Exapro, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a curated selection of satellite equipment, blending innovation with cost-effectiveness. Originating from esteemed manufacturers like Newtec, Tandberg, and Ericsson, these machines promise precision, high-quality performance, and durability. With prices ranging from €10,000 to €100,000, Exapro caters to businesses of varying scales, ensuring a balance between affordability and quality.

Satellite equipment is essential in the broadcast, film, and audio industries for transmitting and receiving signals over long distances. These systems are ideal for tasks such as broadcasting television and radio signals, live event coverage, and data communications, ensuring reliable and high-quality transmissions.

On Exapro, alongside competitive pricing, professionals can evaluate essential equipment parameters, ensuring they make an informed purchase tailored to their needs. Explore Exapro's collection and enhance your broadcasting capabilities with reliable and efficient satellite equipment.

Advent Mints 190 flyaway antenna

Year: 2013

Mints 190 flyaway system with fully redundant XICOM 400W including: 1- 1.9M Mantis antenna Advent two boxes 2- 2x400Watt XTD-400k xicom HPA 3-monitoring systems A/V router + speaker+ 3x monitors design in case fly Zarges 4-TX/RX design for two encoders+HPA Xicom controller XTD-114D +2 IRD in case fly Zarges 5- case fly waveguides and quick release cables and accessories.


Year: 2008

1 unit,, Used, Full operational in perfect condition, Gigasat DA-100 Driveway antenna (can be attached in any car) ,Gigasat antenna controller,Lband upconverter, ,200W Outdoor TWT Amplifier T02UO-2G, ,promax tv explorer prodig-5.

Used Flyaway satellite uplink 2


Used in very good condition consisting of below equipment: 1. SWE-DISH FA150K 1.5m Quick Deply Antenna. 2. 1x Stellar 150W ODU TWTA with external BUC. 3. Stellar controller. 4. ERICSSON AVP3000 Encoder-Modulator with Lband output, DVBS/S2, QPKS/8PSK, MPEG2/4, SD/HD. 5. Flight cases and Promax Handheld Sepctrum.

Earth Station ViaSat 6.1m Ku-Band antennas X2 (2 pieces)


2 ViaSat antennas 6.1m Ku-Band with Casegrain, with 4-Port, full Motorized, full De-icing, 3-Axis Control Antenna We just dismantled last week both antennas and we stored them in our warehouse.. The Antennas can be sold separately The purchaser will provide their own 40 foot sea container and we will pack it securely in the container in a manner for international …

2 x MCL MT3200 KuBand TWTA amplifier with controller


2 x MCL MT3200 KuBand TWTA amplifier with controller. Both tested with 1.8Ma max helix current at full power on 06.06.2024. In perfect condition.

Used SWE-DISH FA150K 1.5m with 25W ku band BUC


SWE-DISH FA150K 1.5m Quick Deply Antenna with Xicom 25W ku band BUC

Used Flyaway satellite uplink


Used in very good condition consisting of below equipment: 1. SWE-DISH FA150K 1.5m Quick Deply Antenna. 2. 1x Stellar 180W ODU TWTA with external BUC with aprrox 3000 operatinghours. 3. Stellar controller. 4. ERICSSON AVP3000 Encoder-Modulator with Lband output, DVBS/S2, QPKS/8PSK, MPEG2/4, SD/HD. 5. Flight cases, video monitors, and Promax Handheld Sepctrum.

Used Bats (Broadband Antenna Tracking System) Fast 5.8


Brand: BATS Model: Fast 5.8 Description: Solid state, electronic automatic antenna pointing system, with no moving parts, operating on 5gHz frequency, able to work with third party radio equipment (Aviat, Cambium, Fluidmesh, Mikrotik, ...) Main market/use case: wireless broadband radio connection from boats to fix places (eg. harbor, offshore platform, ...), with automatic pointing of antenna with real time adapting …

Terrasat Buc 400W freq 6.725-7.025 ref IBR067070 -3NA401WW-0800


Terrasat brand new 400watt Buc frequency between 6.725-7.025

Antenna Controller RC 3050


Research Concepts Inc Antenna Controler 3-Axis it's new..never use Controllers can be sold separately...

