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Exapro offers a diverse range of used butchery machinery, including cutters, slicers, choppers, and portioning machines, tailored to cater to your budget and operational needs. Our machinery, priced between €8,000 and €32,000, represents a mix of functionality, durability, and affordability. The primary advantages of these machines include enhanced efficiency, uniformity, speed, and precision in meat processing tasks. Key parameters like capacity, speed, cut size, and throughput provide a metric of their performance.

These machines find extensive use in meat processing plants, butcheries, delis, supermarkets, and restaurants, signifying their versatility and crucial role in the food industry. Manufacturers like Hobart, Bizerba, Marel, Treif, Hollymatic, Biro, and Weber Maschinenbau are notable for their robust, reliable, and efficient equipment.

At Exapro, we aim to bridge the gap between your business and high-quality used industrial machinery, ensuring an optimised, cost-effective operation. Contact our team today to find the best fit for your butchery needs.

Weber 305 slicer line

Year: 2010

Power 7 kW
Output 300 kg/h

Minced meat production and packaging line

Year: 2010

Used minced meat production and packaging line. New 2010. 1.Minced meat production and portioning line - specification Assumptions: -Product: pork minced meat -Product: pork minced meat -Product capacity: approx. 800 - 900 kg / h -Packaging line capacity: up to 55 - 60 portions (500 grams) /minute -Packaging machine capacity: up to 40 trays/minute -Portion size: 500 g -Packaging format: …

VM400 HD Koppens Forming Machine

Year: 1990

Machine - VM 400 HD No. - VM 400 HD-1285/2 Voltage - 415 V Phases - 3 Current - 23 Amp Frequency - 50 Hz Power - 7, 77 kW Weight - 850 Kg Number of Owners - 1 Purchased directly from Koppens

TOWNSEND 2600 Cutter

Year: 2006

Townsend 2600 sausage peeler with 2x tools 1x 25 mm 1x 38 mm. Year mod 2006 very nice condition almost like new! Dimensions 210 x 65 cm Height 145 cm.


Year: 2000

Power 3.7 kW
Output 1850 kg/h

Treif Falcon Hybrid Basic -2020

Year: 2020

The machine is used for fixed-weight slicing. Roast beef, roast ham, roast turkey, pork tenderloin etc. The machine scans the product and calculates the exact weight of each disc with double check scales. You can divide the weight into different parts of the meat, 300g first slice of a beef filet, divide the middle into 200g slices and leave the …

AEW Delford Polyslicer Vision Cutter

Year: 2007

AEW Delford modl Polyslicer Vision year mod 2007 with accompanying check scale G2300 year mod 2015. Also comes with an original knife sharpener & knife holder the machine has previously sliced thin slices for wallets. Machine dimensions 350 x 145 cm H 235 cm.

Treif Felix Cutter

Year: 2019

Power 1.2 kW
Output 800 kg/h

Cutter Glass Vas 150 Hot deal

Year: 2011

Cutter Glass Vas 150 good working condition capacity 150 litre YOM 2011

FORMCOOK WIKING 6 Forming machine

Year: 2001

Formcook Wiking 6 Forming machine model year 2001. With associated equipment as shown in pictures such as output belts and forming plates. Capacity meatballs up to 200,000 pcs / hour Hamburgers up to 30,000 pcs / hour. Bandwidth Dimensions 305 x 115 cm Height 240 cm.

Butchery Machinery on Exapro: Cutters, Slicers, Choppers and Portioning Machines

As a key facilitator in the world of industrial machinery, we at Exapro are committed to providing the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for your business. We now turn our attention to butchery equipment, a crucial subset of food processing equipment. Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines are four essential tools that modernise and expedite butchery procedures.


In the sphere of industrial butchery, cutters play an indispensable role in reducing the size of meat pieces. These machines offer precision cutting at a pace far beyond manual means. Whether you require diced meat or finely shredded pieces, our range of high-quality used cutters can meet your specifications. They are robust, efficient, and available in various sizes to suit your production requirements. Each machine undergoes rigorous checks to ensure they are fit for purpose, ensuring you get reliable performance for your investment.


