Sorting and crushing line for coal, gravel, stones, rubble

Year: 2020

Sorting and crushing line for coal, gravel, stones, rubble, etc. We offer a fully equipped sorting and crushing line for sale, which we currently use for coal processing. The line complex is located on a paved area and occupies a rectangular space of approximately 10x40m - the machines can be arranged (formed) in any way (depending on the shape of …

Used Mixer Keenan MF300 Hot deal

Year: 2020

Motor: (TEC) 30.043TECCB3—IE2 T2CR200L—4 Voltage: 3 ph, 400 v—50 Hz Full load amps: 53.3 per Phase Power: 30 Kw Motor speed: 1460 RPM Nominal torque: 190 Nm Protection: IP55 Isolation: F Weight: 242 Kgs Gearbox: Yilmaz, MN672 A20 InLine Helical Foot Mounted Gearbox Ratio: 5.73:1 Output speed: 255 RPM Output torque: 1,089 Nm Solid output shaft, 6-spline: 1-3/8” Z6 Weight: …

CANNON RTM70HP Low working hours

Year: 2014

RTM INJECTION SYSTEM RTM cannon injection system High pressure NEW

Branson M6I3H

Year: 2018

Type M6I3H Year of construction: 2018 Commissioning: July 2018 Decommissioned: March/2021

Soda Blast System Low working hours

Year: 2018

The machine is almost like new, after servicing. The trailer is registered

RPA9 + Transfert + Cutting corners + Turner and conveyor + Stacker and conveyor

Year: 2013

MACHINE WITH 9 NAILERS (RPA 9) STANDART MODEL 2013 Machine for pallets from 600mm x 600mm to 1600mm x 1400mm. Maximum dimension for pallets (option) 2000mmx1600mm. Interior dimensions maximum size: 1700mm x 1600mm Maximum nailing capacity: 1600mm x 1400mm (nail to nail) Pallet height: min 110mm max: 190mm Upper gantry equipped with 3 double heads (6 nailers 3 x 55mm …

The line for the production of mineral fertilizer: ammonium sulphate granula, ammonium sulphate granula with micronutrients, npk

Year: 2018

The line for the production of mineral fertilizer: ammonium sulphate granula, ammonium sulphate granula with micronutrients, npk 1. Line productivity - up to 15 t / h for the finished product 2. The finished product is an irregularly shaped granula (chipped) 3. Equipment manufacturing country – Germany/Ukraine Year of production - 2018 The number of hours worked by the equipment …


Year: 2017

Complete setup MILL GRINDER MACHINE FOR BLACK CARBON. Condition Brand New. Contact for more information.

Robot titan factory

Year: 2017

Titan factory profiling machine in very good condition from 2017 model u1 15kw accessory included rollform roller


Year: 2019

Machines designed for cutting special fibres such as fibreglass, carbon, aramid, etc. MAIN FEATURES - movable tungsten carbide knife - Cutting width: incoming 830 mm, effective 450 mm - Thickness: optimum compressed material: 75 mm (depending on material type), maximum input: 100 mm (depending on material compressibility) - Cutting speed: 380 cuts/min. - Cutting length: 3 mm to 125 mm …

Panizzolo Srl Air sorter

Year: 2020

Mixed metals refining plant based on air sorting technology manufactured in Italy. Components: Components: - Loader/feeder - Hammel mill model Flex 500 Refine (90 kW) - Conveyor belts - Circular sieve - 2 smaller hammel mills (132 kW and 90 kW) - Magnetic overband - Air sorting tables (densimetric tables) - Dust collector with sleeve air filters + fan 1.5 …


Year: 2005

complete and semi-new plant for mixing and packaging all types of premixes for the building industry: glues, plasters, waterproofing products, skim coats, etc. Composed of loading mouth, 1000 kg. mixer, finished product storage silos, automatic bagging/weighing machine for 25 kg. and 50kg. and 2 conveyor belts. The plant is completely automatic and up to 20 different formulations can be set.

Simatec - 10 hl beer production plant

Year: 2008

10 hl beer production plant ,automatic , including boiler and ice water cabinet

BANMAK 2021 Hot deal

Year: 2021

The system is up and running without any problems. All machinery and parts required for production are included in the system and included in the price. Within the production system; - In the drying section - * Sawdust bunker, conveying belts, conveying screws, 45 kW suction fan system, oven that can reach +700C temperatures, 13.5 meters double screw drum, Dry …

Leybold Vacuum coating

Year: 1983

Production year 1983 Working width 700mm Max unwinder diamater 420mm Max winder diamater 420mm Vaporaizer 7 pcs Pump System diffuse pomp Edwards 30 000 3 mechanical pumps E250 Leybold 2 x roots pumps Ruvac 2000 , RPW 1800 booster pomp Vapour pump 6000 glycol pomp motor DC Metalized material PET 3 – 200mic, OPP12-100mic, PVC 20-100 mic , LDPE25-100mic Metalized …

VOITH hygienic paper production line Hot deal

Year: 1995

VOITH flat web paper machine Working web width 2100 mm 2 drying cylinders 1 yank cylinder


Year: 2019

WATER BASED PAINT FACTORY I am selling a new water-based paint factory, three 50Tn silos + dispenser + hopper, new, 50Cv, 25Cv and 12.5Cv Dissolver, automatic packaging machine, pressurized air equipment, with dryer, new and two dosing pump cars new.

Forno marca forniker linea smalteria nuova mec 2 Forno a rulli modello fkr7-900

Year: 2005

For sale, glazing plant for ceramic tiles consisting of a 7.50 m roller kiln, 0.80 m useful mouth, 2 m entry roller conveyor, 4 m exit roller conveyor with cooling, 25 m glazing line with loading and unloading with pallets automatic collection. N 10 tile carriers measuring 0.90 x 0.60 m. Max glazing 33 x 120 cm. Suitable for glazing …

Auxilium FM, W+D BICMA

Year: 2020

Fully automatic high-speed machine for the production of 3-layer medical and protective masks (type I, II, IIR) with a rectangular shape with an elastic earloop in 1 size with dimensions of 175mm length x 95mm width Capacity up to 800 pcs/min -Automatic welding machine for all non-woven fabrics, including ear loops - Earmuffs made inline by laminating non-woven fabric and …

Soap Production Line

Year: 2022

Soap Production Line Capacity of 5 tons per day. 1 pasta 1 cal 1 cylinder 1 blender 1 cutter Ribbons 2 soap pressing machines 1 ecopak packaging machine on tioi The machines for sale, including the ecopack 5 pack and 4 sachet packaging machine, have been working for 2 months in working condition, due to the change of sector, they …