Used profile projectors 12

DORSEY GAGE PEXIT Profile projector


- PEXIT profile projector + storage foot T&O SW3000 2-axis display 116X60X160cm 10x magnification

MITUTOYO 302 Profile projector


-MITUTOYO 302 Profile Projector + 2-axis Visu 55x70x110cm 10x and 20x magnification

NIKON 6C-2 Profile projector


- NIKON 6C-2 Profile Projector + storage stand 50x65x165cm 10x and 20x magnification

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 302-702D Profile Projector


Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 302-702D Profile Projector Resolution : 0.001 mm Screen size : 300 mm X-Y measure range : 150 x 50 mm Machine is in good condition

Hexagon Global S Profile projector

Year: 2019

Coordinate machine (CMM) enabling spatial measurements of complex elements. Basic parameters: 1. Model CMM Global S BLUE 12.22.10 2. Manufacturer - Hexagon 3. Serial number - Will be completed tomorrow 4. Year of production - 2019 5. Condition - Brand new machine, never working, never used. 6. Basic parameters: - CNC controller with the "Fly" function - Advanced CLIMA temperature …

NORTEC 817-1800 Profile projector

Year: ~ 2000

Pallet turner NORTEC 817-1800, light barriers, load capacity 12kN, hydraulics 150bar, CE mark, 380V/50Hz/ 2.2kW


Year: 2016

- ZEISS O-SELECT digital measuring projector Measurement range (Field of View): X = 114 mm, Y = 91.5 mm Maximum component height = 65mm Length measurement deviation according to ISO 10360-7: 2011 MPE_EB XY (2D) (OT) = (4.5 + L / 100) μm Permissible temperature range for specifications 18-22 ° C - Megapixel camera with CAA corrected optics - Integrated …

Vogelsang Benning Geblaesemotoren-Pruefsystem 2764/1 Profile projector

Year: 1995

Motor parameters tester Vogelsang Benning Geblaesemotoren-Pruefsystem. The device is used to automatically measure the parameters of various engines, produced on automatic lines, but it can also be used to measure individual motors. At present, the device is adapted to measure commutator motors for vacuum cleaners, so it has an automatic function of measuring parameters with open and closed air inlet, …

Mitutoyo BRTA916 Profile projector


MITUTOYO - BRTA916 - softver: MCOSMOS v4.1 - X axis: 900 mm - Y axis: 1600 mm - Z axis: 600 mm - probe and associated controller replaced in: 2019 - new joystick from 2020

Microtecnica Titanus 6 Profile projector


Type: Titanus 6 Producer: Microtecnica Made in: Characteristic: Diameter: 195 mm Maximum load: 9 kg Block speed: 6 1/min

Zwick 5KN Tensile Testing machine


A tensile tester of perfect condition supplied complete with pneumatic jaws, tensile testing tooling and load cell. The machine has Test Expert III software fitted and the operating PC is available. The full manual is available along with the equipment qualification packages. The machine is in perfect condition with full calibration and maintenance history. All options are available with the …

Precision Quincy 54E-850 54/Vertical Air Flow Cabinet Oven


This unit was installed and never used other than to test its performance at instillation. EXCELLENT CONDITION Oven Model 54E-850 Air Flow Vertical Up Maximum Temperature (F) 850 Maximum Temperature (C) 454 Work room W (in) 50 Work room D (in) 50 Work room H (in) 72 Outer Approximate W(in) 72 Outer Approximate D(in) 93 Outer Approximate H(in) 99 Capacity …