Multispindle Automatic Lathes, ranging in price from €21,000 to €90,000 at Exapro, offer businesses a cost-effective solution for enhancing production capabilities. These machines, renowned for their increased productivity, cost efficiency, and consistent quality, offer significant advantages, transforming the way businesses operate.

Their impressive performance is defined by several key parameters, including the number of spindles, spindle speed, bar diameter, and control system, to name a few. Understanding these parameters ensures that businesses can select machinery best suited to their needs.

These versatile lathes find applications in various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and industrial machinery. Their ability to handle complex tasks efficiently makes them invaluable in these industries. Renowned manufacturers such as Schütte, Tornos, Gildemeister, Index, ZPS, Wickman, and Miyano are known for producing high-quality Multispindle Automatic Lathes, giving businesses a variety of choices.

At Exapro, we provide a wide range of these lathes, supporting businesses to elevate their production processes, deliver quality products, and increase their bottom line.

Quicktech i-60U Multispindle CNC lathe

Year: 2017

Max. Ø 100 mm
Type of CNC Mitsubishi M830S
Nbr of spindles 2
Spindle speed 6000 rpm

Gildemeister TWIN 32 Multispindle automatic lathe

Year: 2001

Max. Ø 100 mm
Type CNC
Nbr of axes 4
Nbr of spindles 2
Type of CNC SIEMENS Sinumerik 840D
Number of tools 24

Tour multibroches Wickman "1


Max. Ø 25.4 mm
Type Manual
Spindle power 15 kW
Nbr of spindles 6
Type of CNC

Wickman 1" Multispindle automatic lathe


Max. Ø 25.4 mm
Type Manual
Spindle power 15 kW
Nbr of spindles 6
Type of CNC

Gildemeister mf twin 65 y Multispindle automatic lathe

Year: 1999

Max. Ø 220 mm
Max. length 500 mm
Type of CNC
Nbr of spindles 2
Type CNC
Number of tools 24

Automatic lathe Kovosvit Compact A35

Year: 2005

Max. Ø 35 mm
Type of CNC Fanuc 16i-TB
Spindle speed 7000 rpm
Type CNC
Nbr of axes 8
Spindle power 7.5 kW

Automatic lathe Tsugami Mori BS18-III

Year: 2000

Max. Ø 18 mm
Nbr of axes 5
Spindle speed 5000 rpm
Type of CNC Fanuc 18 iTA
Number of tools 16

DECO DECO 2000/13 Multispindle automatic lathe

Year: 2000

Type of CNC
Spindle speed 10000 rpm

Index MS 42C Multispindle automatic lathe

Year: 1998

Nbr of spindles 6
Type of CNC Index
Type CNC
Spindle speed 5000 rpm

Multispindle Automatic Lathe MORI-SAY 620 AC

Year: 2021

Max. Ø 22 mm
Max. length 3300 mm
Nbr of spindles 6
Type CNC
Spindle speed 6000 rpm

The Indomitable Might of Multispindle Automatic Lathes: An Essential Component for Your Industrial Machinery Collection

We understand your quest for excellence and the demand for efficiency in your operations. As one of the leading marketplaces for used industrial machinery, Exapro's objective is to ensure you get the best equipment to meet your professional needs, which brings us to the intriguing world of Multispindle Automatic Lathes.

Primarily found in our revered Metal - Presses/ Forging category, these lathes provide an unparallel degree of performance, transforming how businesses handle their manufacturing processes. Multispindle Automatic Lathes are essentially multi-axis machine tools, each with their dedicated work zone, allowing you to operate on multiple pieces simultaneously. Their versatility and productivity are second to none, and they are well-suited for high-volume production of intricate parts.

Built for resilience and robustness, these machines offer an incomparable ability to craft pieces with unparalleled precision, all the while guaranteeing high throughput. They come in a variety of configurations to cater to your specific business needs, thus allowing you to take advantage of a flexible and efficient production process.

