Used dehydration and filtering equipments 79

Romfil XF2-W Crossflow filter for wine production

Year: 2019

Romfil XF2-W Crossflow filter for wine production Number of working hour : 461 Machine is in excellent condition A Romfil crossflow XF2-W used for sweet wine and then serviced and certified by Romfil as fully functional and in good shape. Two modules at present but can easily be retrofitted with a third module.

coral tvl

Year: 2018

Coral gas washing tower set up 2018 excellent condition, power variator and pollution control system included


Year: 2021

The filter press dehydrates the sludge resulting from the treatment activity waste water has a different type of slam through pressure pumping between two plates covered with filter panels. The filter press is complete, including the related pump. The filter press can adsorb the sludge (sludge from a depth of max. 2 m. Give the filter it works semi-automatically, it …

IPM FDR 250/5 Filter machine

Year: 1997

IPM Filter machine Diameter : 113-225 mm Machines for slotting (or perforation) smooth or corrugated PVC, PE, etc. pipes (to be utilised for the water percolation in wells and drainage or consolidation of the soil). Number of knife : 18 x 5 Knife thickness : 2 mm Knife distance : 15 mm Knife diameter : 125 mm

Alfa Laval WHPX 513 Centrifuge / separator


Centrifuge regeneration ALFA LAVAL WHPX 513 60 Hz OR 50 Hz - Set of gravity disc - Set of tools - Set of vibration dampers - Purifier

Kaeser DC 1.5E

Year: 2014

Filter + dryer: Manufacturer : Kaeser Model: DC 1.5E Year 2014

Seitz 60B150

Year: 1984

Sheet filter, plate filter SEITZ with hydraulic pressure via motor Type: 60B150 Year of manufacture: 1984 Dimensions and weight: Height: 1210 mm length: 4900 mm Width: 810 mm Weight: kg Filter plates: 146 x filter plates a. 4 x end plates made of stainless steel approx. 600 x 600 mm Thickness: 10 mm

Globecore CMM

Year: 2020

CMM 10/15 is a more productive version of our CMM 4/7 unit for transformer oil degassing, heating and filtration. It can process up to 10 tons of transformer oil in degassing mode and up to 15 in heating and filtration. The unit efficiently removes water, solid particles, and gases, which lead to an increase in the breakdown voltage (dielectric strength) …

Globecore CMM

Year: 2020

CMM-G is designed for the replacement of wind turbine oil through the three-step process (draining old oil, flushing the gearbox and filling with new oil). The unit allows quick and efficient maintenance of the wind turbine oil circuit. The unit can be used to service wind turbines produced by many different manufacturers. CMM-G can also heat clean oil. The unit …

Alfa Alval 304 SGP 11 Separator

Year: 1994


Shenk ZHF-SR 5 KLK-B1

Year: 1999

Manufactured by: shenk Year built: 1999 Type: zhf-sr 5 klk-b1 Characteristics: Volume: 350 liters Temperature: 130 ºc Pressure: -1/6 bar Characteristics of the jacket: Volume: 60 liters Temperature: 130 ºc Pressure: 3 bar


Year: 1990

UVPX 207 USED clarifier year 1990 capacity, max. 5.750 liters / hour 5.5 kW motor

Alfa Laval MAPX 204 Separator


Centrifuge regeneration MAPX 204 60 Hz or 50 Hz Clarifier OR PURIFIER Price includes: -MAPX 204 -CLARIFIER - Set of gravity disc - Set of tools (4PCS) - Set of vibration dampers - shipping Pattern photo Capacity max 2.450 l / h Centrifuge after regeneration. After rehearsals, ready to work.

Alfa Laval MAB 206 Separator oil , centrifuge oil , Zentrifuge , Wirówka


MAB 206 REGENERATION - Set of gravity disc - Set of tools (3PCS) - Set of vibration dampers - Purifier - Shipping Pattern photo. hydraulic capacity: 10.6 m3/h Centrifuge after regeneration. After rehearsals, ready to work.

diemme ME 1500


These are two Diemme ME1500 filter presses (plates with dimensions 1500x1500 mm).

Keller Vario T 1.0L


Keller Vario T 1.0L extraction + filter Type: Vario T 1.0 L originates from LVD lasercutting machine power: 2,2 kW

Alfa Laval WHPX 513


Centrifuge ALFA LAVAL WHPX 513 purifier - used capacity, max. 24,500 liters / hour

Globecore CMM

Year: 2020

CMM-4T unit is designed to filter turbine oil. Its task is to purify transformer oil, remove particles and water. Unit capacity - 4 m3 / hour. This unit can extend the life of turbine oil, gas and steam equipment, turbines, power plants and other industrial facilities. Contamination of industrial oil causes a number of problems. Oil filled equipment requires proper …

Globecore CMM

Year: 2020

The CMM-4/7 unit is designed to heat, degas, dry and purify insulating oil from transformers. The process can be carried out during the operation of power transformers, with a voltage of up to 1150 kV. The machine can also be used for heating oil-filled electrical appliances with hot transformer oil or for vacuum drying and transformer evacuation. The equipment is …