Ricoh C9200 Graphic Arts Edition Printing machine

Year: 2019

Very good condition. Last maintenance carried out in May 2023 2.929.023 Copies

Xerox IMPIKA IPRINT 125 TWIN ENGINE Printing machine

Year: 2012

Technology Inkjet Impika drop-on-demand piezoelectric Drop volumes 3, 6, 9, 11, 13 pL Print resolutions Model 75 includes: 600 x 600 and 1200 x 600 (360 x 600 option) Model 125 includes: 600 x 600 and 360 x 600 (1200 x 600 option) Printing speed Up to 416 fpm (127 mpm) Recommended duty cycle 2-25 millions letter/A4 impressions per month …

ROLAND DG LEJ640 - B150 Printing machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

ROLAND DG LEJ640 - B150 printer UV LED machines with conveyor table

SWISSQPRINT NYALA 2 Printing machine

Year: 2015

Machine NYALA 2 UV Format max d'impression 2030x3200x50 mm Couleurs : Cyan , Magenta , jaune , noir , cyan light , magenta light , blanc Option Roll to Roll

Zimmer Austria Chromojet CHR-LS-141 Printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2014

Line for printing mats: contains 3 machines: - Doormat printer: Chromojet CHR-LS-141 - Steam machine: Zimmer Austria 2014 - Steam generator: PONY S.p.A (2015) (6,5 bar) model: GE50 + densitometer the machine did not press for more than 500 hours. It is little used. We will add to it colors, unprinted mats of which there are over 100 pieces Every …

Trotec Speed Marker 700 ENGRAVING MACHINE

Year: 2018

Trotec offers you a precise and safe CO2 marking laser for industrial applications. Mark electronic products and components with codes, serial numbers and logos for identification and tracking. General dimensions (Height x Length x Width): 780 x 1802 x 960 mm. Applications: Labeling of electronic components (electronic housings, plastic parts) Car parts Medical instruments Jewelry plates arms Promotional items Engraving …

Direct Color Systems DCS 1024 MVP15 Printing machine

Year: 2017

We have a 100% efficient UV Direct Color Systems 1024 MVP15 machine for sale. We will sell or exchange for lower UV. Very good condition, the machine neat, in constant use. CMYK + white + clear colors. The area of the printable surface is 25x61 cm + the possibility of printing on objects with a height of over 30 cm …

Trotec Speed Marker 300 ENGRAVING MACHINE

Year: 2018

Work surface: 190 x 190 mm. Maximum height of the work piece: 250 mm. Laser power: 10-50W CO2 / 20W Mopa Trotec laser devices are designed for laser engraving, marking and cutting. Trotec lasers are an exceptional tool for cutting a wide range of materials, especially for making signs and models. Unlike mechanical engravers, lasers do not need exit and …

Fux Austria 83-CLM-314 Printing machine

Year: 2016

Laminating line 83-CLM-314 including ramp tables a powerful laminating machine that is suitable for laminating various materials. This machine is equipped with modern technology and can effectively work with different types of foils, including CPL laminate. Thanks to its performance and reliability, it is ideal for industrial operations that require fast and accurate processing of materials. The machine is in …

KIP COLOR 80 Printing machine Hot deal

Year: 2009

Kip Color 80 Large format printer 36" laser printing Stacker Control server (Dell PC) Rip Caldera (PC) (meter: 49453 meter)

IMPRIMO SGH7590 Printing machine

Year: 2023

digital printer used for a few hours, purchased in February 2023

Hapa Mod. H-231-IS - UV Printer for blister plastic film and aluminium foil used

Year: 2006

DESCRIPTION: UV flexo printing system for the inline printing of one color on blister-lidding aluminium foils or plastic films. The Hapa 231 is a compact, stand mounted flexographic system designed to print one color on a variety of blister foil substrates, including aluminum, PVC and Tyvek. The system is integrated easily onto continuous- or intermittent-motion packaging machines. SECTORS OF USE: …

Transmatic TRANS6530 Printing machine


I am selling an oil sublimation calender SPORT TRANSMATIC6530. Machine in perfect condition.

Hunkeler DP8 UW6 RW6 Printing machine


Hunkeler Dynamic Processor DP8

HP Stitch S500 Hybrid Dye Sublimation and Direct Printer Hot deal

Year: 2021

HP Stitch S500 Hybrid Dye Sublimation and Direct Printer For transfer paper and direct polyester fabric printing (with restrictions) Print width from 580 to 1625mm 04 CMYK colours 08 HP 1200dpi native thermal printheads (consumable parts - (4xC/N and (4xC/N and 4xM/D) Estimated head life 08 litres of ink per head Indicative print speed: - 02 passes 62 m2/h fast …

PMA product Printbox versa 90 Printing machine

Year: 2022

What does it print? On paper, On shipping, Pizza box, Paper bag, Wine box, Cardboard box. It prints porous surfaces mainly of paper, cardboard as well as wood. High print quality: Up to 1600 x 900 DPI Minimum and simple maintenance: Head change to be carried out by the user, without the need for tools. Safe inks for the environment: …

Fux Austria 83-BLM-1000 Printing machine

Year: 2018

Laminating line 83-BLM-1000 including ramp tables Year of manufacture: 2018 Max foil width: 1000 mm

Canon PW340 Printing machine

Year: 2016

Machine condition: New - no signs of use Date of manufacture: 2016 NEW! Océ ClearConnect 10.4" color LCD, touch interface with multi-touch controls NEW! Improved collaboration on projects with integrated cloud printing and scanning NEW! Intuitive preview features help you avoid costly mistakes. Single floor plan all-in-one for multifunctional print/copy/scan in limited workspaces Océ Radiant Fusing technology for instant printing, …


Year: 2018

The PRETREATmaker IV - is an automatic high-end pretreat system for professional users resulting from consistent refinement and trend insights. As a novelty the unit is equipped with a multiphase motor (step motor). The machine does have a total of 4 valves which can be individually switched on or off. The maximum spray area is 40 cm in width and …

Aeroterm UV Vario 3 Printing machine

Year: 2004

Curing tunnel UV Vario"3" incl. belt - it is a product of Aeroterm Ostrava, a.s., CZ. The length of the tunnel is 1100 mm, the width of the tunnel is 940 mm, the height of the tunnel is 500 mm. The length of the belt is 1500 mm. The belt width is 620 mm. Tunnel height incl. belt height is …

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