Exapro is your premier marketplace for high-quality used industrial machinery. We present our selection of gluers, staplers and wire binders under the Folders category. These machines are professionally maintained, offering an excellent blend of durability, precision, and value. Our gluers excel in adhesive application, suitable for diverse industries, while our robust staplers ensure reduced downtime and increased accuracy. For a professional finish, consider our versatile wire binders, ideal for various applications.

Every machine goes through a stringent vetting process, ensuring quality and performance. Our machinery is cost-effective, promising significant savings compared to new equipment without compromising efficiency. Prices range between €6,000 and €29,000, catering to diverse budget scales.

For detailed information or to request a quote, reach out to our dedicated team, ready to assist you with your specific needs. At Exapro, we're all about facilitating your business growth through quality and affordability. Trust in Exapro for your industrial machinery needs and boost your productivity today.

Duplo DC-10 DBM-100 folding machine


Nbr of folding bags 1
Max. paper width 32 cm
Min. paper width 15 cm
Max. paper length 45 cm
Min. paper length 21 cm

Multigraf Eurofold Touchline C375 Perforating (comb), scoring and creasing machines


Max. paper length 37.5 cm
Min. paper length 10.5 cm
Max. paper width 66 cm
Min. paper width 14.8 cm

INTROMA ZD-2SR folding machine

Year: 2001

1 Heavy-duty 2003 INTROMA ZD-2SR N°1381 wire stitcher on stand For producing pads, brochures, notebooks, etc.... Quick settings in a single operation! 1 flat or saddle head Capacity: 0.2 to 25 mm for riveted stitches (staple closed) 24 to 40 mm bleed stitch (open staple) 2 sheets to 8 mm in saddle stitch Maximum sheet feed height: 40 mm Max. …

OMG Economic P/700

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 33 cm
Min. paper length 10 cm
Max. paper width 70 cm
Min. paper width 11 cm

MBO M80/6 folding machine

Year: 2016

Nbr of folding bags 6
Max. paper width 120 cm
Max. paper length 78 cm
Type of feeder roundpile

Stahl MKE-66 Kicker table

Year: 1995

Max. paper length 25 cm
Min. paper length 7 cm
Max. paper width 66 cm
Min. paper width 10 cm

MBO K820-4KZ Foldingmachine 16P

Year: 1994

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 21 cm
Min. paper width 120 cm
Max. paper length 15 cm
Min. paper length 82 cm
Type of feeder flatpile

MBO T45-4X Folding machine

Year: ~ 1990

Max. paper length 46 cm
Type of feeder flatpile
Max. paper width 65 cm

Herzog + Heymann M7/46 t10 folding machine

Year: 2015

Nbr of folding bags 10
Max. paper width 52 cm
Max. paper length 84 cm
Type of feeder flatpile

Horizon SB08 folding machine

Year: 2002

I am selling a Horizon SB08 glue stick + a cooling track + a Horizon HT70 tri-cut. The line is in very good condition - The output is max. 3000 units per hour. The line makes very high-quality V2 and V4 bindings. The line can be demonstrated in operation.

james burn international ex610 - epx700 - bb43h - cd610 folding machine

Year: ~ 1995

james burn ex610 - 2:1 square 2:1 round 3:1 square 3:1 hanger punch 4:1 ellipse and separator bracket patterns available james burn epx700 james burn bb43h - 1/4_5/16_3/8_7/16_1/2_9/16_5/8_3/4_7/8_1"_ 1/4 hanger 3/8 hanger they have jaws james burn cd610 - 1/4 It can be worn normally and with suspension up to 60 cm.

KAMA ProFold 74 folding machine

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 74 cm
Min. paper length 10 cm
Max. paper width 74 cm
Min. paper width 12 cm

Zechini Roby One Gluing/Laminating machine (automatic)

Year: ~ 2000

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 70 cm
Max. paper length 50 cm

Muller Martini Presto 8 station folder + cover inserter

Year: 2002

Muller Martini Presto 8 stations + put cover The machine is like new and has had little work Trilateral put cover and 8 overlapping stations plus omega heads

Shoei SPB 74 folding machine

Year: 2007

Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 740 cm
Max. paper length 1100 cm
Type of feeder flatpile