Slicers, as the name suggests, are adept at slicing meat into consistent, uniform pieces. From bacon to beef, poultry to pork, our inventory of used slicers guarantees you the perfect slice every time. The precision offered by these machines enhances both the aesthetic and standardisation of your products. With adjustable thickness settings, you have full control over the desired output, making them a versatile tool in any butchery setting.


Designed to handle the heaviest of workloads, choppers play a pivotal role in large-scale meat processing. They are engineered to chop large quantities of meat into smaller, manageable portions quickly and efficiently. At Exapro, we stock a wide range of used choppers that retain their operational integrity and robustness, ensuring you achieve maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

Portioning Machines

Precision and consistency are paramount in the food industry, especially when it comes to portioning. Portioning machines enable you to maintain exact weight or size for each serving, which is vital for cost control and quality consistency. Our range of used portioning machines has been thoroughly inspected to ensure they deliver accurate portions time and again.

At Exapro, we understand that investing in industrial machinery can be a significant decision. That's why we offer top-tier used machines that meet industry standards while saving you considerable expenditure. All our equipment, including the butchery machinery, is vetted for functionality and performance, so you can rest assured you're making a sound investment.

At Exapro, we take pride in being a bridge between businesses and top-tier used industrial machinery, helping them to operate efficiently and economically. Our vast inventory offers a wide array of machines with varying features, capacities, and performances, each meticulously vetted for functionality. In this highly crucial sector of food processing, we aim to present a solution that caters to all budgets without compromising on performance.

Our used butchery machinery falls within a price range of €8,000 to €32,000, designed to cater to a variety of budgetary requirements. This broad range reflects the diversity in the size, features, brands, and capabilities of the machinery we offer.

When you choose Exapro, you're not just buying a machine, you're investing in efficiency, quality, and reliability. Partner with us and let's make your butchery business more profitable together.


Unpacking the Advantages of Butchery Machinery: Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines

Industrial butchery machinery has revolutionised the way we handle meat processing tasks. These machines provide benefits that reach far beyond simply mechanising tasks, they optimise efficiency, product quality, and consistency. Below we'll discuss the primary advantages of each type of machine - Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines.


Efficiency: Cutters significantly reduce the time it takes to process meat. The capacity to process large amounts quickly translates into a more efficient production line.

Consistency: Consistent size and shape of cut pieces of meat are vital for uniform cooking and presentation. A cutter delivers consistent results, ensuring every piece is just as good as the last.

Versatility: Cutters can handle a wide range of meats and can be adjusted to achieve a variety of cuts, from dicing to shredding.


Uniformity: Slicers provide even, consistent slices, enhancing product presentation and ensuring uniform cooking times.

Precision: With adjustable settings, slicers allow for precise thickness control, enabling the production of bespoke orders or varying products from the same piece of meat.

Speed: Commercial slicers can handle large volumes of meat quickly, improving production speed.


Volume Handling: Choppers can process large quantities of meat in a short period, making them essential for high-volume butcheries.

Size Reduction: Choppers effectively break down large pieces of meat into smaller, more manageable sizes, allowing for easier subsequent processing.

Versatility: Similar to cutters, choppers can handle different types of meat, making them versatile assets in a butchery.

Portioning Machines

Portion Control: Portioning machines provide exact portion sizes, important for quality control, cost analysis, and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Waste: Accurate portioning reduces waste and ensures you get the most out of every piece of meat.

Consistency: Consistent portion sizes not only look more professional, but they also ensure uniform cooking times.

Incorporating these butchery machines into your food processing operations can bring about significant improvements in efficiency, quality, consistency, and cost-control. With such advantages, they can easily become the backbone of your industrial butchery setup.


Butchery Machine Parameters

Understanding the parameters of butchery machinery is critical to making the right choice for your operations. These parameters offer a measure of the machine's performance, efficiency, and suitability for your specific needs. Let's delve into the main machine parameters of Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines.


Capacity: This refers to the maximum volume or weight of meat the cutter can handle at once.

Speed: The speed parameter indicates the rate at which the cutter can process meat, often denoted in kilograms or pounds per hour.

Cut Size: This refers to the size of the pieces the cutter produces, often adjustable to suit different requirements.


Slice Thickness: This refers to the thickness of the slices the machine produces. It's often adjustable for versatility.

