Zechini Gamma Casing-in machine

Year: 2000

Make Zechini Model Gamma Year 2000 Workingwidth 420 mm Thickness 100 mm (electrical adjustable) Details After order machine shall be completed with new side dams, new glue bin, and new glue adjustment gears Available Direct this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Zechini Gamma is an innovative casing-in machine introduced …

KOLBUS BF 522 Case making machine Low working hours

Year: 1984

Hardcover machine + press. The set is in good working order. Kolbus BF522 - year of production 1984 Kolbus FE40 - year of production 1985 Formats: minimum: 125x100 maximum: 210x365 Block thickness: 2 – 50 mm Measures: 40 Overall good condition. The machine is fully operational, ready for production. With it all technical documentation. Full equipment: - tables (block input) …

Zhengrun FD-AMF450A Case making machine

Year: 2010

Zhengrun hardcover machine for sale. Model FD-AMF450A. Year of production 2010. The machine has been with us since new. Machine in production. Available for inspection.

Heidelberg KSBA Case making machine


HEIDELBERG cylinder KSBA with Hot Foil System Size cm. 46x58,5 Machine fully overhauled with the installation of new hot foil system, new electric system, panel command, heating plate in 3 honeycomb areas, double rack.

Jagenberg box gluing line


box folding, gluing line. Needs a good look over, possible belt change.

Jagenberg Diana 925 III Case making machine

Year: 1980

Jagenberg Diana 925 III, Year: 1980, Age: 1980 Max.Size: 92 x 90 cm (36 x 35 inch) With straight line, Crashlock, 3rd Crease pre-fold, Pafra electronic 2 Gun glue system, Left-hand lower glue pot, Compression delivery, Suitable for 200-800 gsm Carton-board, E, F, N and Micro flute, In production (Ireland)

CMC Automatic Casemaker/Línea de forrado y contracolado CMC

Year: 2002

CMC Italy Automatic modular casemaker line HSV. consists in: HELIOMAT: Automatic gluer with paper feeder and belt with automatic stop. SPOTTER: Cardboard feeder robot VIRGO: Automatic casemaker Fully revised and overhauled at our facilities with original spare parts, ready to produce. Any doubts or questions about casemaking or box making machinery please contact us, we're specialists with more than 25 …

Stahl Bl 500 Case making machine

Year: 1997

the machine is in good working condition only need good cleaning before installation consisting of: preloading conveyor preheating unit CAC, COS casing in line for hard cover book block starfeeder back rounding station gauzing glueing unit second glueing unit ribbon inserting unit tube station for english hollow case bender twin book pressing and joint forming machine belt delivery lay-down delivery …

Rovema VPR 250 Case making machine


System for packaging free-flowing products, consisting of: - Metal check of manufacturer Safeline - Weigher of manufacturer Multipond, type MP 1412 D, year of construction 1991 - Packaging machine of manufacturer Rovema, type VPR 250, year of construction 1996/2012 - Checkweigher of manufacturer Mettler Toledo, type X3, year of construction 2010 - Case packer of manufacturer Somic, type WA 404 …

Rebord Astra Automatic case maker

Year: 1998

Automatic case maker Rebord Model Astra Year 1998 Minimum case size 150 x 200 mm Max. case size 700 x 1000 mm / 700 x 1200 mm Speed up to 20 cases per minute Configuration 1 x Rebord sheet feeding station (automatic feeding of paper, cloth, buckrum and other materials) 1 x Rebord top gluing station 75 cm ( Automatic …

Zechini Roby Case making machine


Zechini Roby hard cover case maker Equipped with Zechini Automan 2 (1999), Zechini SMM X (2000) and Zechini SMM 74 (2000)

Perondi A5060 Automatic Rigid Box Line Hot deal

Year: 1998

Perondi A5060 Automatic Rigid Box Line Paper sheet: Min 150×200 mm Max 600×900 mm Size of stapled and lined box: – Width 100 to 400 mm – Length 150 to 600 mm – Height 15 to 115 mm Production speed from 19 to 40 boxes per minute

Tecnograf Easy Tower+ Easy Press Case making machine

Year: 2008

Casing-in machine Casing-in machine with one blade, Computer for Automatic set-up. System consists of 2 units: Easy tower, Easy press, Technical data Book size:min 100 mm x 100 mm (w x h), max 350 mm x 420 mm (w x h) Thickness: min 6 mm, max 70 mm Speed: approx. 400 books/hour Electrical requirements: 15 kW Floor space needed: 3.000 …

CASEMAKER CAVIFES INVA 1.3 2200 Case making machine

Year: 2002

Machine For The Manufacture Of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Brand Cavifes Model Inva 1.3 2.200 Maximum Box (mm.) 2150 X 1150 Minimum Box (mm.) 450 X 320 Maximum Box With Alternate Introduction (Mm.) 2150 X 2150 Minimum Distance Between Slits (Mm.) 95 With Gluer 150 Standard Slit Length (mm.) 250 Cardboard Thickness Up to (Mm.) From Micro to Double-double Cliché thickness …

Horauf BDM Compact 45 Case making machine

Year: 2005

Configuration : · Corner cutter · Color monitor · Board magazine for manual loading · Center strip infeed · Glue unit · Viscosity control · Cloth feeder · Pressing station · Stacking delivery · Pump(s) Technical Specification : · Specifications are subject to manufacturers changes in similar models · Maximum open case size : 390 x 660 mm · Maximum …

CMC Virgo 4-side turning-in machine

Year: 2008

Case maker /4-side turning-in machine CMC Virgo Type VRG70 110 Year 2008 Max case size 700 x 1100 mm Details turns in 4 sides in 1 cycle, pressing of the case Speed 20 cycles per minute this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The CMC Virgo 4-side turning-in machine, introduced in …

Zorpack ZEA 90 Case making machine

Year: 2009

Box forming equipment with ZORPACK shrink oven Description KIT OF CASH FORMERS MODEL ZAH. The input system performs the required groupings using a pneumatic system. The 250gr containers will be worked for one entry and the 500gr, 1000gr containers for another parallel. The feeder suckers take the base of the cardboard sheet, positioning the raised sides between the chain crimpers. …

Guris BSF 1200 Plastic Bag Making Machine

Year: 2020

Bag Lenght(mm) 150-3000 mm Bag Width (mm) : 1150 mm Minimum thickness of Film(mm) : 0,020 x 2 Maximum thickness of Film(mm : 0,150 x 4 Maximum Production Speed (pieces/min) : 150

PRC Disposable Lunch Box Making Machine

Year: 2021

CHARACTERISTICS Suitable for papers between 200 and 450 gsm, one side PE coated; max open size 495 x 250 mm Air flow : 0,5-0,8 cubic meters / minute Air pressure : 0,6-0,8 MPa Productivity : 15 - 30 casseroles / minute ( working position) Cylinder stroke : 200 mm Manufacturer: PRC Size: max. 495 x 250 mm Weight: 3.000 kg …

PRC Automatic Paper Lunch Box Making Machine Case making machine

Year: ~ 2020

Automatic Paper Lunch Box Making Machine Manufacturer: PRC Size: max 495 x 250 mm Weight: 1.500 kg Power Req.: 380 V / 50 Hz Installed power: 4 kW Used space: 2 x 0,8 x 1,9 m Suitable for papers between 200 and 450 gsm, one side PE coated; max open size 495 x 250 mm Air flow : 0,5-0,8 cubic …