Folding machine MBO T49-4

Year: 1983

Max. paper length 49 cm
Max. paper width 85 cm

CMC Auriga AUR 52 8 Gluer-Binder-Press

Year: 2017

Max. paper length 48 cm
Min. paper length 12 cm
Max. paper width 70 cm
Min. paper width 15 cm

Mb Multimaster 38 folding machine


Nbr of folding bags 4
Max. paper width 38 cm
Min. paper width 7 cm
Max. paper length 65 cm
Min. paper length 12 cm
Type of feeder flatpile


Year: 2008

Max. paper length 78 cm
Min. paper length 15 cm
Max. paper width 120 cm
Min. paper width 19 cm

Gluers, Staplers and Wire Binders on Exapro

Are you seeking the perfect solution to boost your production efficiency? Welcome to Exapro, the ultimate marketplace for used industrial machinery, where high-quality meets affordability. We're spotlighting our top-notch collection of gluers, staplers, and wire binders available under our Folder category, each offering an unparalleled blend of durability, precision, and value.


When it comes to high-speed adhesive application, our range of second-hand gluers leads the pack. Ideal for bookbinding, packaging, and various other industrial applications, our gluers have been professionally maintained and carefully vetted to ensure optimal performance. They are perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their productivity without compromising on the quality of outputs.


Robust and highly dependable, these machines can handle a wide range of materials with varying thicknesses. A used stapler from Exapro promises reduced downtime and improved accuracy, no matter the complexity of your stapling task. Whether you're involved in bookbinding, printing, or any other industry requiring efficient fastening solutions, our staplers are an excellent choice.

Wire Binders

These machines offer a high degree of versatility, suitable for a range of applications including calendar making, brochure production, and document binding. Our second-hand wire binders provide a professional finish that brings a neat and tidy appeal to your products. They are the go-to solution for businesses looking to increase their productivity whilst ensuring a high-quality output.

Affordable Prices for Quality

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency in today's competitive industrial landscape, and that's why we offer our top-of-the-line used machinery at attractive prices.

Our second-hand gluers, staplers, and wire binders are available in a range that suits varying budget scales, ensuring you find a machine that aligns with both your operational requirements and financial plan. Prices start as low as €6,000 and go up to €29,000, giving businesses of all sizes the opportunity to improve their productivity with reliable, efficient machinery.

For more detailed pricing information or to get a quote for a specific machine, please reach out to our team of dedicated professionals who are ready and eager to assist you. Together, we can find a solution that fits your budget and meets your industrial requirements. Boost your productivity today with Exapro, where quality and affordability go hand in hand.


Main Advantages


Efficiency: Gluers can swiftly apply adhesive to a variety of materials, significantly speeding up the production process compared to manual methods.
Precision: Advanced technologies allow gluers to apply adhesive with pinpoint accuracy, reducing waste and enhancing the quality of the finished product.
Versatility: Gluers can handle a wide range of material types and sizes, making them applicable to diverse industrial sectors.
Cost-Effective: Automated gluers help businesses save on labour costs and material wastage in the long run.


Speed: Industrial staplers can drive staples much faster than manual stapling, thus increasing productivity.
Durability: Heavy-duty staplers are designed to handle tough materials and heavy use, making them more resilient and long-lasting.
Versatility: These machines can accommodate a range of staple sizes and types, making them suitable for a broad range of applications.
Safety: Industrial staplers often come with safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing, enhancing the safety of the working environment.

Wire Binders

Professional Finish: Wire binding gives documents and publications a clean, professional look, enhancing the perceived value of the final product.
Durability: Wire-bound documents are robust and can withstand frequent use without falling apart, making this method ideal for high-usage items like manuals or catalogues.
Versatility: Wire binders can handle a range of paper sizes, and the binding itself can be easily opened and closed for document editing.
Ease of Use: Modern wire binders are user-friendly, allowing for quick and efficient binding with minimal training.

By understanding these advantages, you can make an informed decision on whether gluers, staplers, and wire binders would be a beneficial addition.


Main machine parameters


Glue Type Compatibility: This refers to the types of adhesive the machine can apply (hot melt, cold glue, PUR, etc.).
Max/min Speed: The maximum and minimum speed at which the machine can operate effectively, often measured in meters/minute.
Max/min Material Width: The maximum and minimum width of the material the machine can handle.
Power Consumption: The amount of electrical power the machine uses, typically measured in kilowatts (kW).
Weight: The physical weight of the machine, an important factor for transportation and installation.