Throughput: This is the amount of meat that can be sliced per hour.

Maximum Product Size: This is the maximum size or weight of the piece of meat that the slicer can handle.


Chop Size: The size of the pieces the chopper produces, which can often be adjusted.

Capacity: Similar to cutters, this is the maximum volume or weight the chopper can handle at a time.

Speed: The speed at which the chopper can process meat, typically defined in kilograms or pounds per hour.

Portioning Machines

Portion Size: This is the weight or size of the portions the machine produces. Precision in portion size is one of the primary purposes of these machines.

Throughput: The number of portions that can be created per hour.

Maximum Product Size: This is the maximum size or weight of the piece of meat that the portioning machine can handle.

These parameters serve as the cornerstone when selecting the appropriate machinery for your butchery. They help you gauge the machine's capability, speed, and efficiency, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your operational requirements. Remember, the right machinery can optimise your production process, improve product quality, and contribute to business growth. Always choose machinery that aligns best with your operational needs and scale of production.


Areas of Use

Butchery machinery like Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines find their use in a variety of settings, each designed to meet specific needs within the food processing industry. Their robust design and versatility make them suitable for a range of applications. Let's delve into the primary areas of use for these machines.


Cutters are commonly used in butcheries, meat processing plants, delis, and supermarkets. They are also useful in large-scale food production facilities and catering businesses that require large quantities of uniformly cut meat. They can process a variety of meats including poultry, pork, beef, and fish.


Slicers find their primary use in settings where uniform, precision slices are needed. This includes delis, supermarkets, sandwich shops, and restaurants. Larger, industrial slicers are also used in meat processing plants for producing products such as bacon, deli meats, and other sliced products.


Choppers are predominantly used in meat processing plants, where large quantities of meat need to be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. They're also found in butcheries and factories producing processed foods, like sausages or canned meats, where the meat needs to be chopped before further processing.

Portioning Machines

Portioning machines find their use in any setting where precise portion sizes are critical. This can range from meat processing plants, where uniform product weight is essential for packaging, to restaurants and catering businesses that need to control portion sizes for consistency and cost-effectiveness. They're also commonly found in the seafood industry for portioning fish and other seafood.

These machines serve as invaluable assets in any operation that involves meat processing. By increasing efficiency, precision, and consistency, they offer significant advantages that can aid in the growth and profitability of your business. When selecting machinery, it's essential to consider the specific needs and scale of your operations to ensure you choose the equipment that will provide the most benefit.


Leading Manufacturers of Butchery Machinery

There are numerous renowned manufacturers known for their high-quality butchery machinery including Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines. These companies have a strong reputation for delivering durable, reliable, and efficient equipment. Here are a few notable names:

Hobart: Hobart is a respected name in the food industry, manufacturing a range of commercial kitchen equipment including meat cutters and slicers. Their machines are known for their robustness, durability, and precision.

Bizerba: Bizerba is a German company that produces a wide variety of food processing equipment. They are particularly known for their high-quality slicers and portioning machines.

Marel: Marel is a leading global provider of advanced food processing machinery. They offer a comprehensive range of equipment including slicers, portioning machines, and other meat processing equipment.

Treif: Treif is a renowned manufacturer specialising in food cutting technology. They offer a broad spectrum of machines including slicers and portioning machines known for their precision and efficiency.

Hollymatic: Hollymatic is widely recognised for their butchery and meat processing machinery. Their portfolio includes cutters, grinders, and portioning machines.

Biro: A company with a strong reputation in the meat processing industry, Biro manufactures a variety of machines including meat slicers, saws, tenderizers, and more.

Weber Maschinenbau: A German-based company that produces high-quality slicing systems, Weber Maschinenbau offers advanced technology for precision slicing and portioning.

Each of these manufacturers brings a unique blend of technology, quality, and innovation to their machinery. It's important to consider the specific requirements of your operation, your budget, and the features you value most when choosing a manufacturer. Remember, at Exapro, we provide a wide range of used machinery from various trusted manufacturers, ensuring you find the right fit for your needs.

Contact us today to explore our selection of butchery cutters, slicers, choppers, and portioning machines, and discover how they can transform your food processing operations.