DEV 57,8 Printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2000

dev press machine whit 5 units black,3 amal automatic splicer,2 folder and 2 stackers civiemme,in good and worck condition Max reel cm. 88 cut cm. 57.8 cm diameter. 100 Max speed 25,000 copies per hour. There are two folds, one with a half and a quarter fold, the other in half and double parallel. Each group prints 8 pages cm. …

KODAK ACHIEVE T800 Semi-automatic plate loading and unloading machine

Year: 2014

Semi-automatic plate loading and unloading machine Standard: Semi-automatic plate loading and unloading. Auto Unload (optional): Semi-automatic plate loading and automatic unloading to plate processor or stacker; optional automatic plate rotation.1 Autoloader (optional): Automated plate loading and unloading of up to 80 plates without slip sheets (0.3 mm); optional automatic plate rotation.1 Single Cassette Unit (optional): Automated plate loading and unloading …

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AE United Arab Emirates

WTI NSR 50/60/1500 Printing machine

Year: 1989

Nonstop-Turmaufwickler. Konzipiert für Offsetdruckmaschinen, Flexodruckmaschinen, Tiefdruckmaschinen, Digitaldruckmaschinen, zum Aufwickeln von Rollen aus dickem Karton, Kratzfolie, Kunststoff usw. Funktioniert je nach Bahngeschwindigkeit als separater Abschnitt. Die Ausrüstung ist ausgestattet mit: neuen Frequenzumrichtern, einem Gerät zur Entfernung statischer Elektrizität. Jahr: 1990 Modell: NSR 50/60/1500 Seriennummer: 1529 Maximale Rollenbreite: 60" (1524 mm) Maximaler Rollendurchmesser: 50" (1270 mm) Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 1500 fpm (457 m/min) Material: …

Koening & Bauer AlphaJET Mondo Printing machine

Year: 2022

Inkjet printer model “AlphaJET Mondo”, brand “Koening & Bauer” (plate attached). The Alphajet Mondo inkjet printer is quick and easy to use. It has an 8.4" TFT color touch screen display. It can print text messages, logos and barcodes on different surfaces such as: PET, PE, PP, PVC, cardboard, metal, wood and glass. Maintenance and replacement of the filters is …

Xerox IMPIKA IPRINT 125 TWIN ENGINE Printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2012

Technology Inkjet Impika drop-on-demand piezoelectric Drop volumes 3, 6, 9, 11, 13 pL Print resolutions Model 75 includes: 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 (360 x 600 option) Model 125 includes: 600 x 600 and 360 x 600 (1200 x 600 option) Printing speed Up to 416 fpm (127 mpm) Recommended duty cycle 2-25 millions letter/A4 impressions per month …

Universal Laser System PLS 6-75 laser cutting and engraving machine Hot deal

Year: 2009

Universal Laser System PLS 6-75 laser cutting and engraving machine Year 2009 CUTTING AND ENGRAVING MACHINE: wood, acrylic, glass etc.... Last review was in September with guarantee in very good working order They are considered top machine on the market it works with a cooling system with area... you can see the machine working whenever you want. the universal leisure …

MUTHO VJ-1638 Dual Head ValueJet Printing machine

Year: 2017

MUTHO VJ-1638 Dual Head ValueJet Printer - Dual head printer - Electronic winder - Sublimation printer

Fux Austria 83-CLM-314 Printing machine

Year: 2016

Laminating line 83-CLM-314 including ramp tables a powerful laminating machine that is suitable for laminating various materials. This machine is equipped with modern technology and can effectively work with different types of foils, including CPL laminate. Thanks to its performance and reliability, it is ideal for industrial operations that require fast and accurate processing of materials. The machine is in …

Zimmer Austria Chromojet CHR-LS-141 Printing machine

Year: 2014

Line for printing mats: contains 3 machines: - Doormat printer: Chromojet CHR-LS-141 - Steam machine: Zimmer Austria 2014 - Steam generator: PONY S.p.A (2015) (6,5 bar) model: GE50 + densitometer the machine did not press for more than 500 hours. It is little used. We will add to it colors, unprinted mats of which there are over 100 pieces Every …

ROLAND VersaUV LEC 330 Printing machine

Year: 2019

ROLAND VersaUV LEC 330 Printing Machine Year 2008 Ask us for more details

Butler 1980 "SE" Printing machine

Year: 1984

Model: 1980 SE Year: 1984 Serial number: J004546-1RH Device for unwinding paper alternately from two rollers. Automatic gluing when switching from one video to another. It is also possible to unwind films and fabrics. Controlled by Datamat computer. Maximum roller width: 965 mm (38”) Maximum roller diameter: 1270 mm (50”)

Plate Setter Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 - Pulsio Print

Year: 2011

Heidelberg - Plate Setter Suprasetter 105 Gen II Total plates 319 060 Total hours 92 172 2 laser heads Gen II, Class 160, Resolution: 2540 dpi, DRS Debris Removal System, Drum balancing system, Cassette Loader 180x170x125 cm, 94561-1103 Glunz & Jensen Interplater 85 HDX plate processor /prod. 2009/ Ctp in production, can be seen any time. Available immediately.

PMA product Printbox versa 90 Printing machine

Year: 2022

What does it print? On paper, On shipping, Pizza box, Paper bag, Wine box, Cardboard box. It prints porous surfaces mainly of paper, cardboard as well as wood. High print quality: Up to 1600 x 900 DPI Minimum and simple maintenance: Head change to be carried out by the user, without the need for tools. Safe inks for the environment: …

Machine for applying a base for DTG printing

Year: 2022

Machine for applying a base for DTG printing PRETREATmaker IV is the latest version of a device designed to automatically apply a white ink base for DTG printers. A device equipped with a scale displays the message "low precoating" when the amount of primer in the tank is low. The drawer is opened and closed manually, which significantly speeds up …

Used Müller Martini 24'' Printing machine

Year: 1995

1.1 Cylinder circumference: 24" = 609.6 mm D220.903 1.2 Max print width: 508 mm 1.3 Max. Paper width: 540 mm 500 mm with roll cut 1.4 Max. Unwind diameter: 50" = 1270 mm, 1 axis, core diameter 70 mm 1.5 Printing units: Wet offset, back pressure: Unit 1-4 = 23 1/3" 4 colours front side 3 colours front + 1 …

CIM Italy MAXIMA 991 Printing machine

Year: 1999

Embosser for embossing alphanumeric characters on ISO 85,6 x 54 mm plastic cards on parts

CIM Italy E1000 Printing machine

Year: 2002

Embosser E1000 - for embossing plastic cards ISO 85,6 x 54 mm for parts

Aeroterm UV Vario 3 Printing machine

Year: 2004

Curing tunnel UV Vario"3" incl. belt - it is a product of Aeroterm Ostrava, a.s., CZ. The length of the tunnel is 1100 mm, the width of the tunnel is 940 mm, the height of the tunnel is 500 mm. The length of the belt is 1500 mm. The belt width is 620 mm. Tunnel height incl. belt height is …

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CZ Czech Republic

KIP COLOR 80 Printing machine

Year: 2009

Kip Color 80 -- !!!! PRICE REDUCTION !!!! Large format printer 36" laser printing Stacker Control server (Dell PC) Rip Caldera (Pc) (counter : 49453 mètre)