WOMA GB LTD 150ARP P55, PERKINS 1106C E60TA industrial pump Low working hours

Year: ~ 2010

Little used high pressure water pump with diesel engine for sale. 8 working hours. The water pump is used in the construction of retaining walls with piles. Location: Tartu Diesel engine: Perkins 1106C-E60TA (8 hours). The engine starts. High pressure water pump: WOMA 150ARP PSS (Pmax=150 Bar, Q=329L/min), with canned coolant. Dimensions: 3.4 m x 1.5 m x 1.9 m …

Rexroth hydraulic piston pumps test stand 37 KW Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 1989

Hydraulic pumps test rig with a maximum power of 37 KW, a total of 4 electrical engines with variable hydraulic pumps. Volume of the oil tank of approximately 1000 liters, with an electrical control panel and front testing panel protected with 2 detachable canopies,. The testing panel has a lot of control devices such as flowmeter, variable pressure relief valves, …

LEWA Metring Pump Type LDE3. Hot deal

Year: 2013

we want to sell brand new LEWA Metring Pump Type LDE3.Unused, incorrectly purchased pump.

Jet Suction Dredger

Year: 2023

The specialized equipment called the Jet Suction Dredger is used to remove sand and other solids from shallow bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, channels, and docks. This dredger is designed with a sand dredging pump to suction up the solids and a high-pressure water jet to break up the sand layer. It can be customized to suit specific …

Portable Gold Suction Dredge for sale

Year: 2023

Are you considering upgrading your gold mining equipment? If so, investing in a portable gold suction dredge for sale may be the perfect option for you. These dredges are designed specifically for underwater mining and river dredging, providing an efficient and effective way to search for and extract gold from riverbeds. When searching for the right gold suction dredge for …

Hydraulic power pack 630 lt tank volume and 2 electric motors Hot deal

Year: 2008

Hydraulic power pack with a oil tank volume of 630 lt, 2 three phased electrical motors at power of 22 KW and 5 KW, maximum pressures of 150 Bar, with oil dipping tray. Equipped with 4 hydraulic accumulators HYDAC, each with a volume of 32 lt. First pump:145 Bar and 71 l/min Second pump:160 Bar and 8.5 l/min.

Used dredge pump


For sale a used dredge pump from Warman. Suction size is 350 mm and is in good condtion. The dredge pump you can use for sand or heavy gravel. 14 inch suction and 12 inch discharge. Passage size 203 mm.

Aerzen Delta Blower industrial pump Hot deal

Year: 2007


2,800 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Vakuum Bohemia s.r.o. PA 0302 CH industrial pump Hot deal

Year: 2013

Parameters: Pumping speed: 300 m3/h Max. vakuum: 2 mbar Wattage: 7.5 kW Connection: G 2" RPM: 1450 Weight: 190 kg Size: 1000 x 555 x 410mm

2,800 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Becker VADS 1500 industrial pump Hot deal

Year: 2004

For sale we have a Becker VADS 1500 37 kW vacuum screw pump from 2004 The pump is regularly serviced and under the supervision of maintenance. Vacuum pump, characterized by low operating and maintenance costs. Noise reduction housing VARIAIR frequency converter Internal filtration SCREW VACUUM PUMP Becker VADS 1500 with inverter. 37 kW 2004 12,000 revolutions/min 1500 m3/h 800 mbar …

Scheugenpflug A220 material feeding unit

Year: 2010

Scheugenpflug A220 type material feeding unit. 3x400V, 6 bar compressed air. Very good condition. There are two identical machines for selling! Price is given for EACH.

Scheugenpflug A280 2C material feeding unit

Year: 2016

Scheigenpflug A280 2C type material feeding unit. Near mint condition. Voltage: 2x400V, compressed air max. 6 bar. Nearly as new!

Vacuum pump Vakuum Bohemia PA 0302

Year: 2013

Type: PA 0302 Producer: Vakuum Bohemia Made in: 2013 Characteristic: Airflow: 300 m³/h Total power: 7.5 kW Max. Speed: 1450 1/min Machine dimensions: 1000 x 550 x 410 mm Machine weight: 190 kg

GEA Grasso RC 49 industrial pump

Year: 2000

GEAGrasso RC49. Year:2000 NH3 2,4 bar. 281 m3/h nmax: 1450 U/min

NORMECA 120 m2 industrial pump


Autonomous NORMECA motor pump station 120m2 to 100m, remainder of chemical plant security system. Excellent opportunity.

Glass /SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell SMG 1000 Puffer/ Waukesha 064 & 134 industrial pump

Year: 1999

High viscous product pump with hopper Specially designed lobe rotary pump for "unlikely pumpable" highly viscous products like pastry, meat emulsion, gum, cheese, curd / cream etc. Pump(SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 064, 0.579 liter / rev., 23 rpm, 2.2 kW drive SEW, 3-A, 65 mm 2.5 ") with SS Twin-lobe rotor and large rectangular pump inlet 62 x 229 mm, 800 …

Gorman Rupp T8A


Size: 8” (203 mm) Build on Stainless steel chassis To Pumps available

Vacuum pump Aerzen Delta Blower GM 10 S

Year: 2007

Type: Delta Blower GM 10 S Producer: Aerzen Made in: 2007 Characteristic: Airflow: 30-15.000 m3/h

Flow 20XW waterknife dual 60KSI intensifier Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2014

Flow 20XW waterknife dual 60KSI intensifier This is an unused Flow dual 60KSI (4500 BAR) intensifier, it has only its testing hours on the timer (26)hours, it is in new condition and completely clean and comes with the original tool kit and a few spares. It does not come with any kind of machine 1. 20XW waterknife dual 60KSI intensifier …

Luigi Bracchi pompa KP 50/5 industrial pump


The water draft pump with Lombardini 904 engine and multi-stage centrifugal pump is a high quality system which guarantees an effective draft of any type of liquid. Thanks to the complete overhaul it has undergone, it is able to provide optimal performance and reliable operation in any situation. The Lombardini 904 engine guarantees maximum power and reliability, while the multi-stage …