Exapro is your reliable source for pre-owned industrial equipment and we are here to introduce our selection of used skinning and filleting equipment, which we hope will prove to be a practical choice for companies in the food processing sector. Available between €8,000 and €43,000, our machines cater to a range of operational scales and budgets. These machines enhance productivity, ensure consistency, improve yield, and reduce labour costs. Key parameters of these machines include throughput, precision, size, power supply, material, and ease of cleaning.

They are mainly used in fish, poultry, meat processing, seafood processing, pet food manufacturing, and food service industries. Our inventory includes leading brands such as Marel, Baader, Trio, Carnitech, Uni-Food, Grasselli, and VMK Fish Machinery. With Exapro, you receive top-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost, thoroughly inspected to ensure it adheres to the highest standards of performance and safety. Explore our range of skinning and filleting machines today and take your food processing operation to the next level.

Baader 185 Skinning

Year: 1983

Capacity 32 u/mn

CATO 4 KW Skinning

Year: 2010

Automatic peeler visible on the farm Compressed air-pressure 6kg/cm2 Steam-pressure 1.5-3 kg/cm2 Power 5.4 HP / 4 KW

Unused Marel MS 2612.60 Pinbone Remover

Year: 2019

Unused 6-lane pinbone remover Manufacturer: Marel Model: MS 2612.60 Year of manufacture: 2019 Consisting of 2 units of 3 lanes each With common electric control panel, incl. frequency inverters Has never been commissioned

Marel CBF 495 Skinning

Year: 2012

Marel CBF 495 double track skimmer for e.g. salmon, whitefish etc. Courage of the Year 2012. Dimensions 185 x 160 H H 160 cm.

Km fish air separator

Year: 2021

Capacity 9 u/mn

Baader 697 Bone separator for fish Hot deal

Year: 1992

Bone separator Manufacturer: Baader Model: 697 Year of manufacture: 1992 Separator for fish Renovated, with new bearings, etc. With new drum 3 mm and belt Incl. an extra drum 5 mm (new)

Baader 134 Skinning

Year: 2020

Capacity 300 u/mn

Baader 208 Skinning

Year: 1998

Capacity 45 u/mn



Capacity 2400 u/mn

Marel AMF BX Skinning

Year: 2010

Capacity 3600 u/mn

Arenco / VMK Cub Skinning

Year: 1980

Arenco / VMK Cub head cap for fish. Older mechanical machine that works well than today adjustable speed. Machine dimensions 270 x 110 cm H 175 cm.

Grasselli RST 520-M Skinning

Year: 2012

Grasselli RST 520-M Skinner model of the year 2012 in very nice condition Machine dimensions 70 x 70 cm H 105 cm.

NILMA Speedy cutter vacuum DS3autofr.

Year: 2014

NILMA Speedy cutter vacuum DS3autofr. Speedy vERTICAL cutter

Baader 655 Skinning

Year: 2002

Capacity 40 u/mn


Year: 2010


Skinning and Filleting Machines: Revamping Your Food Processing Business with Second-Hand Equipment

We are going to explore a crucial component of the food processing industry - skinning and filleting machines. Whether you're a seasoned player or an emerging startup, leveraging cost-effective solutions, such as purchasing used machinery from Exapro, can revolutionise your operations.

Why Skinning and Filleting Machines?

Skinning and filleting machines are primarily used in the food processing industry to automate and streamline the preparation of various types of meat and fish. They serve a crucial function in making the production process faster, more efficient, and more consistent. An essential element of food processing sector, skinning and filleting machines significantly increase productivity, ensuring high-quality product preparation with impressive precision and speed. They eliminate the risk of contamination, improve yield, and maintain the integrity of the produce, all while saving labour costs.

The Finest Selection at Exapro

Exapro offers a remarkable range of second-hand skinning and filleting machines, presenting an excellent opportunity to enhance your processing capabilities without hefty capital investments. Our machines are thoroughly inspected and verified to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Our selection encompasses a variety of machines to cater to different requirements - from those handling smaller volumes to models designed for large-scale, high-throughput operations. Brands in our roster include trusted names such as Marel, Trio, Baader, and more.

At Exapro, we understand the complexities of the food processing industry and the investment necessary for machinery. Our mission is to make these investments more accessible and profitable for businesses of all sizes.

With a wide range of second-hand skinning and filleting machines, we offer cost-effective solutions that don't compromise on quality or performance. Our second-hand skinning and filleting machines are priced between €8,000 and €43,000. This range caters to a variety of businesses, from small-scale setups looking to upgrade their operations, to larger enterprises seeking to increase their capacity without overburdening their budgets.

Purchasing used machinery from Exapro means benefiting from top-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. Our team of experts is at hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the machine that meets your specific needs and budget.

Step into the future of food processing with our range of skinning and filleting machines. Explore cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality or performance with Exapro, your partner in business growth.


Main Advantages of Skinning and Filleting machines

Skinning and filleting machines bring a host of advantages to the table in the food processing industry. They are a critical component in maintaining efficiency, consistency, and quality in the processing of various types of meat and fish. Here are the main advantages of skinning and filleting machines:

Increased Productivity: These machines can handle a significant volume of produce in a short period, significantly improving the speed of processing over manual methods.

Consistency and Quality: They provide uniform and precise cuts, resulting in a consistent quality of output that is essential in maintaining product standards and customer satisfaction.

