Metal band saws are versatile and efficient machines used across diverse sectors for precise cutting of various metals. With prices between €6,000 and €16,000 for used models on Exapro, these machines present a cost-effective solution for businesses. Key advantages include high precision, efficiency, safety, noise reduction, and easy maintenance. When considering a purchase, pay attention to parameters such as cutting capacity, blade size, speed, motor power, machine weight, and coolant system.

Metal band saws are used extensively in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, construction, shipbuilding, and the oil and gas industry. They're indispensable in any operation that involves metalwork, including sculpture and metal recycling. Renowned manufacturers include DoALL, Amada, Hyd-Mech, KASTO, Starrett, Behringer, Marvel, Cosen, WEN, and Baileigh. Each offers unique features, thus your choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and nature of operations. Opting for a used band saw from Exapro offers a practical, cost-saving solution without compromising on quality.

Kaltenbach KBS 400 DG band saw for metal

Year: 1998

Description German-made metal band saw equipped with versatile sawing functions. Maximum cutting diameter 600mm. Equipped with a digital length measuring sensor and an angle degree display. The saw can be operated with a program or manually. If necessary, you can bring an outdoor roller track of about 10m and several spare blades belonging to the machine. Instructions for use in …

Friggi 660 x 700 mm CNC band saw for metal


Max. cutting capacity 90° 660 mm
Blade length 8660 mm
Cutting speed 120 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 660 mm
Blade width 67 mm
Engine power 27 kW

CARIF 320 band saw for metal

Year: 1995

Max. cutting capacity 90° 275 mm
Blade width 0.9 mm
Engine power 1.8 kW
Blade length 3025 mm
Cutting speed 90 m/min

IMET KTECH 502 F 2000 band saw for metal Low working hours

Year: 2019

Max. cutting capacity 90° 600 mm
Blade length 4250 mm
Cutting speed 0.2 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 300 mm
Blade width 34 mm
Engine power 2.2 kW

KASTO tec AC 5 horizontal automatic band saw

Year: 2003

Max. cutting capacity 90° 530 mm
Blade width 54 mm
Engine power 11 kW
Blade length 7675 mm
Cutting speed 120 m/min

Jinan Sunrise TDJ1250 CNC Angle Rotation Band Saw Machine Low working hours

Year: 2017

Max. cutting capacity 90° 1250 mm
Blade length 9300 mm
Cutting speed 100 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 800 mm
Blade width 67 mm
Engine power 15 kW

KASTO Twin AE3 CNC automatic band saw

Year: 2007

Max. cutting capacity 90° 320 mm
Blade width 1.1 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Blade length 5090 mm
Cutting speed 110 m/min

MEP SHARK 331-1 NC 5.0 SPIDER band saw for metal

Year: 2017

Max. cutting capacity 90° 300 mm
Blade length 3650 mm
Cutting speed 100 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 240 mm
Blade width 0.9 mm
Engine power 2.2 kW

KASTO WIN A4.6 band saw for metal

Year: 2019

Max. cutting capacity 90° 400 mm
Blade length 6096 mm
Cutting speed  m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 400 mm
Blade width 54 mm
Engine power 4 kW

Jaespa V302 DGH band saw for metal

Year: 2007

Max. cutting capacity 90° 300 mm
Blade length 3660 mm
Cutting speed 100 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 300 mm
Blade width 27 mm
Engine power 1.5 kW

Behringer HBP310/403GA band saw for metal

Year: 1996

Max. cutting capacity 90° 400 mm
Blade length 4200 mm
Cutting speed  m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 300 mm
Blade width 32 mm
Engine power 8 kW

AMADA H 650 HD band saw for metal

Year: 1998

Max. cutting capacity 90° 635 mm
Blade length 5040 mm
Engine power 3.7 kW
Max. cutting capacity 45° 560 mm
Blade width 38 mm


Year: 2008

Blade length 6060 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Blade width 34 mm

MEP THOR 450 NUOVA band saw for metal

Year: 2021

Max. cutting capacity 90° 450 mm
Blade length 6600 mm
Cutting speed 95 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 450 mm
Blade width 41 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW

Friggi 660 x 700 mm CNC band saw for metal


Max. cutting capacity 90° 660 mm
Blade length 8660 mm
Cutting speed 120 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 660 mm
Blade width 67 mm
Engine power 27 kW

Kasto HBA 420 band saw for metal

Year: 1987

The column saw is designed to cut metals from aluminum and its castings, through non-ferrous metals, to high-quality metals such as stainless steel. The saw has a stable structure and reliable technology for automatic material feeding and cutting, which only takes place at an angle of 90°. The saw is also equipped with a cooling system, which is responsible for …

Pehaka HS1000 band saw for metal

Year: ~ 1990

Blade length 11420 mm
Blade width 54 mm

Behringer HBP 263A band saw for metal

Year: 2003

Max. cutting capacity 90° 260 mm
Blade length 4648 mm
Cutting speed 217 m/min
Max. cutting capacity 45° 260 mm
Blade width 1 mm

Karmetal KDG 560 Saw

Year: 2016

Max. cutting capacity 45° 560 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW
Cutting speed 100 m/min

Band saws for metal at Exapro

Welcome to Exapro, your ultimate marketplace for buying and selling used industrial machinery and now we're proud to present our comprehensive selection of band saws, built specifically to handle metalwork. These band saws are part of our esteemed Metal - Presses/ Forging category, which is renowned for its reliable and effective machinery line-up.

