1300mm web width 1x single unwind Shingle section Shear slitting Suited to papers between 30 and 300gsm.

Tour d’assemblage NAGEL ROBO-FEEDER


Le NAGEL ROBO-FEEDER est un alimenteur-assembleur à succion à deux postes pour la réalisation de brochures à partir de liasses pré-triées et de couvertures issues d'impression numériques ou offset. Il est compatible avec la piqueuse-plieuse NAGEL Foldnak 100, foldnak 8, et l'agrafeuse-plieuse NAGEL Foldnak Compact, mais nécessite l'option de la station d'accumulation disponible. Le système d'assemblage se compose de deux …

Compelete Packaging Paper Printing / Cutsizing & V Bottom Paperbag Production Facility


1) 4 x V Bottom Paper Bag Machine 2) Polar 115cm Guillotine cutter blade 3) 80cm Polar guillotine cutter blade 4) 2 colered high speed flexo printing maachine (82cm) (200meter/minute) 5) 3 colored flexo printing machine (82cm) 6) 2.5 ton 3.5 meter electrical transpallet 7) Semi automatic strapping machine 8) Full-Automatic strapping machine 9) Paper baller press 10) 100cm 5 …

Apollo TSK Paper converting / finishing line Sheeter


Description: Cerutti Laminator/Coater Wet (waterbased) or dry Lamination (waterbased or solvent based) Lens/holographic optima register system – Weko re-wetting system Metpol/aluminium foil/transmet Two gravure heads - 1st head for the adhesive & 2nd head usually applies the lacquer if required (waterbased or solvent based) Two rewinds – one for laminate and one for stripped film on transmet 1240mm max substrate …

Duplo DocuCutter DC-645 automatic cutting machine

Year: 2011

Duplo DocuCutter DC-645 automatic cutting machine, used equipment. Machine serviced by authorised Technical Service. The Duplo DC-645 automatic diecutter allows simultaneous creasing and cutting and is ideal for producing business cards, postcards, brochures, book covers, menus, etc... Fitted with an automatic suction feeder with barcode scanner, the DC-645 can crease and cut paper weights from 110g/m² to 350g/m² at speeds …

iEcho PK0604 Sheeter

Year: 2021

Smallest digital cutter machine for sheets of max 60 x 40 cm Automtic feeder and removing of the sheet Cutting Material : Card Papier, PP Papier, Reflective materials Thangential knife and creasing Max cutteing speed 1000 mm/sec Availability: 02-2024

Böwe 310S Sheeter

Year: 2008

Böwe 310S cutting machine 310S pin feed Speed: up to 38,000 single cuts/h (3 inches) Accessories: Paper collection container Note: It was on a BÖWE Turbo Premium with just 28 million. Envelopes installed.

GSP 45 EVO Flowpack


GSP 45 EVO Flowpack Horizontal Flow-pack 150 sachets / min L: 2 to 20 cm h: 1 to 10 cm l: 5 to 60 cm Max coil length 52 cm Dimensions: l: 3225 L: 890 h: 1800 Weight: 550 kg Options: Welding wheels with pneumatic opening Photoelectric cell for printed film Printer ready Multi steps for long and short products …

Z-C sheeter 1600 Sheeter

Year: 2018

Z-C sheeter 1600 Rolls sheeter machine Year 2018 Maximum size 1600 mm Max roller diameter 1200 mm n° 04 blades Antistatic Photoelectric cells Remote control

MULLER MARTINI 235 Saddle Stitcher

Year: 1987

Muller Martini 235 5 1987 6 Stations, Cover Feeder, 3 Knifes trimmer, MM 1517 Stacker Format (Max): 470 x 300 mm Format (Min): 98 x 105 mm Working speed: 12 000 cps/h

Schneider paper shear Sheeter


Schneider paper shear The machine is located in Belgium.

Used Kern K980 Sheeter

Year: 2015

speed: up to 34.200 cuts/h Configuration: single cut cross knife, 1-up (without middlecut), edge trim Reading: Datamatrix-reading head from the top Connection: was installed at Kern 656

Comagrav Digi 1730 Sheeter

Year: 2015

Industrial flatbed cutting machine for cutting, engraving and routing Comagrav Digi 1730 Year: 2015 Max. size: 1700 x 3000mm Equipped with: Camera recognition system Ceramic spindle 24000rpm PILOT extended 3D control system Becker vacuum pump Dust Extractor Material: Acrylic glass plexiglass, Dibond, Aluminum, PVC, ABS, Wood,Mdf…. Specification: Work surface size – active cutting part 1700 x 3000 mm Maximum height …


Year: 2000

Brand BARENTHIN Model ICS 1010 Age c. 2000 Max Size mm 250x350