Exapro, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a curated selection of Offsets 6 Colours printing machines, blending innovation with cost-effectiveness. Originating from esteemed manufacturers like Heidelberg, Komori, and Manroland, these machines promise precision, high-quality prints, and longevity. With prices ranging from €30,000 to €150,000, Exapro caters to businesses of varying scales, ensuring a balance between affordability and quality.

Offsets 6 Colours machines, renowned for their exceptional print quality and advanced capabilities, are extensively used across various sectors, from high-end publishing houses to complex packaging production. Whether it's producing stunning art books, detailed brochures, or intricate packaging designs, these machines ensure consistency and excellence.

On Exapro, alongside competitive pricing, professionals can evaluate essential machine parameters, ensuring they make an informed purchase tailored to their needs. Dive into Exapro's collection and harness the power of industry-leading offset printing.

Man Roland 506 LV UV Offset six colours

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 81 Mio
Max. paper width 52 cm
Dryer UV + IR

Heidelberg SM 74 50x70 Offset Printing Machine 6 Colors

Year: 1997

Max. paper length 70 cm
Nbr of copies 178 Mio
Max. paper width 50 cm
Perfecting Yes

Mitsubishi Diamond Offset six colours

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 74 cm
Nbr of copies 161 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 104 cm
Perfecting No
Chromed cylinders Yes

Man Roland 306 HG 0B Offset six colours

Year: 1998

Man Roland 306 HG 0B, factory number 27175B, year of production 1998. The machine is without disks. Deposited at one of our locations in Warsaw. He hasn't worked for several years.

Roland 700 6 colours offset machine

Year: 2001

Max. paper length 102 cm
Max. paper width 72 cm

Planeta Varimat VL 77-3 Offset six colours

Year: 1990

Max. paper length 142 cm
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 102 cm

Heidelberg SM102-6P+L Offset six colours

Year: 1991

Max. paper length 102 cm
Nbr of copies 212 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 72 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

MAN Roland ULTRAMAN O - VII GSH Offset six colours

Year: 1985

Max. paper length 160 cm
Max. paper width 120 cm

Heidelberg 506 OB LV HYBRID Offset six colours

Year: 2003

Max. paper length 53 cm
Max. paper width 74 cm

MAN Roland 306 + PLV Offset six colours

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 53 cm
Nbr of copies 170 Mio
Max. paper width 74 cm
Perfecting Yes

Man Roland 806-7+L Offset six colours

Year: 1989

Max. paper length 160 cm
Nbr of copies 110 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 110 cm
Perfecting No
Coating unit Yes

OMSO DM 44/6 N Plastic machine

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 150 cm
Max. paper width 105 cm

NEBIOLO COLORA 56+C Offset six colours

Year: 1982

Max. paper length 100 cm
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 140 cm
Coating unit Yes

Used KOMORI L 628 CX Offset six colours

Year: 1998

Max. paper length 72 cm
Nbr of copies 65 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 52 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit Yes

Codimag Viva 420 Aniflo Offset six colours

Year: 2015

Max. paper width 41.91 cm
Dryer UV

Man Roland R306 Offset six colours

Year: 1995

Max. paper length 53.34 cm
Nbr of copies 14 Mio
Dryer IR
Max. paper width 73.66 cm
Perfecting Yes
Chromed cylinders Yes

2012 Muller Martini - VSOP 33

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 85 cm
Perfecting Yes
Coating unit No
Max. paper width 72 cm
Dryer UV
Chromed cylinders Yes

Understanding Offsets 6 Colours in the Exapro Printing Machine Marketplace

At Exapro, we pride ourselves on connecting professionals with the best solutions to meet their industrial machinery needs. Among the extensive array of offerings, our category of Printing Machines features the advanced Offsets 6 Colours. Let's explore what this machinery entails and why Exapro is the prime marketplace for buying or selling it.

What is Offsets 6 Colours?

Offset printing, often referred to as "offset," is a widely-used printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. The Offsets 6 Colours machinery specifically refers to offset machines capable of printing with six distinct colours, usually including the standard CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key or Black) and additional two colours for special effects or spot colours.

These machines are designed for high-quality, high-volume printing, providing vibrant and precise colour reproduction. By applying all six colours in a single pass, these machines enhance efficiency, accuracy, and versatility, making them ideal for complex and demanding print jobs such as high-end marketing materials, packaging, and premium publications.

The Exapro Advantage: Buying & Selling Offsets 6 Colours

Navigating the world of used industrial machinery can seem challenging, but Exapro simplifies the process. For those looking to purchase, the key benefits are manifold.

Acquiring new machinery can be a substantial financial commitment, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Through Exapro, professionals can obtain Offsets 6 Colours machines at a fraction of the price of new ones, ensuring exceptional value for money. On our platform, the price range for a used Offsets 6 Colours machine typically lies between €30,000 and €150,000, reflecting the variety available in terms of age, brand, wear and tear, and additional features.

At Exapro, every listing undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure each piece of equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next operational chapter. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

In the realm of printing, the Offsets 6 Colours machinery stands as a testament to high-efficiency, superior-quality production. Whether you're looking to invest in one or sell it, Exapro offers a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Embark on the future of printing with Exapro – where innovation meets tradition.

Main Advantages of Offsets 6 Colours

The Offsets 6 Colours printing machinery has long been a cornerstone in the printing industry, and for good reasons. Here are the main advantages of using Offsets 6 Colours:

High-Quality Prints

Offsets 6 Colours machines are known for their exceptional print quality, delivering sharp, vibrant images and text with precise colour accuracy.

