Invest in Exapro's used plastic recycling machines today for a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.


Introducing Used Plastic Recycling Machines from Exapro

  • High Efficiency: Our pre-owned recycling machines offer optimum performance, capable of processing large volumes of plastic waste efficiently.
  • Sustainable Solution: By converting waste plastic into reusable raw materials, our machines promote sustainable business practices.
  • After-sales Support: We provide comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring your machine functions smoothly and efficiently.
  • Wide Variety: Our broad selection caters to unique business needs, with a range of machines including granulators, shredders, wash lines, and extruders.
  • Affordable Investment: Our used machines offer high quality at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Tecnova Mini/60 single screw repelletizing line

Year: 2003

Capacity 120 kg/h
Screw diameter 60 mm
Power 30 kW
Recycled material PE,PP,PS

Runi SK 370 EPE compacting screw press

Year: 2019

Capacity 350 kg/h
Recycled material EPE
Power 15 kW

Lindner shredder

Year: 2019

Capacity 700 kg/h
Recycled material plastic film
Power 75 kW

RPK KSF750R Screen charger

Year: 2019

Capacity 2000 kg/h
Screw diameter 0 mm
Power 28 kW
Recycled material 0

Pre cutting and pre washing system for PE FILM- TECNOFER

Year: 2020

Capacity 500 kg/h
Screw diameter 0 mm
Power 0 kW
Recycled material PP, LDPE FOILS

Hot washing line - plastic materials

Year: 2010

Capacity 2000 kg/h
Recycled material Plastiques durs
Power 20 kW

sbr granulator

Year: 2007

Capacity 800 kg/h
Recycled material
Power 90 kW

Zhangjiagang Wuhe Machinery PE 300 Recycling machine

Year: 2011

Capacity 300 kg/h
Screw diameter 100 mm
Power 90 kW
Recycled material PE, PP

Recycling plant


Capacity 400 kg/h
Screw diameter 0 mm
Power 75 kW
Recycled material Recycling plant

Granulator for cable recycling - Recycling machine


Capacity 300 kg/h
Screw diameter 20 mm
Power 53 kW
Recycled material copper

Czechy Terier Recycling machine

Year: 2016

Capacity 1500 kg/h
Recycled material
Power 47 kW

KK-500 Baler


Recycled material

Presentation of Plastic Recycling Machines at Exapro

At Exapro, we fully recognise the critical importance of environmental sustainability and the increasing necessity of plastic recycling in the contemporary industrial landscape. As a key part of our commitment to delivering high-performing, environmentally conscious solutions, we're thrilled to present our top-tier selection of used plastic recycling machines.

Our used plastic recycling machines allow businesses like yours to effectively convert waste plastic into valuable, reusable raw materials. A highly beneficial alternative to new, expensive equipment, these machines maintain exceptional standards of performance and durability, while significantly reducing your cpital expenditure.

1. High Efficienacy With a strong emphasis on power and productivity, our used recycling machines are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest efficiency standards. Capable of processing large volumes of plastic waste, these robust machines are engineered for optimum output, ensuring your recycling operations are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

2. Sustainable Solution By investing in a used recycling machine, you're not only minimising your carbon footprint but also contributing to a sustainable circular economy. Reducing the amount of plastic waste going into landfill, our machines promote a greener, more responsible industrial practice.

3. Comprehensive After-sales Support We at Exapro are committed to your success. As part of this commitment, we offer comprehensive after-sales support for every used plastic recycling machine purchased. From routine maintenance to technical troubleshooting, our team of experienced engineers is always on hand to assist.

4. Wide Variety We understand that every business has unique needs and production requirements. That's why we stock a broad range of used plastic recycling machines, from granulators and shredders to wash lines and extruders. Regardless of your operational scale or complexity, we're confident you'll find a machine that aligns with your specific needs.

5. Affordable Investment Unlike new machinery, our used plastic recycling machines offer substantial cost benefits without compromising on quality. It’s an affordable investment that enables you to enhance operational efficiency and productivity while playing an active role in waste reduction and environmental conservation.

6. Clear Differentiation While injection moulding machines are paramount for producing plastic components, our used recycling machines are specifically designed to reclaim and repurpose plastic waste. This distinct function sets them apart, making them a crucial part of the recycling process.


If you're in the market for reliable, high-quality used plastic recycling machinery, Exapro is your go-to marketplace. Browse our extensive selection today and take a significant step towards a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective operation. We're excited to contribute to your business's environmental and economic success.