Used metal detectors for sale 128

Ishida IX-G2-4027-E Metal detector

Year: 2016

Ishida IX-G2-4027-E X-ray machine from 2016. Very nice condition & little use since new. Detects metal, plastic, glass, stone etc. Dimensions 200 x 130 cm H 200 cm.

Used Witronic T/PLVMEAT21-0002 Metal detector

Year: 2015

Hersteller: Witronic Model: T/PLVMEAT21-0002 Abmessungen: 63 mm

Safeline BH Tablet Metal detector

Year: ~ 2000

Width of the arc 75 mm
Height of the arc 38 mm

Unknown QZ-8055 Metal detector

Year: 2021

Width of the arc 800 mm
Height of the arc 550 mm

Loma X5 Metal detector

Year: 2014

Loma X5 x-ray machine from 2014 detects both packaged & unpackaged products. Very high capacity machine in mint condition, wear parts included as shown. Dimensions 200 x 120 cm H 190 cm.

CEIA THS Metal detector


Width of the arc 250 mm
Height of the arc 105 mm

Loma Systems, IQ3+ Pipeline Metal Detector.

Year: 8

1 off 2 inch (90mm square aperture) standard pipeline, mounted on a stand. This machine has quick release fittings and ARK-2 reject valve. The machine is build to meet the CE specifications. Machine Serial Number: APL48926-25283D Head Frequency: Variable. The estimated sensitivity are as follow: Ferrous 3.0mm sphere. Non Ferrous 2.5mm sphere. 304 Stainless Steel 3.0mm sphere. Those figures would …

Loma IQ Metal detector

Year: 1998

Width of the arc 2100 mm
Height of the arc 400 mm

Safeline - Metal detector

Year: ~ 2004

Width of the arc 350 mm
Height of the arc 215 mm

Safeline EES-280-1400 Metal detector

Year: 2002

Width of the arc 310 mm
Height of the arc 127 mm

Metal Shark Shark 1 Metal detector

Year: 2022

Width of the arc 600 mm
Height of the arc 300 mm

Multivac GLS 800 Metal detector


Width of the arc 800 mm
Height of the arc 120 mm

Lock + Pharma Technology Met 30+ / Combi 500L Metal detector

Year: 2001

Manufacturer: Lock+Pharma Technology Model: Met 30+ / Combi 500L Year: 2001 Technical documentation: present

Loma Systems IQ Metal detector


Width of the arc 600 mm
Height of the arc 210 mm

Mesutronic METRON 07 CI Metal detector

Year: 2018

METRON 07 CI Rectangular tunnel metal detector for installation on a conveyor belt. Mainly used where there is a high detection requirement in the field of quality assurance. Detects all metals, whether as inclusions or loose particles The new benchmark in performance! The "imagePHASE" analysis system visualises your product and ensures metal detection with high accuracy and best operational reliability. …