AVL Technologies Trac Star 1296 (Used)

Year: 2008

TRACSTAR Flyaway MOTORIZED Antenna System Satellite Station Comes in 2 carrying cases/Box Units come from a working environment

Used AVL 1.2m flyaway Antenna



2- ADVANTECH C BAND SSPA ( Solid State ) Amplifier 500 WATTS

Year: 2010

These two SSPA Solid State Amplifiers are in good condition Advantech ARMA-C500-CRM have been used since, they are 500 watts C band (5.850-6.425 Ghz), rack mount (RU 5 units), were removed and were working fine No more than 500 hours of use . We also have other units for sale such as Xicomtech C band and ku band of 400 …

MCL MT3200 400W KU-Band TWTA amplifier


1 x MCL MT3200A 400 Watt Ku-Band Indoor Rack Mount TWTA Amplifier. For spare, parts, in good working condition but max helix current at full power is 7-8Ma (tested on 06.06.2024.)

3,980 €

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GB United Kingdom

iDirect Evolution X5 DVB-S2 Remote Satellite Router


IDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router Features Star topology Two modes of operation: iNFINITI or DVB-S2/ACM outbound Deterministic MF-TDMA or SCPC Return channel Extremely efficient 2D 16-State inbound coding Advanced QoS and traffic prioritization Automatic end-to-end Uplink Power Control Optional Spread Spectrum waveform technology supports very small antennas

Andrew ASC Signal 4-Port KU-Band Combiner


Andrew 4-Port KU-Band Combiner used in great conditon for sale.

Used iDirect Series 15152 Universal Satellite Hub (5IF/20 Slot)


iDirect Series 15152 Universal Satellite Hub (5IF/20 Slot) Qty 1 Quintech (LS) active splitter Qty 1 Quintech (LC) active combiner Qty 2 iDirect Dell R610 PP servers Qty 2 iDirect Dell R610 NMS servers Qty 2 iDirect IBM X3550 NMS servers Qty 2 iDirect IBM X3550 PP servers Qty 2 Quintech 24VDC power supply redundant Qty 2 iDirect XLC-11 Qty …

GATR Technologies 1.8m KU-Band Antenna


GATR Technologies 1.8m KU-Band Antenna was originally owned by FEMA and as part of that emergency response organization. It is very little used. The antenna package is complete and packed in five transport cases. The BUC is a Wavestream 16W complete with power supply. Shore power cables and all other M&C connections are included. The full list is shown under …

Andrew 9.3M C-Band Earth Station


Description Andrew 9.3M C-Band Earth Station Antenna is currently configured with a four port circular polarized feed, but we have an almost new linear feed that we can use to convert the antenna from CP to LP. Only one feed will be sold with the antenna, but we can offer the second OMT at an additional cost if the buyer …

Vertex 9M C-Band Earth Station


Description Vertex 9M C-Band Earth Station Antenna is available for immediate sale, it is motorized, four port with an outside 7150 controller box The asking price includes professional take-down and packing in the client supplied 40 foot shipping container.

Understanding Satellite Equipment in the Exapro Broadcast, Film, and Audio Machinery Marketplace

At Exapro, we connect professionals with top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Within our extensive offerings, the category of Broadcast, Film, and Audio includes essential equipment such as Satellite Equipment. Let’s explore what this equipment entails, its importance, and why Exapro is the ideal marketplace for buying or selling it.

What is Satellite Equipment?

Satellite equipment refers to the technology used to receive, transmit, and manage satellite signals for broadcast, communication, and data transfer. This equipment is critical in various industries including broadcasting, telecommunications, defense, and scientific research. Satellite equipment ensures that signals are transmitted over long distances, providing reliable communication and broadcasting capabilities worldwide.

Types of Satellite Equipment

  1. Satellite Dishes: Parabolic antennas that receive and transmit signals to and from satellites. They vary in size and design depending on the application and frequency band used.
  2. Satellite Receivers: Devices that decode the signals received by the satellite dish, converting them into a format that can be viewed or used by end devices.
  3. Modulators and Demodulators: Devices that modulate and demodulate signals for transmission and reception, respectively, ensuring data integrity and efficiency.
  4. Upconverters and Downconverters: Equipment that shifts the frequency of signals to suitable levels for transmission (upconverters) and reception (downconverters).
  5. Amplifiers: Boost signal strength to ensure clear and strong transmissions. These include Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) and High Power Amplifiers (HPAs).
  6. Encoders and Decoders: Convert video and audio signals into a format suitable for transmission and back to their original format at the reception point.
  7. Transponders: Devices on satellites that receive signals from the ground, amplify them, and retransmit them back to Earth.
  8. Monitoring and Control Systems: Software and hardware systems used to monitor the performance and health of satellite communication links.