The lathes are particularly efficient in operations such as drilling, boring, and threading, allowing you to produce intricate workpieces that require exceptional precision. They offer consistency in production, reducing the probability of discrepancies or errors.

Ease of use is also a major selling point of these machines. With automated features, operators can ensure the smooth running of tasks without constant supervision, thereby reducing labour costs and freeing up manpower for other tasks.

They are designed with the environment in mind. With a significantly lower power consumption compared to their single spindle counterparts, Multispindle Automatic Lathes prove to be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This makes them an excellent investment for businesses that are keen on adopting sustainable practices.

Purchasing industrial machinery can be quite the investment, and we at Exapro understand that. Hence, our offerings in used Multispindle Automatic Lathes come as a fantastic opportunity to acquire these powerhouses at competitive prices. The price of our Multispindle Automatic Lathes ranges from €21,000 to €90,000, offering a broad spectrum to cater to different budgetary needs. We meticulously source and select these machines, ensuring that they are in top working condition and ready to contribute significantly to your production process.

The value addition of Multispindle Automatic Lathes to your operations can be monumental, not just in terms of efficiency, but also in the sphere of cost-effectiveness. With their multifaceted advantages, they are undoubtedly a worthy investment to consider.


Advantages of Multispindle automatic lathes

Multispindle automatic lathes come with a host of advantages that make them a highly desirable choice for businesses involved in the production of precision parts. Here are the key advantages of these efficient machines:

Increased Productivity: One of the most compelling advantages of Multispindle Automatic Lathes is their ability to significantly increase productivity. Since these lathes have multiple spindles that operate simultaneously, they can produce several parts at once. This enables high-volume production and greatly reduces the overall manufacturing time.

Cost Efficiency: Multispindle automatic lathes are cost-effective in the long run. While they may represent a considerable upfront investment, their high production rates quickly compensate for this initial cost. In addition, the simultaneous operation reduces labour costs, as fewer operators are required to oversee the machines.

Consistent Quality: These machines can deliver consistent, high-quality parts. They maintain accuracy and precision throughout their operations, ensuring that all parts produced meet the exact specifications. This consistency reduces waste due to errors or defects and enhances overall product quality.

Versatility: Multispindle automatic lathes can handle a wide range of materials and produce various parts, making them highly versatile. They are adaptable to different production needs and can easily handle complex and intricate tasks. This flexibility allows businesses to diversify their product range without the need for multiple types of machinery.

Automation: These lathes are often equipped with advanced automation capabilities, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimising the chances of human error. This automation can also enable around-the-clock operations, further enhancing productivity.

Space Efficiency: Given that these lathes are multi-taskers, they can perform the job of several single spindle machines while occupying a fraction of the space. This leads to more efficient use of the shop floor, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses with limited workspace.

Energy Efficiency: Despite their high production capacity, Multispindle automatic lathes are designed to use energy efficiently. This not only reduces the overall running costs but also makes these machines a more environmentally friendly choice.

Multispindle Automatic Lathes represent a holistic solution for high-volume, high-quality, and cost-effective production. They are designed to meet the challenging demands of today's industrial environment, offering businesses a competitive edge.


Main machine parameters of Multispindle automatic lathes

Multispindle automatic lathes are complex machines that have a number of key parameters that dictate their performance, capabilities, and suitability for various tasks. The following are some of the main machine parameters should take into account:

Number of Spindles: This determines the number of workpieces that can be machined simultaneously. More spindles translate into higher production rates.

Spindle Speed: The speed of the spindles can greatly impact the efficiency and quality of machining. Faster spindle speeds can lead to higher production rates, but the ideal speed will depend on the material and the specific machining process.

Bar Diameter: The maximum diameter of the bar that can be processed by the machine is an important factor. It determines the size of the workpiece that can be machined.

Number of Axes: The number of axes on which the machine can operate affects the complexity of the parts that can be produced. More axes allow for more complex, multidimensional machining.

