Donaldson DFO 4-32 Hot deal

Year: 2008

The dust extractor includes accessories: - piping - filter - 14 pcs - cover - 7 pcs - grid for deployment - 1 pc Specifications: - number of modules - 2 - Ultra Web filtration - 635.4m2 - number of filter elements - 36 pcs More information at:

Kaspar Schulz SFS-15 filtration system

Year: 2022

Overview The filtration system was manufactured in 2022 by German company Kaspar Schulz. The filtration system is used to filter beer. Techn. Data Whole Plant Output: 12 -15 hl/l Specific output: 6 hl/m²h Filter surface area: 2.4 m² Trub volume: 48 l Weight empty: approx. 500 kg (net) Dimensions (L x W x H): 2274 mm x 900 mm x …

DOW-FILMTEC Voir plaque en photo

Year: 2014

Reverse osmosis on fully autonomous stainless steel skid. (see photos and docs) Pumps + CIP tank + solenoid valves + compressed air unit + 1st pass permeate stainless steel tank + Cabinet & automaton + probes etc. 2 passes: 1st pass at 2 stages (4+3 membranes) and second pass at 2 stages (2 + 2 membranes) Membranes from the 1st …


Year: 2001


KNOLL VRF 150/400

Year: 2000

Rotary vacuum filter The machine is located in France.

GGE 7 kW

Year: 2018

For the transition to a larger plant we yield Industrial extraction system for welding fumes and metalworking dust. The plant is fully functional and manufactured by the GGE company (Made in Italy) The plant also complies with all the regulations currently in force regarding emissions into the environment (AUA). Year of production 2018 Motor power 7.5 kW Inverter panel with …

Rosenberg A20-08F

Year: 2007

Bought in 2007, very little used, original price CZK 744,000 Info on the label.


Year: 1997

FBD type filtration unit for 8 finishing grinders including: An FBD 10 pre-coat filter Filtration area: 10 m² A compartmentalized tank with a total capacity of 3200 liters Dirty bin: 500 liters Clean tank: 2200 liters Coating tank: 500 liters Space for 8 SPK 2 electro-sprinkler pump units An electro-pump unit and filtration piping Electro-pump unit installed on retention tank …

ESTA Dustomat 43 Mobile dust extraction

Year: 2000

ESTA Dustomat 43 Mobile dust extraction Product number 821744 Manufacturer ESTA Model / type Dust machine 43 Year of manufacture 2000 Technical details main engine 3 kW serial number 35324 Item description serial number: 35324 power: 3 kW hose diameter: 140 mm rated speed: 2820 rpm.

5,110 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Ecoindustrie N.1 Gruppo filtrante a carboni attivi

Year: 2009

Filter group (with or without activated carbon), made of sturdy galvanized steel metalwork, with maximum dimensions 2200x2200x H3000, complete with 16 filter cartridges and kg. 1150 of activated carbon just replaced and used very little for use of another filtration system.. Flow rate: 10.000 Nmc/h Coal quantity: 1000 - 1100kg Average speed of air flow/coal crossing: approx. 0.126 m/s Contact …


Year: 2019

Used formeco distiller perfectly functional FORMECO COVERMES

Sefiltra BF2-S SEF crossflow filter

Year: 2020

Overview The tangential filter was manufactured in 2020 by Spanish manufacturer Sefiltra. It can be visited anytime. The structure is made of AISI-304 stainless steel; it has four wheels and a handle for its wheels and a handle for its displacement. All pipes and accessories are made of AISI-316L, Stainless Steel AISI-316L. The system is operated from the SIEMENS KTP …

Von Roll HV5-800/15

Year: 1994

Filterpress 45 trays 800x 800 with membrane. Open filtration Automatic debating Pressure 15 bar Drip hatch under machine

1000x1000 Filter press Schenk, ss, 77 plates

Year: 1986

Used Schenk filter press, type FI 1000/175. Year of manufacture 1986. The two-stage press consists of 16 diatomaceous earth plates and 61 clarifier plates. Plates dimensions 1000x1000 mm. Filter capacity 100 hl/h. The filter is made entirely of stainless steel.


Year: 2000

Filter press in excellent condition, fully functional, we are selling to purchase a more powerful filter press.


Year: 2005

1 Rotary Filter FVE 6 in stainless steel Filtration surface: 6m2 Year 2005 Complete with its horizontal carpet Revised material Warranty: 6 months This filtration assembly is essentially composed of: - A drum filter, - A set of pump and power accessories, - A vacuum production center, - A filtration aid preparation tank. Designed to filter highly charged liquids

Sefiltra CF4‐S SEF + SGG Tangential filtering machine

Year: 2021

Tangential filtering machine Overview The tangential filter system was built in 2021 by the Spanish company sefiltra and used for the filtration of beer. The owner had purchased all the equipment to set up a microbrewery but then decided to shift the production of his beer to a bigger brewery, producing for him. Techn. details Filtration system is mounted on …


Year: 1995

Cross-flow filter SEITZ-MICROflow SX06-M 6 modules Filter capacity approx. 2,000 l/h Manufacturer: SEITZ MICROflow Type: SX06 6 modules Year of construction: 1995 Permitted Operating pressure 5 bar Permitted Operating temperature 80°C Dimensions: Height: 1400mm Width: 650mm Length: 1850mm

mion mvt mc/h 35

Year: 2006

Flow rate Mc/h 35,000/40,000 Dimensions: 5000 X 2450 X H 6500 mm N. 252 New Antistatic Filtering Sleeves L. 3000 Total filtering surface: 290 m2 Cleaning: In contrast washing with control unit N. 5 Vertical Explosion-Proof Air Ventilation Panels Auger, Star Valve Electrical panel: 37 kW Parapet, Staircase N. 01 37 Kw supply fan

Alfa Alval 304 SGP 11 Separator

Year: 1994

Alfa Laval MMPX 304 SGP 11 USED SET OF TOOLS 1994 Alfa Alval 304 SGP 11 Separator