Enhanced Colour Range

With six colours, these machines can produce a wider gamut of colours, including special spot colours and metallic inks, providing greater flexibility and creativity in print design.

Cost-Effective for Large Volumes

Offset printing becomes more cost-effective as print volume increases. Once the plates are created, large quantities can be printed at a lower cost per unit compared to digital printing.

Consistency and Reliability

Offsets 6 Colours machinery ensures consistent quality across all pages. Once set up, each print is identical to the previous one, ensuring uniformity and reliability throughout the print run.

Speed and Efficiency

These machines can produce prints at high speeds, making them ideal for projects with tight deadlines. The ability to print six colours in a single pass further enhances efficiency.


Offsets 6 Colours machines can print on various materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and more, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


The ink from offset machines is thoroughly absorbed into the material, resulting in prints that are resistant to water and wear.

Economical Maintenance

Once set up, these machines can operate for extended periods with minimal maintenance, providing durability and longevity in print production environments.

Main Machine Parameters of Offsets 6 Colours

When evaluating or understanding an Offsets 6 Colours machine, several key parameters are considered to ensure it meets specific requirements. Here are the main machine parameters:

Max Sheet Size

Indicates the maximum size of paper or material the machine can accommodate and print on.

Min Sheet Size

Indicates the smallest size of paper or material the machine can handle.

Printing Speed

Measured in sheets per hour (SPH), this parameter reveals how fast the machine can produce prints.

Plate Size

The dimensions of the printing plate used in the machine, which holds the inked image.

Impressions Count

Measures how many prints or 'impressions' the machine has made during its lifetime, indicating its usage and remaining lifespan.

Number of Printing Units

Specifically, six for the Offsets 6 Colours, with additional units available for special inks or coatings.

Stacking Capacity

Refers to the number of sheets the machine can stack and handle in its feeding and collection trays.

Ink Control System

Modern machines feature automated systems to control and adjust the flow and distribution of ink, ensuring consistent print quality.

Drying System

Details the machine's method for drying ink, crucial for maintaining print quality and speed.

Tightening System

Describes how the plates are mounted and tightened, impacting changeover times and print quality.

Operational Dimensions

The physical size of the machine, including its length, width, and height, crucial for determining floor space requirements.


The total weight of the machine, important for installation, transportation, and floor planning.

Automation Features

Modern machines come equipped with automated features for tasks like plate changing, cleaning, and self-diagnosis for troubleshooting.


Whether the machine is compatible with certain inks, coatings, or additional modules.

Understanding these parameters allows professionals to make informed decisions when purchasing an Offsets 6 Colours machine, ensuring it aligns with production requirements, space constraints, and budget.

Area of Use of Offsets 6 Colours Machines

Offsets 6 Colours machines, given their versatility and capacity for high-quality print production, find application in a multitude of areas. Here's a rundown of the primary areas of use:

Publishing Houses

Ideal for printing magazines, newspapers, books, and other periodicals, ensuring high-speed and consistent quality for large print runs.

Commercial Printing

Used for producing brochures, leaflets, flyers, and posters, enabling businesses to create vibrant and sharp marketing materials in bulk.

Packaging Industry

Offsets 6 Colours machines are perfect for printing on cartons, boxes, and various packaging materials, handling different thicknesses and materials.

Stationery Production

Items like business cards, letterheads, and envelopes are often printed using these machines for a professional finish and appearance.

Forms and Documents

Includes printing invoices, forms, and other official documents required in large volumes by businesses and institutions.

Calendars and Diaries

The accurate colour reproduction makes these machines suitable for producing visually appealing calendars and diaries.

Album Covers and Vinyl Sleeves

In the music industry, these machines are used for printing high-quality album covers and vinyl sleeves.


Retailers and manufacturers produce extensive product catalogues using these machines, taking advantage of their ability to handle large print runs efficiently.

Direct Mail Advertising

For promotional mailers needing to be sent out in large quantities, offset printing offers a cost-effective and quality solution.

Fine Art Reproductions

Used by artists and galleries to produce high-quality art prints or reproductions, maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of the original artwork.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

The detailed imagery and vibrant colours in comic books and graphic novels benefit greatly from the colour accuracy of Offsets 6 Colours machines.

Textbooks and Educational Materials

These machines are crucial for printing the vast number of textbooks and educational supplements needed annually by educational publishers.

Manufacturers of Offsets 6 Colours Machines

Several renowned manufacturers in the offset printing industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers of Offsets 6 Colours machines:


A leading name in the offset printing world, Heidelberg machines are renowned for their durability, quality, and advanced features.


Based in Japan, Komori is a major player in the printing industry, known for its advanced offset printing solutions and technological innovations.


Another key player from Germany, Manroland offers a wide range of offset printing machines tailored to various needs.

Koenig & Bauer (KBA)

One of the oldest printing machine manufacturers, KBA provides a comprehensive range of printing solutions, including high-quality offset machines.

Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT)

Formed from the merger of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, RMGT offers some of the most advanced offset printing machines on the market.


Known for their multi-colour offset presses, Akiyama is recognized for precision and reliability in the printing industry.

When considering a purchase or just researching Offsets 6 Colours machines, it's essential to look into these manufacturers' specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand has its strengths, specialties, and technological innovations that cater to different printing requirements.


Offsets 6 Colours printing machines are an invaluable asset in the printing industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for a wide range of print jobs. Whether for publishing houses, commercial printing, or packaging, these machines ensure superior print results and enhanced productivity. With the support of Exapro, acquiring or selling an Offsets 6 Colours machine becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing exceptional print materials.