Used binding - folders for sale on Exapro 208

james burn international ex610 - epx700 - bb43h - cd610 - bb32 folding machine

Year: 1995

james burn ex610 - 2:1 square 2:1 round 3:1 square 3:1 hanger punch 4:1 ellipse and separator bracket patterns available james burn epx700 james burn bb43h - 1/4_5/16_3/8_7/16_1/2_9/16_5/8_3/4_7/8_1"_ 1/4 hanger 3/8 hanger they have jaws james burn cd610 - 1/4 It can be worn normally and with suspension up to 60 cm. james burn bb32 - 1/4 has only one …

Duplo DC-10 DBM-100 folding machine


Nbr of folding bags 1
Max. paper width 32 cm
Min. paper width 15 cm
Max. paper length 45 cm
Min. paper length 21 cm

Shoei SPT52-4K Folding machine (8 pages)

Year: 1997

Max. paper length 12 cm
Min. paper length 52 cm
Max. paper width 13.5 cm
Min. paper width 85 cm

Duplo System 5000 DBM-500 + MASSICOT DBM 500 T folding machine

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 35 cm
Min. paper length 12 cm
Max. paper width 50 cm
Min. paper width 17 cm

MBO T800-644 Foldingmachine 16&32P Hot deal

Year: 2001

Nbr of folding bags 6
Max. paper width 21 cm
Min. paper width 120 cm
Max. paper length 15 cm
Min. paper length 78 cm
Type of feeder roundpile

Horizon SB08 folding machine

Year: 2002

I am selling a Horizon SB08 glue stick + a cooling track + a Horizon HT70 tri-cut. The line is in very good condition - The output is max. 3000 units per hour. The line makes very high-quality V2 and V4 bindings. The line can be demonstrated in operation.

Uchida Aerofold folding machine

Year: 2013

Nbr of folding bags 2
Max. paper width 33 cm
Min. paper width 12 cm
Max. paper length 48 cm
Min. paper length 21 cm

Bobst Domino 72 folding machine

Year: 1985

Max. paper width 720 cm
Min. paper width 126 cm

MBO T520-1-20/4-F folding machine

Year: 2003

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 72 cm
Max. paper length 52 cm

MBO K820-4KZ Foldingmachine 16P

Year: 1994

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 21 cm
Min. paper width 120 cm
Max. paper length 15 cm
Min. paper length 82 cm
Type of feeder flatpile

Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52-4 Fi folding machine

Year: 2021

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 52 cm
Min. paper width 10 cm
Max. paper length 84 cm
Min. paper length 15 cm
Type of feeder flatpile

Used Horizon AF-566 F + T-564 F folding machine

Year: 2011

Nbr of folding bags 3
Max. paper width 685 cm
Min. paper width 148 cm
Max. paper length 558 cm
Min. paper length 128 cm

Stahl MKE-66 Kicker table

Year: 1995

Make Stahl Model MKE-66 Year 1995 Size 10-66 cm width Details must get signal from sensor and it will off-set the direction Available direct

Prakma 105 Gluingmachine for paper or board

Year: 1970

Make Prakma Model 105 Year 1970´s Width 1050 mm Gluing station Prakma 105 top gluing Pressing station Prakma 105 2 roller pressing Optional can be bought "as it is" or refurbished, can be sold as stand alone units, with mounting table or with (vacuüm) belt to mount on Available ask

Stahl T32-2 Foldingmachine

Year: 1987

Make Stahl Model T32-2 Year 1987 Feeder bottom suction wheel Folding configuration 2 platebuckles Details Stahl EZ32 counter, noise hoods, vacuum pump Condition after order we will install new suction wheel Available direct Price on request

Creasing machine Morgana DigiCreaser 770

Year: 2013

Nbr of folding bags 9
Max. paper width 32 cm
Max. paper length 63 cm

Hunkeler LAM600 Gluingmachine for paper

Year: 1990

Make Hunkeler Model LAM600 Year 1990 Width 600 mm Available Direct