Used sheeters / cut size machines for paper rolls 20

OMET TV503 Sheeter

Year: 2022

For sale Omet TV 503 napkin making machine Completely overhauled and EEC certified in 2022. 1 OMET TV 503 bending machine complete with transfer device. nr 1 2-color printing unit nr 1 CASMATIC CMF 300 packaging machine year 2003 complete with formats. N.1 EMBOSSING / PASTE TOE TOE Group Ready for full production

The Moore & White 70" Sheeter


70” wide rolls 6 roll back stand 6 shafts included 3inch core air shaft Up to 64” cut

Sheet Fed SOS Bag Making Machine with handle

Year: 2017

Sheet Fed SOS Bag Making Machine w Twisted Rope Handle Mfgr : Jiangsu Fangbang Machinery Co., Ltd Model : ZD-QFP 18 Type : Sheet Fed Mfg year : 2017 Status : Under operation Size range Sheet Width : 830 – 1250 mm Sheet Length : 340 – 630 mm Basic Weight (gsm) : 100 – 220 gsm Tube Width : …

Separojet paper suction system

Year: 2007

SEPAROJET paper suction system with integrated dust collector with all pipes The SEPAROJET is a complete and compact device intended for: - carry out the air-material separation - ensure the sealing and the extraction of waste by a rotary sluice towards a compactor, a baling press ... - continuously filter the air containing paper or cardboard dust - compact or …

Man Roland InlineFoiler Prindor Sheeter

Year: 2008

Description: Male ROLAND InlineFoiler Prindor Sutable to Man Roland 700 press Type Cold foil improvements Year 2008 Counter 15 mil delivery Immediately Specifications free-run Single Reel InlineFoiler Model for mounting on two printing units for the cold film transfer process. Folinerolle width: 600 to 1400 mm, the cylinder must be driven centrally. Film roll diameter: max. 600 mm Length of …

Used Pizzolato T.R.B. Sheeter Hot deal

Year: 1984

Used Pizzolato T.R.B. Sheeter Perfectly functional - Ability to view it during work WITH 6 expanding roll holder shafts with compressed air disc brakes (max capacity cad) H. 255 m long 7.90 m wide 2.50 weight about 10 tons Machine light 160 cm Useful cutting light 150cm speed 200mt / min maximum size 160 cm / min size 40 …

Dubuit Reeltech SH 265 Sheeter Hot deal

Year: 2005

Dubuit Reeltech SH 265 machine It allows you to cut paper and other soft media. Maximum width of parent reel: 2660 mm Minimum width of parent reel: 1000 mm Max weight: 2500 kg Cardboard chuck: 152.4 mm Maximum size of cut sheets: 1750 mm Minimum size of cut sheets: 800 mm Typical rate: 700 sheets / hour Option: Sias Stacker

Gallus Sheeter Sheeter

Year: 1988

Gallus Sheeter Age: 1988 Unwind Infeed unit Re-registration control Sheeting unit delivery conveyor Sheet to register or length repeat

Schneider Senator RS SR1053-M Sheeter


Schneider Senator Restacker unloader, type RS SR1053-M Loading area max. 890 x 1260 mm Loading area min. 100 x 280 mm Single material depth 100 mm Ream height 165 mm Stack height with pallet max. 1650 mm Capacity approx. 200 kg

Duplo Docucutter DC-616 PRO - print multifinisher

Year: 2018

The Docucutter DC-616 PRO provides professional finishing work while saving time and money on production. It's a compact, multi-tasking device that allows you to process 3 bookbinding processes: cutting, creasing and perforating in one run. Full automation of settings guarantees the highest speed and precision of operation. The machine has 6 longitudinal cutters, a cross cutter, a creasing beam and …

La Pietra Ergon Sheeter

Year: 2008

Sheeter, cut off: 250-1000 mm, max. reel width: 1200 mm, max. pile height: 1300 mm Maximum speed: 200m/min

Jagenberg Convo AS 316 Longitudinal / transverse sheeter

Year: 1988

Jagenberg CONVO AS 316 Longitudinal / transverse sheeter Made: JAGENBERG AG Typ: CONVO AS 316 Year: 1988. working width : 1600 mm Multiple roll unwinder( 6pcs) Typ: KM Max width of roll: 1700 mm Min width of roll: 400 mm Max. diametar of roll: Ø 1300 mm Min. diametar of roll: Ø 100 mm Max. weight of roll: 25kN Max …

Used Sage RPM60 MOD 250 Sheeter Hot deal

Year: 2003

maximum speed 500 m / min Film width 2600 mm d. max reel in progress 650 mm d. max winding reels 600 mm No. 6 pairs of motorized arms Minimum cut between two arms 300mm Razor cutting system Antistatic bars Web guide Shaft-less unwinder

Pasaban Synchro 1500 Sheeter

Year: 1996

Synchro (twin knife) sheeter made by prestigious manufacturer 'Pasaban'. Now disconnected and in storage, ready to be loaded. Year of Manufacture 1996 Web Width (mm) 1500 Sheet Length Range (mm) 400-1550 Pile Height (mm) 1500 Machine Speed (m/min) 250 Unwind diameter (mm) 1800 No. of Unwinds 2x (shaftless floor pickup type)

Turkish 180 cm Sheeter

Year: 2016

Roller width : 1800 mm Winder : 110 cm Unwinder : 130 cm Speed : 350 meter per minute Paper thickness : 25-80 gsm Number of photocell : 5 Number of blade : 5 Total Power : 5 kw Wastage unit

Used Jagemberg Werke 130 cm di luce Sheeter Hot deal


Cutter, fully REBUILT, under and finished with chrome, ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT AND PANEL NEW-YEAR 2002-working and viewable in the works. Overall Dimensions 13mt, inclusive of loading and unloading goods. Light Blade 130 cm (Cutting capacity CM126) Cutting Paper, Card Stock, Laminates and TNT (Non-woven). Cutting length from 350mm to 1550mm Cut paper weights from 60 to 600 per square meter. Stroke …

Comexi CompaK 2 Sheeter

Year: 2010

Width: 1400 mm Working width: 1300 mm Maximum speed: 500 m / min. Min. Cutting: 40 mm Max. diameter of the wound roll: 630 mm Max. diameter of the unwound roll 1000m The composition of the machine Screwless unwrap bending machine 2 sets of ball couplings Ø76mm (on the shaft) 2 sets of ball couplings Ø70 mm (on the shaft) …

Abg Omega 330 + Abg Vectra Sgtr 330

Year: 2007

2007 ABG Omega 330 + ABG Vectra SGTR 330 13-inch used turret rewinder featuring unwind with web guide, splice table, slitting, servo-driven, fully automatic, glueless 4-spindle turret, bowl feeder and automatic core loading, label applicator for roll closure, and 25mm and 38mm mandrels