The Exapro Advantage: Buying & Selling Satellite Equipment

Navigating the world of used industrial machinery can be complex, but Exapro simplifies the process. For those looking to purchase, the key benefits are manifold.


Acquiring new satellite equipment can be a significant financial commitment, especially for small broadcasters or startups. Through Exapro, professionals can obtain this equipment at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring exceptional value for money. On our platform, the price range for used satellite equipment typically lies between €5,000 and €200,000, reflecting the variety available in terms of age, brand, wear and tear, and additional features.

Quality Assurance

At Exapro, every listing undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure each piece of equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next operational chapter. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Satellite equipment is crucial for efficient and reliable communication and broadcasting. Whether you're looking to invest in it or sell it, Exapro offers a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Embark on the future of broadcasting with Exapro – where innovation meets tradition.

Main Advantages of Satellite Equipment

Satellite equipment is indispensable in the broadcasting and communication industry due to its numerous benefits. Here are the main advantages:

Global Coverage

Satellites can cover vast geographical areas, ensuring reliable communication and broadcasting over long distances.

High-Quality Transmission

Satellite equipment ensures high-quality, uninterrupted transmission of audio, video, and data signals.


Satellite systems can be scaled to meet the demands of small local broadcasters to large global networks.


Satellite communication systems are less susceptible to terrestrial disruptions, providing a reliable link even in remote or disaster-affected areas.


Modern satellite equipment can handle various types of data and communication services, including broadcasting, internet, and mobile communication.

Main Machine Parameters of Satellite Equipment

When evaluating or understanding satellite equipment, several key parameters are considered to ensure they meet specific requirements. Here are the main machine parameters:

Frequency Band

The range of frequencies the equipment can operate on (e.g., C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band), affecting its suitability for different applications.

Signal Gain

The amplification capability of the equipment, crucial for ensuring strong and clear signal transmission.


The range of frequencies the equipment can handle, determining the amount of data that can be transmitted.


The orientation of the signal's electric field, affecting compatibility with various satellite systems.

Noise Figure

The amount of noise the equipment adds to the signal, impacting the overall signal quality.

Power Consumption

The amount of power required to operate the equipment, affecting operational costs and efficiency.

Environmental Resistance

The ability of the equipment to operate in different environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, humidity, and physical stress.

Area of Use of Satellite Equipment

Satellite equipment, given its versatility and capacity for high-quality communication and broadcasting, finds application in a multitude of areas. Here’s a rundown of the primary areas of use:


Used for transmitting television and radio signals to a wide audience, ensuring high-quality, reliable broadcasting.


Essential for providing communication services, including telephone and internet, especially in remote or underserved areas.

Defense and Military

Used for secure and reliable communication, surveillance, and navigation in defense operations.

Disaster Recovery

Provides emergency communication services in disaster-affected areas where terrestrial networks are disrupted.

Scientific Research

Used in satellite-based research and exploration, including weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, and space exploration.

Maritime and Aviation

Provides communication and navigation services for ships and aircraft, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

Manufacturers of Satellite Equipment

Several renowned manufacturers in the satellite equipment industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers of satellite equipment:

Hughes Network Systems

A leading provider of satellite broadband and networking solutions, Hughes offers advanced equipment known for their reliability and performance.


Renowned for their comprehensive range of satellite communication solutions, SES provides efficient and versatile satellite equipment for various applications.


Specializes in satellite internet and broadband services, offering robust and precise satellite equipment designed for high-performance communication.


Known for their extensive satellite network and communication services, Intelsat provides reliable satellite equipment for global connectivity.

Thales Alenia Space

Offers advanced satellite technology, providing high-quality equipment designed for efficiency and precision in satellite communication.


Specializes in satellite communication equipment for maritime, land, and airborne applications, offering versatile and efficient solutions.

When considering a purchase or researching satellite equipment, it's essential to look into these manufacturers' specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand has its strengths, specialties, and technological innovations that cater to different communication and broadcasting requirements.


Satellite equipment is invaluable in the broadcasting and communication industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for global connectivity. Whether for broadcasting, telecommunications, defense, or scientific research, this equipment ensures superior performance and compliance with industry standards. With the support of Exapro, acquiring or selling satellite equipment becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional communication and broadcasting services.