Candle Molding Machine with Siemens S5 Control

Year: 2004

Candle Production Plant / Candle Molding Machine - This plant is applied for the production of parafin/stearin candles according to the casting process with a high degree of automation. - Multicoloured candles can be produced and equipped with various mould boxes (e.g. cylindrical board candles or pointed candles). - production capacity: for max. theoretical maximum performance of 1872 pieces / …

Used AGEA Automazioni Industriali A-031102 Rotary transfer

Year: 2003

Pipe bundle transport line with shuttle translation and automatic warehouse loading Year: 2003 AGEA Industrial Automation Underground solution Special 4-wheel shuttle with pantograph lifting mechanism, automated rotation, roller shutter conveyors with bundle receiving device. ˗ N. 1 motorized shuttle with 4 wheels ˗ Transport capacity of pipe bundles and wooden crates 4 - 12 m ˗ Maximum weight: 4000 kg …

Kaltenbach HDM 1431 / KDX 1215 drilling and cutting line

Year: 2002

Model: HDM 1431 / T13 / SP-CNC Year 2002 Weight without accessories: 10,980kh - Disc saw with downward cut. - Geared saw unit, drive system and saw blade on wear-resistant swivel bearing. - Heavy saw gear with pinions in oil bath, with inclined teeth, hardened and sharp. - Hydraulic advancement of the saw blade, adjustable according to the table, very …

Used Rosacometa Spa V6 Super Rotary vane compressors Hot deal

Year: 2000

Super V6 Blocker System Components: No. 1 Vibro super v6 with hopper and vibrator. N. 1 Stripboard Extractor N. 1 Elevator 6 floors for 12 boards complete with protection nets. N. 1 Semi-automatic cube consisting of: quick head with gearmotor; No. 2 Rulers Long + 1 Short. N. 1 Column crane with swivel arm, electric hoist and pneumatic gripper. No. …

Metallmechanika/PL Tornado 620 Low working hours

Year: 2019

Integrated line for the processing of copper, brass, aluminum waste by air. Without using water! Capacity - 1500 kg of pure material per day Structure - chopping head Metallmechanika, Poland 2019 - 45 degree conveyor with industrial magnet on the bed, made to order, 2019 - Sifter-Sorter, Q-420 China 2015 - aspiration system (dust extraction), Metallmechanika Poland 2019 Service personnel …

Graco Reactor Low working hours

Year: 2011

Mobile production PPU spraying Tomorrow you will be able to solve problems of insulation of any complexity! Offer from the owner. Fully equipped equipment for mobile works for the production of sprayed thermal insulation. Everything is fully functional after seasonal maintenance. Production profitability from 40% per year. Everything is sold together, without a breakdown by assortment. Delivery within the Russian …

Toniolo Snc MPD.EFS/8-E-50/30-1R-10-PP-PA Complete plant

Year: 2007

Multifilament polypropylene wire extrusion line. Complete plant: Supply chains: 4 8 polypropylene threads (28 burr thread) - or 4 polypropylene (56 burr thread) Manufacturer: TONIOLO SNC- Italy Year of construction: 2007 comprising: n. 2 sets of dies n. 1 set of triangular dies n. 1 color dosing drum (master) n. 1 cooling chiller - Frigomeccanica Industriale spa accessories included for …

GEMA OptiFlow

Year: 2011

The powder part contains the following: - 2 pcs Reciprocator ZA06 - 3 pcs Filter powder coating booth - filters need to be replaced - 2 pcs powder coating cabin. The size of the cabin is 4960 × 1600mm and second 3560 × 1600mm - 2 pcs Powder hoppers 50 liters PH-D - 2 pcs Powder control system controller - …

COLLE Vibromatic 10/150 H 150

Year: 1990

Type: Vibromatic 10/150 H 150 Manufacturer: Colle Year of construction: 1990 Furnishing: - DN 1000 according to DIN 4034 part 1, wall thickness 120 mm o Mold device for manhole rings with heights of 250, 500, 1000 mm o Mold device for eccentric cones 1000/625 mm x 600 mm o Base sleeves approx. 120 pieces o Support hoods DN 1000 …

Used RM Energy RME 1000

Year: 2004

Mobile design in containers Capacity up to 1,000 t / a, input product: fatty substances such as frying fat or rapeseed oil, output product: pure diesel according to DIN Catalyst mixing station for potassium hydroxide in methanol THRUN stainless steel container, HORN handling system, AWI-Control Other accessories and small parts included The plant had been in operation only for a …

TRANE CVGF 1000 Low working hours

Year: 2008

9 TRANE Centrifugal water chillers CVGF 1000 Pumps Exchangers system. Could be sold by separate. Genset Marca motor/Brand: TRANE Modelo motor/Model: CVGF 1000 Año/Year: 2008 Working hours: 3000h Información general / General Data Normal Cooling Capacity: 1000 Heat Exchange Size: Evaporator: 1000 Condenser: 1000

2006 TESMEC ARS 700 FRB 600

Year: 2006

Good condition. ARS 700 + FRB 600 system. Power and reliable. Hydraulic Puller Tesmec Stringing machine.

Venjakob Ven spray DUO painting line

Year: 2010

The painting line is located in a pressurized cabin (overpressure from the difference between external intake and exhaust air) divided into 3 parts where: 1st part entrance (dedusting + antistatic), 2nd part Venjakob spraying line + manual painting booth and 3rd part parts dryer. Up to 15,000 m3 / h of outdoor air can be supplied to the pressurized cabin …

2006 TESMEC ARS 700 Low working hours

Year: 2006

Good condition. Power and reliable. Hydraulic Puller Tesmec Stringing machine.

TESMEC FRB 600 Low working hours

Year: 2006

Good condition. Power and reliable. Hydraulic Puller Tesmec Stringing machine.

DAGagency s r.o. JAW 250x400

Year: 2022

We manufacture a jaw crusher set on a stone powered diesel generator JAW crusher machine in these input sizes 250x400 mm, 300x500mm, 400x600mm, 250x750mm, ie in various modifications


Year: 2015

I have this amazing boiler which is one of the best made by CFB. All services been carried out by CFB, they hold all details. I am selling it as i am making my business smaller and i no longer need this big boiler. its still in use, perfect working condition not a single fault.

Mazzoni JOB:007.035

Year: 2007

A complete toilet cube production line, which includes: 1. Mixer SZ-1000 2. Dust removal device mounted on the framework of the FPARTNER -4 / NW machine. 3. auger conveyor with storage. 4. Extruder (two format tools, one / two webs) 5. Crawler Slicer (two webs)

OYADE MACHINERY OYD-FMM Automatic line for the production of masks Hot deal

Year: 2020

Automatic line for the production of disposable, three-layer masks type EN14683 The line is launched, in production.

JFLEX - Ultra-compact plants for the continuous production of slabstock foams + automated cutting machines with different cutting planes + pumps for operation Hot deal

Year: 2018

JFLEX - Hennecke JFLEX - Ultra-compact plants for the continuous production of slabstock foams + automated cutting machines with different cutting planes + pumps for operation The price includes all complements - but we can do a better price on the purchase of the machine alone! Foams: • Standard foams • Viscoelastic foams System benefits: • Continuous production on a …