A band saw is a power-packed tool that's indispensable for cutting through various types of metal. It utilises a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various materials. Our collection of band saws is all set to redefine precision and durability.

At Exapro, we understand the importance of versatility, and hence, offer a wide range of band saws suitable for different cutting requirements. Whether you're looking for vertical band saws, known for their adeptness at intricate curved cuts, or horizontal band saws that excel in handling larger workpieces, we've got you covered.

What sets our band saws apart is their phenomenal endurance and precision. They can handle all sorts of metals, from soft aluminium to harder metals like stainless steel, effortlessly. The blades can handle the rigours of industrial work, providing the user with neat, clean cuts every time.

As you delve into the world of Exapro's band saws, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the robustness of these machines. They are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, having served numerous industries faithfully. And yet, being pre-loved doesn't compromise their performance. They stand the test of time, offering remarkable productivity even after years of service.

Our band saws offer adjustable speed settings, enabling you to customise the operation as per the metal you are working with. Not to forget, the safety features integrated into the design to protect the operator during use.

At Exapro, we believe in transparent transactions. We provide you with a complete history of the machine, including its previous usage, any repairs or parts replaced, allowing you to make an informed decision. And the cherry on top - our competitive pricing. Owning an industrial-grade band saw doesn't have to be a costly affair. That's why we have worked hard to curate an array of high-quality band saws that offer excellent value for money. Our selection of band saws falls within a reasonable price range of €6,000 to €16,000, allowing us to cater to various budgetary needs. With our affordable and fair prices, you can equip your workplace with top-tier machinery without breaking the bank. So, whether you're a small enterprise looking for a cost-effective solution or a larger operation ready to invest in advanced machinery, our band saw range has something for everyone.

Band saws are an essential part of metal fabrication, and investing in a high-quality used machine from Exapro can improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in your work. Do browse through our Metal - Presses/ Forging category to explore the wide range of band saws available. We're here to help you make the right choice and support you in your journey towards industrial excellence.


Main advantages of Band saws for metal

Metal band saws offer a host of advantages that make them a valuable addition to any industrial operation. They are versatile, efficient, and precise - all of which contribute to their widespread usage across various industries. Here are the primary advantages of these machines:

Versatility: One of the most compelling advantages of band saws is their versatility. They can handle a variety of metals, from softer ones like aluminium to harder metals like stainless steel. With the right blade type and speed, band saws can make precise cuts on almost any metal.

Precision Cutting: Band saws are known for their precision. They can execute both straight and curved cuts with high accuracy, making them ideal for intricate work. They are capable of producing smooth, clean cuts with less waste than many other cutting methods.

Efficiency: Band saws have a high cutting speed, which leads to increased productivity. Their continuous cutting action reduces the time spent on making cuts, particularly when dealing with large volumes of material. The blade's speed can also be adjusted according to the hardness of the metal, further enhancing efficiency.

Safety: Despite their power, band saws are designed with safety in mind. They typically include features such as blade guards, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and tension controls to minimise the risk of accidents during operation.

Cost-Effective: Band saws are relatively economical in terms of operational costs. They typically have long-lasting blades, which reduces the frequency and cost of replacements. Additionally, their efficient cutting action minimises waste, leading to cost savings in materials.

Noise Reduction: Compared to other metal cutting methods, band saws produce less noise. This contributes to a more pleasant working environment and reduces noise pollution in your workshop.

Easy Maintenance: Band saws are relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and inspection can keep a band saw in good working condition for a long time, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Compact Size: Many band saws have a compact design, making them suitable for workshops where space is a premium. Despite their size, they offer substantial cutting capacity, ensuring that size does not compromise performance.

Needless to say that investing in a band saw for metal cutting can greatly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of your industrial processes, making it a valuable tool in any metalworking environment.


Main machine parameters of Band saws

The effectiveness of a band saw in a particular operation depends on various machine parameters. Understanding these can help you choose the most appropriate machine for your needs. Here are some of the main parameters for metal band saws:

Cutting Capacity: This refers to the maximum size of the workpiece that the band saw can handle. It's usually given as two dimensions: the throat, which is the distance from the blade to the vertical frame section, and the maximum cutting height

Blade Size and Type: The size of the blade is another crucial parameter. It includes the blade length, width, and thickness. The type of blade used (such as bi-metal, carbide-tipped, or carbon steel) also plays a significant role in the machine's performance.

