Zimmer Colaris NF printing and dyeing machines

Year: 2010

Nbr of colors 4
Working width 70 mm

Direct Fabric Printer MT-TX1805plus industrial printer

Year: 2019

Nbr of colors 4
Working width 1800 mm

Kornit Storm HD6 Digital Textile printer in the EU

Year: 2019

We are selling our Kornit Storm HD6 due to an upgrade. The machine is in the EU! Ready for immediate use, the machine is in production as of now. The machine was maintained well, we have a strict regularly daily, weekly and monthly schedule to ensure perfect operation. Our company operates in DTG and Kornit for 10 years , so …


Year: 2018

MS JP7 textile printing plotter year 2018 print height 1800, number of colors 8, number of heads 16, MS POWER dryer - D diathermic oil supply, optional: crosslapper and stitch introducer, the machine is intended sold as seen and liked. The heads are all out of warranty.

Kornit breeze 921 Rotary textile printer

Year: 2011

Nbr of colors 6
Working width  mm

Reggiani Flat Bed 280 Rotary textile printer

Year: 1988

Nbr of colors 10
Working width 2800 mm

Bombi transer Rotary textile printer

Year: 90

Diathermic oil machine for printing transfer from paper to fabric light 60 cm with gas boiler for heating circulation oil (as per photo)

Kornit Breeze Rotary textile printer Hot deal

Year: 2011

Nbr of colors 5
Working width 350 mm

Brother GTX Rotary textile printer

Year: 2017

Nbr of colors 5
Working width 406 mm

Schulze Pretreatmaker IV Rotary textile printer

Year: 2019

Pretreat machine Schulze Pretreatmaker IV Year manufactured: 2019 Pretreatment machine with stainless steel nozzle optional feet 200€

Used machines S.Technologie TS 3100

Year: 2015

The offer includes: Caroussel S.Technologie 2015 (See pictures) Texprint style 6 colours 6 strips With micrometry Purchase price: 4450 € + set of jeans + set of jeans + kit for printing caps Purchase price: € 545 InfraDryer multipurpose drying tunnel Purchased in 2015 TS 3100 (see information) Purchase price: € 5000 InfraDryer flasher Purchased in 2015 SE 6000 (see …

Stork RDIV-1850/20-20/2ddit Rotary textile printer

Year: 1991

Nbr of colors 12
Working width 1800 mm