Tooling: The number and types of tools that can be used on the machine also influence its capabilities. Some machines may have fixed tooling stations, while others may allow for flexible and changeable tooling.

Feed Rate: This is the speed at which the machine can feed the workpiece into the different machining processes. Faster feed rates can increase production speed but must be balanced against the risk of errors or defects.

Control System: The type of control system used by the lathe impacts its ease of use and the complexity of the tasks it can perform. Modern lathes often use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems for high precision and programmability.

Power Consumption: The amount of power the machine consumes is a key operational cost factor. More efficient machines can reduce the overall cost of operation.

Dimensions and Weight: The physical size and weight of the machine will affect where it can be installed and the infrastructure needed to support it.

Understanding these parameters can help you choose a Multispindle Automatic Lathe that best suits your operational requirements and production goals. It's essential to carefully consider each of these factors in relation to the specific needs of your business.


Area of use

Multispindle Automatic Lathes find a wide range of applications across various industries due to their high productivity, accuracy, and versatility. Their primary function is to perform turning operations on multiple workpieces simultaneously, but they can also handle drilling, boring, and threading. Here are some key areas where these machines find use:

Automotive Industry: These machines are extensively used in the automotive industry to produce various parts like bolts, shafts, screws, and other precision components in high volumes.

Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace industry, the lathes are used for manufacturing intricate parts that require high precision and strict adherence to specifications.

Medical Industry: In the field of medical equipment manufacturing, these lathes are used to produce small, intricate, and high-precision components used in devices like pacemakers, orthopaedic pins, dental implants, and surgical instruments.

Electronics Industry: These lathes are instrumental in the production of small, precise components used in electronic devices. Examples include connectors, switches, and other components that require precise machining.

Appliances & Consumer Goods: They are used to produce components for various household appliances and consumer goods, such as washing machines, refrigerators, or even toys.

Industrial Machinery: The machines are used to manufacture components for other industrial machinery and equipment, ensuring the efficient operation of various industrial processes.

Defence: Multispindle Automatic Lathes are employed in the defence sector for the manufacturing of high-precision parts for various military equipment and vehicles.

Construction: In the construction sector, these machines are used to produce bolts, screws, and other components that are required in large quantities.

Overall, Multispindle Automatic Lathes are essential in any sector where there's a need for high-volume, consistent, and precise manufacturing of parts. The efficiency and versatility of these machines make them a valuable addition to a wide variety of production processes.


Manufacturers of Multispindle automatic lathes

There are several well-established manufacturers known for producing high-quality Multispindle Automatic Lathes. Here are a few notable ones:

Schütte: A German-based company with a rich history, Schütte is known for manufacturing multi-spindle automatics and 5-axis CNC grinding machines.

Tornos: A Swiss manufacturer, Tornos has a longstanding reputation for providing highly precise machinery, including a range of Multispindle Automatic Lathes.

Gildemeister: Another German powerhouse, Gildemeister (now DMG Mori) is known for its innovative and reliable machine tools, including multispindle machines.

Index: Index, based in Germany, offers a wide array of turning machines, including multispindle automatic lathes that are renowned for their precision and efficiency.

ZPS: Based in the Czech Republic, ZPS (Zlín Precise Screw Machines) is a manufacturer that has been producing multispindle lathes for decades, serving a wide range of industries.

Wickman: A UK-based manufacturer, Wickman is another trusted name in the field, known for the durability and reliability of its multispindle machines.

Miyano: Now part of the Citizen group, this Japanese company manufactures lathes that are known for their precision and high production capability.

These manufacturers have a strong reputation for creating reliable, efficient, and high-performance Multispindle Automatic Lathes. However, it's essential to remember that the best choice of manufacturer will depend on your specific needs, such as the type and scale of production, the materials you'll be working with, your budget, and the level of after-sales service and support you require.

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team at Exapro is ready and eager to provide you with all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your business. We are committed to equipping you with machinery that elevates your production process to the next level. Invest in a Multispindle Automatic Lathe today and unlock the limitless potential of your business.