Miscellaneous used textile machines 90

HORSRIDER MACHINERY SJ65/33 Textile machine

Year: 2020

Complete Working Melt Blown Plant Consisting of: 1 Mm 65 Extruder With 6 Heating Zones 1 Extruder Head 1 Vacuum charger 1 carpet and carpet turner 1 Reel With Meter Counter And Material Cutting 1 Electrostatic Load Control Unit And 2 Electrostatic Bars 1 Air Compressor 22kw + Soundproofing Cage 3 Dies Holes 0,20 Miss 600 Mm 1 Pyrolysis Oven …

Shoe Factory - Textile machine


Entire shoe factory, complete with various machinery, cableway, electrical system with armored bus, suction system.


Year: 2001



Year: 2002

Lohia-Starlinger LSL-620 Circular Loom 1.1 Electrical Connection 1.2 Power Rating: 415 V/380 V/220 V. A.C. 50/60 Hz. Controls 24 V AC 1.3 Connection Cable Main Motor 7 x 2.5 mm 2 (Shielded) Winder Motor 4 x 1.5 mm 2 Take-off Motor 4 x 1.5 mm² (shielded) 1.4 Motor Specification Main Motor 1.5 7.5 KW, 3 Phase, 415 V Winder Motor …

REXEL NT-1/L with OT-1/R end cutter Textile machine

Year: 2021

Motorised slitter with foot pedal, metre counter and cutting table with cutting blade arm. Perfect machine for garment manufacturers and fabric wholesalers. Width 160 cm.

Starlinger Stacoloom Leno 2 Circular Loom

Year: 1997

Starlinger Stacoloom Leno 2 Circular Loom Working width: Double flat 250-750 mm Number of shuttles per machine 2 Weft density 10-37,5 picks/10 cm Weft insertion 300 picks/min Revolutions 150 rpm. Weft bobbin: Core inside diameter 35 mm (25, 31, 38,...) Core length 218 mm Max. diameter of weft package 100 mm Length of traverse 200 mm Warp bobbin: Core inside …

Yarn Ball Winding Machine / Rewinder


This is an Italian yarn ball winding machine that makes 16 yarn cylinders simultaneously. It is for sale from Warsaw, Poland. The machine has been in constant use from us for 5 years but due to company model change this machine is no longer needed. Perfect for small yarn producers and shops that need a rewinder between stages.

Used Schulze Pretreatmaker III Textile machine

Year: 2016

Pretreatment machine Schulze Pretreatmaker III For sale due to cessation of activity. Possibility to see it running. 1 nozzle blocked, to be checked. Overhaul to be done. Year 2016. The Pretreatmaker IV is an automatic pretreatment liquid spray system. It is necessary to hold the white ink which is used as a support colour for printing on dark media. A …


Year: 1994

Linear linking machine for the toe closing of childrens,ladies and mens socks of every gauge ,giving a high output and an excellent quality seam. the conveying chains can be swivelled upwards to enable an easier removal of possible threads twisted round the chain pinions. Rovescaitore ROSSO ULTRATURN -ROSSO Automatically turns the linked of any gauge and size. It does not …

EMMEGI ITALIA MG05 Textile machine

Year: 2005

AUTOMATIC CUTTER, Cut mignon, continuous bands.

Starlinger Circular Loom Stacoloom SL6

Year: 2000

Starlinger Circular Loom Stacoloom SL6 Model:2000 Basic machine Working width double flat 200-850 with reduced weft insertion 750-850 mm Basic machine Weft insertion approx. 860 min-1 Number of tapes 720 Machine design with grommet bands Loom control with Weft tape monitoring Infinitely variable weft density adjustment Automatic weft cramming in case of weft break 4-shift meter counter with summation counter …

Mark Gifer 001 Textile machine

Year: 2015

Machine with which you can rip jeans. It works with a compressed air compressor, which is included. Put the jeans on the two legs of compressed air, you can raise them, lower them and turn them over. Through an air gun you can make the broken ones. Here you can see a video of the machine working. (https://youtu.be/h_ZPdVx9t7U)

Elektroteks Felis Quilting Machine Low working hours

Year: 2017

Elektroteks Felis Quilting Machine Elektroteks Felis Model Quilting Machine (Little Used Like New) is a square frame single needle computerized quilting machine. It has a movable sewing head and a movable frame to accelerate movements by reducing the weight of moving parts. With the advantage of the movable sewing head, FELIS also provides a 50% space requirement advantage compared to …

TMT PF 1293 Multiprogram decatizing machine in autoclave

Year: 1997

fully functional Manufacturer :TMT //decatizing machine in autoclave Model : PF 1293 Multiprogram Fabric working width: 1600mm Drum in stainless steel Autoclave diameter: 1200 mm Beam diameter: 410 mm--710mm Total power: 39 Kw Year:1997 All potential buyers can visit our company and see the machine . I am at your disposal for further details .Don't hesitate to contact me .

Clerici Ruffle Textile machine

Year: 1997

Pleating machine efficient and ready for production Working width - 1600 mm, Working temperature from 0 to 200 st / c Power consumption - 11 kw Height 1500mm The width of ca 2200mm, Length 2300 mm Weight -1300kg

Videma Impregnation line Textile machine

Year: 2019

- Roller width: 2.000 mm - Working width: 1.800 mm - Entry frame for the fabric from plate or big roll, equipped with arms and adjustable fabric braking device. - Dogal spreading and centring device with FLUO bars, brand BIANCO, year 1996 - Impregnation tank with 8 meters of fabric content, equipped with two rollers squeezing unit. - Delivery with …

Bruckner 3200mm Foulard

Year: 2002

Type: BRUCKNER Name: FINSHING PADDER Year: 2002 Brand: Bruckner Width: 3200 Description: BRUCKNER Finishing Padder. Year 2002.. Roller Width 3,200 mm. 2 Rollers pneumatic pressure 10 bar. Impregnation batch. Compensator unit. C/A Motor redudtor 15 Kw

Elektroteks bedline mattress gluing and production line

Year: 2013

Electroteks brand 2nd hand mattress gluing and production line 2 x 12 + 12 robatech glue chambers 5 spray system, two nozzles for the middle, three nozzles for the sides 4 conveyors total length 10 meters

NINGBO CREDIT OCEAN MACHINERY&ELECTRON CO.,LTD various ribbon machines Textile machine

Year: 2016

We have available small ribbon factory containing of 7 machines. A List of Weaving Equipment for Sale 1) COC 762/B3 20 GG Crochet machine with 260 creels, 4 beam stands, 2 rubber feeders and standard equipment Technical data Operation space: 30 inch/762 mm Gauge: 15/20 Weft bars: 3 Operating motor: 1.5 hp 2) COC 762/B3 15 GG Crochet machine with …