Staple Size Range: The range of staple sizes that the machine can handle.
Staple Capacity: The number of staples the machine can hold at once, affecting how often it needs to be reloaded.
Stapling Speed: The speed at which the machine can staple, often measured in staples/minute.
Stapling Depth: The maximum depth at which the machine can insert staples into the material.
Power Source: This could be manual, electric, or pneumatic, and affects the machine's performance and usage requirements.

Wire Binders

Binding Capacity: The maximum number of sheets the machine can bind at once.
Binding Speed: The speed at which the machine can bind, usually measured in books/hour.
Max/min Document Size: The maximum and minimum size of document the machine can handle.
Wire Size Range: The range of wire diameters that the machine can use for binding.
Power Consumption: The amount of electrical power the machine uses, typically measured in kilowatts (kW).

Each machine's specific parameters can vary based on its make, model, and manufacturer specifications. Always consult the machine's manual or speak to the manufacturer or supplier to understand its specific capabilities and limitations.


Area of use

Gluers, staplers, and wire binders have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some of the common areas of use:


Packaging Industry: Gluers are commonly used in the packaging industry for box construction, carton closing, and for applying glue to other packaging materials.
Bookbinding: In the bookbinding industry, gluers are often used for applying adhesive to the spines of books or for the production of hardcover books.
Woodworking: Gluers are also used in the woodworking industry for furniture assembly, where they help in joining wooden pieces together.
Print and Paper Industry: Gluers are used for applying adhesive in print finishing processes, such as in the production of envelopes or labels.


Packaging Industry: Staplers are widely used in the packaging industry for closing corrugated boxes and cartons. They also secure goods to pallets during shipment.
Construction Industry: Staplers are used for fastening building materials like insulation, house wrap, and roofing paper.
Upholstery: Staplers are indispensable in the furniture and upholstery industries, where they're used to fasten fabric to furniture frames.
Publishing: In print and publishing, staplers are used for booklet making or brochure production.

Wire Binders

Publishing Industry: Wire binders are primarily used in the publishing industry for binding books, manuals, reports, calendars, and notebooks.
Printing Services: Print shops use wire binders for creating professional presentations, proposals, or bound documents for their clients.
Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and libraries use wire binders for creating course materials, research papers, and other educational resources.
Offices: In a corporate setting, wire binders are used for creating professional-looking presentations, reports, and proposals.
Marketing and Advertising: Wire binders are often used in marketing and advertising for creating high-quality, professional-looking promotional materials, product catalogues, and brochures.


Main manufacturers

Depending on what's currently available in Exapro's inventory, you may find machinery from leading manufacturers. Here are some of them:


Bobst: A renowned Swiss company that offers a wide range of gluers, especially for the packaging industry.
Heidelberg: A German manufacturer known for its high-quality printing machinery, including gluers.
Nordson: An American company providing a variety of adhesive application solutions, including industrial gluers.


Rapid: A Swedish company specialising in office staplers and has a range of industrial staplers as well.
Stanley Bostitch: An American company known for their manual and pneumatic staplers used in various industries.
Salco: They manufacture a variety of industrial staplers for packaging, construction, and other uses.

Wire Binders

James Burn International (JBI): This French company is known for its Wire-O binding machines.
Renz: A German manufacturer specialising in punching and binding machines, including wire binders.
Spiral Binding: An American company that provides a wide range of document finishing solutions, including wire binding machines.

Please note that the availability of machinery from these manufacturers will depend on Exapro's current inventory, as it's a marketplace for used machinery. For the most up-to-date information, you should visit the Exapro website or get in touch with their sales team.


Why choose Exapro?

Choosing Exapro for your used industrial machinery needs is a smart business decision for a multitude of reasons. Exapro offers a vast range of machinery from reputable manufacturers across the globe, ensuring you have access to high-quality, durable equipment that meets your specific requirements.

The competitive pricing strategy employed by Exapro provides significant savings for businesses, allowing them to acquire top-of-the-range machinery at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. This makes Exapro an ideal solution for both large corporations and SMEs looking to optimise their budget while upgrading their operations.

Exapro's dedicated customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries or concerns. They provide comprehensive support, guiding customers through the process of selecting and purchasing the ideal machinery for their needs. All of that makes Exapro your trusted partner in the quest for operational efficiency and business growth.