Blade Speed: The blade speed, usually measured in feet or metres per minute, is another vital parameter. Different metals require different cutting speeds for optimal results, so an adjustable blade speed is a useful feature.

Motor Power: The power of the band saw's motor, usually measured in horsepower (HP), affects the machine's cutting capability. More powerful motors can handle denser materials and cut through them more quickly.

Table Size and Tilt: For vertical band saws, the size of the table provides a work surface for feeding material into the blade. Some band saws also offer a tilting table, which allows for angle cuts.

Machine Weight and Dimensions: The overall weight and dimensions of the machine can affect its stability and the space required in your workshop.

Coolant System: Many band saws for metal cutting have integrated coolant systems. These systems help keep the blade cool during operation, prolonging blade life and ensuring clean cuts.

Feed Mechanism: Some advanced band saws feature automatic or semi-automatic feed mechanisms. These mechanisms can improve productivity by automating the cutting process.

Safety Features: Safety parameters such as blade guards, emergency stop buttons, and tension controls can enhance the operator's safety during use.

These are some of the key parameters you should consider when purchasing a metal band saw. Remember, the ideal band saw for your operation will depend on your specific needs and the nature of the work you're undertaking.


Area of Use

Band saws for metal have a diverse range of applications, making them indispensable in various sectors. The ability to perform precise, straight, or curved cuts on a range of metal types is a sought-after feature in many industries. Here are some key areas where metal band saws are frequently used:

Manufacturing and Fabrication: This is the most common area where metal band saws find their use. They are instrumental in cutting metal parts to specific sizes for further use in manufacturing different products.

Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, band saws are used to cut various auto parts, including body components, engine parts, and more. They help in creating parts with high precision and uniformity.

Aerospace Industry: The aerospace sector relies on band saws for cutting metal components used in the manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft. Given the critical nature of these parts, the precision and reliability of band saws are crucial.

Construction Industry: Band saws are often used in construction to cut metal beams, pipes, and bars. They provide clean, precise cuts which are essential for structural integrity.

Plumbing: In plumbing, band saws are used to cut pipes and other components to the desired length.

Shipbuilding: In the shipbuilding industry, band saws are used for cutting large metal plates and other components used in the construction of ships.

Machinery and Equipment Building: Band saws are widely used in the creation of machinery and equipment across various sectors. They are used to cut the necessary parts to the right size and shape.

Art and Sculpture: In the world of art and sculpture, band saws are used for making intricate cuts in metal pieces, enabling the creation of detailed and precise works of art.

Metal Recycling: In recycling facilities, band saws are used to cut down larger pieces of scrap metal into smaller, manageable sizes for further processing.

In essence, any industry that involves metalwork can benefit from the versatility and precision offered by metal band saws. It's their ability to deliver consistent, accurate, and efficient cuts that makes them such a prevalent tool across different industries.


Main manufacturers of Band saws

There are several renowned manufacturers known for producing high-quality band saws for metalwork. Each of these brands has its own unique features, advantages, and industry reputation. Here are a few you might want to consider:

DoALL: DoALL, a U.S-based company, is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers of metal band saws. They offer a wide range of models designed for heavy-duty and precision work.

Amada: A leading Japanese company, Amada is known for its high-tech, automated band saws. Their machines are popular for their precision, durability, and innovative design.

Hyd-Mech: Canadian manufacturer Hyd-Mech offers a wide variety of band saws that are known for their quality and durability. Their machines are widely used in various industries, including automotive and manufacturing.

KASTO: German manufacturer KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH is a well-respected name in the band saw market. They offer a comprehensive range of band saws for different applications.

Starrett: The L.S. Starrett Company, commonly known as Starrett, is a renowned American manufacturer that produces high-quality band saws suitable for a variety of metal cutting applications.

Behringer: Another German manufacturer, Behringer, is known for its robust, high-performance band saws. They offer a wide range of band saws, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual models.

Marvel: Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a U.S-based company known for its advanced band saw technology. Their band saws are appreciated for their performance and versatility.

Cosen: Cosen Saws, a Taiwanese company, is one of the world's leading band saw manufacturers. They are known for their innovative designs and robust machines.

WEN: Known for their affordability, WEN Products offer a wide range of band saw models, making them a popular choice for small to medium-sized workshops.

Baileigh: Baileigh Industrial is known for producing high-quality metalworking machinery, including a variety of band saws that cater to different metalworking needs.

Remember, the best manufacturer for you will depend on your specific requirements, budget, and the nature of your operations. Each manufacturer has its own strengths, so it's worth considering what features and capabilities are most important for your work. For more details Contact our team about particular model you're interested in.