Improved Yield: Skinning and filleting machines are designed to maximise yield from each piece of produce, reducing waste and thereby improving profitability.

Labour Cost Savings: These machines decrease reliance on manual labour, reducing the associated costs and potential human error. This is particularly beneficial for larger operations, where the volume of produce can make manual processing impractical or inefficient.

Versatility: Skinning and filleting machines can handle a variety of meats and fish, making them versatile additions to any food processing operation.

Health and Safety: The automation of skinning and filleting reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling and the use of sharp tools. Additionally, the controlled environment of the machine lowers the risk of contamination, adhering to health and safety regulations.

Ease of Operation: Modern skinning and filleting machines often come with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate with minimal training.

Durability: These machines are typically built for industrial use, meaning they're robust and durable, able to withstand rigorous and continuous usage.

Investing in a skinning and filleting machine can be a game-changer for your food processing business, significantly enhancing your production capabilities while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency.


Main Machine Parameters of Skinning and Filleting machines

When evaluating skinning and filleting machines, several important parameters should be considered. These parameters can influence the machine's performance, effectiveness, and suitability for your specific operational needs. Here are the main parameters to consider:

Throughput/Capacity: This refers to the volume of product the machine can process in a given time, typically measured in kilograms or tons per hour. The throughput should align with your production needs.

Cutting Precision: The level of precision offered by the machine affects the consistency of the cuts and the overall product quality. Some machines offer adjustable cutting settings, allowing for greater flexibility.

Machine Size and Weight: Depending on your available space, the size and weight of the machine may be a crucial factor. Make sure to check the machine's dimensions and weight to ensure it will fit in your production area.

Power Supply: Different machines may have different power requirements. Ensure the machine’s power needs align with your facility's supply.

Operating Temperature: For certain products, the operating temperature of the machine might be important, particularly for processing products like fish that can be sensitive to temperature changes.

Material: The material of the machine can affect its durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is often preferred in food processing due to its hygiene properties and durability.

Automation Level: The degree of automation can influence the ease of use and labour requirements. Fully automated machines require less manual intervention, but semi-automated machines may offer more control over the process.

Brand and Model: The brand and model can provide insight into the machine's reliability, longevity, and availability of spare parts.

Condition: For used machines, the condition is a critical factor. It's important to know how well the machine has been maintained and what its operational history looks like.

When selecting a skinning and filleting machine, considering these parameters can help ensure you find the right fit for your operations and specific production needs.


Area of Use

Skinning and filleting machines are used across a wide range of areas within the food processing industry. Their primary function is to streamline the preparation of various types of meat and fish. Here are the main areas of use for these machines:

Fish Processing: These machines are extensively used in fish processing plants for tasks such as removing skin from fish fillets and preparing fish for further processing or packaging. They handle various types of fish, including salmon, cod, haddock, and many others.

Poultry Processing: In poultry processing facilities, these machines are used to skin and fillet chickens, turkeys, and other birds. They ensure the poultry is prepared quickly and accurately, with minimal waste.

Meat Processing: In the broader meat industry, skinning and filleting machines are used to process beef, pork, lamb, and other types of meat. They help to remove the skin and cut the meat into precise fillets ready for packaging, cooking, or further processing.

Seafood Processing: Apart from fish, these machines can also be used in the broader seafood industry. They can be used to prepare various types of shellfish and other seafood products.

Pet Food Manufacturing: The pet food industry often uses these machines to prepare meat and fish that will be used in pet food products.

Food Service and Catering: In large-scale catering operations or food service providers, these machines can help to prepare large quantities of meat and fish quickly and efficiently.

By automating what can often be a laborious and time-consuming process, skinning and filleting machines help to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase consistency across a broad range of applications within the food processing industry.


Manufacturers of Skinning and Filleting machines

There are several well-known firms well-known for their high-quality machinery in the specialty field of skinning and filleting machines. Here are a few renowned  companies:

Marel: An Icelandic company, Marel is a leading global provider of advanced food processing machinery. They offer a wide range of skinning and filleting machines, known for their precision and reliability.

Baader: This German company has been a major player in the food processing industry for over a century. They produce a variety of skinning and filleting machines, particularly for fish and poultry processing.

Trio: Trio, based in Norway, specialises in skinning technology for fish processing. Their machines are used worldwide and are known for their performance and durability.

Carnitech: A part of Marel, Carnitech offers robust and reliable skinning machines designed for both fish and meat processing.

Uni-Food: This Danish company produces a range of high-quality skinning machines designed for fish processing, including white fish and salmon.

Grasselli: An Italian company that produces high precision, high-quality skinning and slicing equipment for meat processing.

VMK Fish Machinery: Based in Sweden, VMK Fish Machinery is a leading manufacturer of machinery for fish processing, including skinning and filleting machines.

These companies represent some of the top manufacturers in the field, offering a variety of machines to suit different processing needs. When considering a second-hand machine, it's essential to consider the manufacturer as it can give insights into the machine's quality, reliability, and long-term performance.Please don't hesitate to contact our team for any assistance or further details you may need. We're looking forward to supporting your business growth with our high-quality, cost-effective equipment solutions.

Expand your operations and optimise your production line with Exapro's range of skinning and filleting machines. Contact us today to explore the right fit for your business and budget.